Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2053 - Zhan Clan, Everything Is Settled? It’s New Year Again

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AST 2053 - Zhan Clan, Everything Is Settled? It’s New Year Again

The people of the Ji Clan had also managed to obtain a token from the Jade Fragrant Restaurant. Furthermore, the token, which they had gotten, was the best one so far. They were allowed to have one meal every day. With that happening, they could finally eat to their heart’s content. There was a high chance that they might still come back here in the future even after Ji Yilie’s was cured.

The Ji Clan was the first force Qing Shui encountered along his path in becoming a Miraculous Physician. He created a book and wrote down a series of words in it. There was a date recorded on it. Following on, the Ji Clan was mentioned. It was stated that he treated Ji Yilie.

Qing Shui spent the entire night to forge a token. There was a word carved on it.


In the future, people with the token could get help from the forces which owed Qing Shui a favor as to repay him. This could apply to anyone as long as they had the token with them. Qing Shui was an exception. If he went to them personally, he wouldn’t need the token.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Qing Shui had already begun. The Ji Clan was qualified enough to be put on the list of people who owed him a favor. In the future, he would need some powers if he wanted to survive in the Nine Continents World. That was his own power. Later on, he would begin to look for more people who were qualified to be included on his lists.

Without realizing it, half a month passed. Qing Shui’s Treasure Basin had achieved its third grade. Instead of 30%, its effect increased from the original 20% to 40%. Qing Shui was delighted to see that. From here, Qing Shui came up with the assumption that each of the increased effects should be double the amount of the previous grades.

The Treasure Basin would soon be able to double the abilities of a lot of his things. The only problem now was that he wasn’t sure what was excluded from the list. So far, other than the objects with life fluctuations which he was unsure about, he could already confirm that living things couldn\'t be boosted.

Throughout this time, the strength of the Dragon Spider was gradually increasing and stabilizing itself. It received great benefits after absorbing the Origin Essence of the Huge Water Monster. This was a kind of absorption which resulted from mutated changes. Even though the Dragon Spider hadn’t changed much in its appearance, a lot of its abilities had been modified.

The reason why Qing Shui could feel so secure was that he had the Dragon Spider. It was a unique existence. Once it unleashed its formidable spider thread, it could trap existences stronger than itself to death. Most importantly, it had the exceptional ability to face off against a large number of enemies at a time.

If the thread of the Dragon Spider was capable of trapping one person, it would naturally be able to bind multiple people at once as well. In addition to that, the Dragon Spider had a lot of servants. Among its fellow servants, quite a few of them were Eight-headed Dragon Spiders. They were the kinds that would explode if they committed suicide. The attacks unleashed with their lives as the price were formidable. Because of the Dragon Spider’s increase in strength, among these servants, the most powerful ones were almost at the same level as the Ice Burst Demonic Bear. Of course, this was only taking into account of the Ice Burst Demonic Bear before its strength increased.

A lot of the Dragon Spider’s servants were also able to shoot out threads. These sticky threads were like semi-liquid. They were like glues and were useless even if they were cut off. These things were very sticky and had the function of reducing one’s speed and reactions. It also had a bit of component which could paralyze its opponents. When it was used in large numbers, it would turn out to be fearsome.

Thus, Qing Shui often had the feeling that having the Dragon Spider alone was like having a few more thousands of demonic beasts at once.

Today morning, Qing Shui just finished helping Ji Yilie with his treatment. By now, Ji Yilie had already fully recovered. Qing Shui had also begun nursing his body. His meridians and Dantian were fully healed.

To Ji Yilie, this was like a miracle. To think that such a formidable physician would exist in the Azure Rainbow City, and he was still so young!

After another half a month passed, Qing Shui had become more familiar with a few people from the Ji Clan. They were basically already living in here. They saw each other every day. Whenever Qing Shui was free, he would drink some teas and chit-chat with them. They could be considered acquaintances with each other. However, because of the conditions that were said from the start, it wouldn’t be that easy for them to become close friends.

As soon as Qing Shui retrieved his needles, an uproar came through from the outside. It seemed like a lot of people had started coming to the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Qing Shui knitted his brows and walked out. The things which went into his sights were the people of the Imperial Cuisine Hall getting captured. In addition to that, there was also a middle-aged man screaming angrily, “Hand over that Qing Shui!”

“I am Qing Shui! Let them go.” Qing Shui looked at the screaming man and responded with a calm tone.

Qing Shui observed the people who came in. There were about twenty of them, and each of them had a decent strength. From here, he could only confirm these people’s backgrounds. The Zhan Clan, they should be from the Zhan Clan of the Northern Blue Domain.

“So you are Qing Shui. You are the one who beat up Zhan Cheng?” The man glared at Qing Shui.

“I haven’t heard of any Zhan Cheng so far. But I do know that I have beaten up a garbage with Zhan as a surname. What’s wrong? Are you here to find justice for him?” Qing Shui slightly raised his brows.

