Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2128 - Hundred Treasure Chest, Firecloud Palace

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AST 2128 - Hundred Treasure Chest, Firecloud Palace

"You\'ve given me too many surprises. What other things do you know? I feel that you seem to know everything and that there aren\'t anything that you can\'t do." Nuo Lan said.

"A formidable person will be able to kill me instantly with a single move." Qing Shui shook his head. He didn\'t see himself as being invincible. People might not be able to kill him with a single move since he had the Paragon Golden Armor, but there might be experts out there who could kill him within two moves, or deal an attack that was beyond what the Paragon Golden Armor could handle.

"How could there be so many experts? It\'s only now that I know that you won\'t be any weaker than Beihuang Yu even if you were to face him head-on."

"I do understand a little about the Taiyi Immortal Palace. The Taiyi Divine Sword is very terrifying. This time around, after Beihuang Yu comes out from his seclusion, he\'ll definitely become stronger. If he were to have further progress in his sword arts and reaches the stage of State of Swordless Heart, then his battle prowess will increase by at least double." Qing Xian recalled the scene of his battle against Beihuang Yu.

"The fact that you can tell what realm Beihuang Yu is at means that your realm is higher than his."

"I\'m only at a slightly higher realm than him." Qing Shui wasn\'t trying to be humble. In terms of their Heavenly Dao, Qing Shui wasn\'t that far off from Beihuang Yu, and might even be slightly worse off than him.

They encountered quite a number of people on their way; all of whom were searching for the Advancing Divine Worms. In such a big place, with only three to five, or a maximum of seven to eight Advancing Divine Worms appearing each time, it was really hard to catch one. However, there were still a lot of people who came to join in.

"There are so many people here that it requires a great deal of luck to be able to catch one. These people are all here to try their luck. It seems that they are all very free." Qing Shui looked around and shook his head, not understanding this. After all, many people seemed as if they were here to watch the fun.

"You don\'t understand this, right?" Nuo Lan looked around and smiled.

"I don\'t!"

"The more people there are, the higher the chances of being able to catch the Advancing Divine Worms. Some experts could find out who were the ones who had captured the Advancing Divine Worms and then obtain the worms through some other means. For example, they could kill the person who had caught them, buy the worms from them, or trade with certain conditions. When some people got their hands on the Advancing Divine Worms, they would immediately use them to exchange the things that were currently the most useful to them. Therefore, many people would come to join in the fun. People who eventually caught the Advancing Divine Worms in an area would tend to share some benefits with the people around them." Nuo Lan chuckled.

Qing Shui thought of the scene earlier. If it wasn\'t because of the appearance of the Silver-Eyed Demon King, there would probably be people who would come to ask for some benefits. Although there weren\'t any people around Qing Shui at that point in time, that Advancing Divine Worm had come from the direction of a group of people and by right, he should share some benefits with them.

After having experienced the battle from earlier, none of those people went to approach Qing Shui to get some benefits from him. If they were to anger him, not only would they not get any benefits, they might even risk losing an arm or a leg.

They continued to change their locations occasionally, and without realizing it, it was already at the latter half of the night. However, the bright moon hung high up in the sky, casting a snow-white glow on the ground. It wasn\'t as bright as it was in the day, but it was still very bright. It was much brighter than some of the weaker light bulbs in Qing Shui\'s previous life. Moreover, as it was a snow-white glow, so it appeared even brighter.

Beautiful ladies would be reflected with even greater beauty under the moonlight. Qing Shui now felt that Nuo Lan was just like a fairy. She was wearing a dress made from snow-white translucent silk to begin with, and it made her appear even purer. Her features were really contradicting, having a pair of charming eyes yet filled with a hint of apparent coldness. It was such a combination that brought about such a lethal attraction. She didn\'t need to intentionally reflect her seductive side to be able to get people to fall to her charms.

Qing Shui already felt that it was extremely lucky to have gotten one Advancing Divine Worms. Qing Shui didn\'t feel too disappointed that they hadn\'t found any others. He felt that the chances were very slim and it was impractical to wish for a few more.

"Another person caught one!"