"You are precisely the reason why I am here. You ignorant brat! You must have lived long enough to dare hurt the people of the Zhan Clan!” The eyes which the middle-aged man used when he was looking at Qing Shui was like he was already staring at a dead person.

“It seems that I may have overestimated the Zhan Clan all along. To think that you will fight for garbage like him! People of the Zhan Clan, aren’t you thinking a bit too highly of yourself!?” Qing Shui glared back at the middle-aged man with a disdainful look.

“Miraculous Physician Qing. If I am not mistaken, they must have come out of their own accords. For the Zhan Clan to be able to become one of the five great existences in the Northern Blue Domain, there must have been a few good things about them.” At this moment, Ji Yixun came to the area.

“Uncle Ji……” The middle-aged man froze in shock as soon as he saw Ji Yixun.

“My Ji Clan owes a great debt to Miraculous Physician Qing. Just go back and stop staining the names of the Zhan Clan. If Old Man Zhan learned about what you guys have been doing, I wonder if he will slaughter all of you himself.” Ji Yixun shook his head.

“Uncle Ji, we will leave immediately and never come back again. Uncle Ji, let’s enjoy some teas together next time.” The middle-aged man put down everyone and left quickly.

Initially, Qing Shui was ready to make his move and was about to engage in a huge fight with the Zhan Clan. However, he never expected that things would be solved so easily. Thus, deep down, he still felt very happy. After all, this was a crucial moment for him. It would be best if he didn’t make enemies everywhere. By the time he developed his name, no one would dare to make enemies with him.

The Ji Clan didn’t say anything.

Very quickly, yet another few days passed. Ji Yilie had fully recovered. Ji Yixun and the others bid their farewells to Qing Shui, “Mister Qing, send us a letter whenever you need us. We will try our best to help.”

After seeing Ji Yilie’s sincere and honest eyes, Qing Shui nodded and sent them off.

Lives would still have to go on. This world wouldn’t be less exciting just because a person or two passed away. Thus, Qing Shui must live his life with happiness.

The following six months passed peacefully. Qing Shui didn’t leave the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Throughout this past six months, he had cured two existences that could qualify to be on his lists. There were two more debts of gratitudes added to the Beast Parchment. People owed it to him. This was a kind of wealth which didn’t take any form.

Two debts of gratitude was a small amount. Indeed, with Qing Shui’s current medical skills, it wasn\'t a big deal. For the time being, Qing Shui had yet to establish his reputation across the Nine Continents World. A few ordinary existences had asked to be included on Qing Shui\'s lists only to be rejected by him. They weren’t qualified enough.

It was the New Year. Yu Xixuan returned home to celebrate it with her family. She tried inviting Qing Shui to come along but Qing Shui refused. At the moment, he had viewed the Imperial Cuisine Hall as his own home.

Both Big Tiger and his mother were present. At the moment, Big Tiger was already a well-known physician. Qing Shui taught him the Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling. As long as he could diagnose what illnesses the patients had, he would be able to prescribe effective medicines for them. Basically, it was not a problem for him to cure the majority of illnesses that weren’t serious.

At the moment, he had already begun studying Qing Shui’s Acupuncture Technique. Because there were some limitations, he could only learn the surface of Qing Shui’s Acupuncture Technique, even if Qing Shui was the one teaching him. However, what he managed to master was already enough for him to be a physician in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Furthermore, he would also be quite a decent physician.

Qing Shui had decided that he would stay for a long time here. Thus, Big Tiger would have the opportunity to learn many kinds of stuff. He was very thankful to Qing Shui. Deep down, he wanted to ask to be Qing Shui’s apprentice, but he knew that he was not qualified enough to do so and thus, he became uncertain of himself. As long as Qing Shui didn’t suggest, he wouldn’t dare to mention it.

However, before the New Year, Big Tiger had finally confessed what he wanted, “I am looking for a master. Actually, deep down, I have already viewed you as my own master, but I fear that I will embarrass you and thus, I didn’t dare to ask you if I can be your apprentice. I fear that I will bring disgrace to your name in the future…”

Big Tiger was kneeling down in front of Qing Shui. Initially, he couldn’t gather up his courage to do so. It was Yu Xixuan who taught him everything and told him that she would help him convince Qing Shui about it.

“Qing Shui, accept Big Tiger as your disciple. Look at him, he is so hardworking and serious about the things that he does. By now, he can also be considered to be a well-known physician. It’s not that easy for you to find a disciple here. Furthermore, even if you find one, you will still have to start all over again and nurture him from the basics.” Yu Xixuan gave Qing Shui some advice.

Qing Shui finally accepted the Big Tiger and thus, that made him Qing Shui’s third disciple.

The New Year was approaching. Yu Xixuan had returned home. Qing Shui could feel that the atmosphere of New Year was getting heavier and heavier. Deep down, he was starting to miss home. He missed his father, mother, his women, and his children…