Just then, a commotion broke out in the distance. If it wasn\'t because Qing Shui and Nuo Lan had a good sense of hearing, they wouldn\'t have heard it. Therefore, after exchanging a glance, they ran toward the voice.

"Our Firecloud Palace will take your Advancing Divine Worm. State your condition!" A man dressed in luxurious clothes stepped forth and said.

Qing Shui and Nuo Lan had arrived nearby at this time. Many people had also appeared. The person who had caught it was a middle-aged man who looked very muscular and had a face covered in beard. However, his eyes were very bright and his clothes seemed very ordinary. He was now holding a big strange box and the Advancing Divine Worm was stored in it.

Qing Shui was a little curious about this box. Ordinary boxes wouldn\'t be able to trap the Advancing Divine Worms.

Hundred Treasure Chest!

When Qing Shui saw this, he was stunned. He then continued to look at it.

It could expand or contract in size, and its size would also change as its grade increases. After it recognized its owner, the person would be able to obtain the treasure in the treasure chest. It was made of special materials and was a box used to store treasures in ancient times.

Status: Yet to recognize owner!

Qing Shui was stunned. This was a waste of a great treasure. This thing still had good stuff stored in it; thus, he must definitely get his hands on it. However, it seemed that this man wasn\'t that strong. Qing Shui had no idea what kind of existence the Firecloud Palace was, but he must get his hands on the Hundred Treasure Chest. Not only did he want to get his hands on the Advancing Divine Worm, but also on the Hundred Treasure Chest as well.

"It\'s a fair competition. We mustn\'t let this brother suffer losses." Qing Shui and Nuo Lan walked out and said, smiling.

"Young man, our Firecloud Palace are bent on getting this Advancing Divine Worm. You better not lay your eyes on it. Otherwise, you might end up losing your life." The eyes of the man in luxurious clothes narrowed as he looked at Qing Shui with an ice-cold gaze, not concealing his killing intent at all.

"Brother, if you wish to sell off this Advancing Divine Worm, why not consider us as well. I guarantee that you\'ll be satisfied." Qing Shui didn\'t even look at the person from the Firecloud Palace ad said to the middle-aged man who was holding the chest.

"This young man was the one who had gotten an Advancing Divine Worm earlier and even beaten up the Demon Gate\'s Silver-Eyed Demon King." Suddenly, a voice rang out.

"I remember now. He really is the one. This can\'t do, he should share some benefits with us. Mister, are there any benefits that we can get to have a share of?"

"That\'s right, give us some benefits and we\'ll help you to persuade this person and get him to sell the Advancing Divine Worm to you."

"That\'s right, that\'s right..."

The crowd became very excited in an instant. Qing Shui smiled. "Of course there\'ll be benefits. As long as this brother here is willing to sell it to me, I\'ll definitely share some benefits with everyone, even double the portion. Moreover, the condition I offer will definitely make this brother satisfied. Everyone can be my witness."

When Qing Shui said this, everyone was overjoyed. A person like him would definitely not scrimp on sharing benefits with others and they wondered what they could get from this. What they would get might even spare them 30 years of hard work...

"This... I don\'t mind selling it to either of you. I don\'t have much use of it anyway. I want to use it to exchange with something useful to me." The man was now troubled. He was only in trouble because of his wealth and he couldn\'t afford to offend others. The moment he did, he would probably get into trouble later on, even if he could get away with it now. After all, there would be people who would hate him for not selling the Advancing Divine Worm to them.

"You must think through this carefully. Our Firecloud Palace has yet to fail to get our hands on something that we want. If you were to sell it to us, we\'ll also ensure that you\'ll be satisfied. Just say what you want." The man from the Firecloud Palace, who was dressed in luxurious clothes, said loudly.

"Firecloud Palace? From where? The Northern Emperor Domain or the Northern King Domain? Why haven\'t I heard of it before?" Qing Shui gave it some thought but still couldn\'t recall having heard of this force before.

"We\'re from the Firecloud Domain. You must think through this carefully. Even the strongest forces in the Northern Emperor Domain and the Northern King Domain would have to show us some respect." The man lifted his head and said proudly.