Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2026 - Song Clan’s Bottomline, Blood Demon Palace

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AST 2026 - Song Clan’s Bottomline, Blood Demon Palace

The Song Clan was located in Langhuan City. Moreover, it was the biggest Clan in Langhuan City. In addition to that, Song Zhong was a genius in the Song Clan and looked up by a lot of people. Now that he was dead, the Song Clan was furious. If Song Zhong were killed by the demonic beasts in the spiritual land, they had nothing to rant about. Yet, he was killed by someone before he came out.

The head of the Song Clan, Song Huaide looked so overwhelmed that his gloominess was about to ooze out. He looked at the men below, “Zhong`er was murdered, and the man who killed him was the young guy of the Imperial Cuisine Hall in the Great Shang City.”

“Let’s wipe out the Imperial Cuisine Hall,” a young man said in rage.

He was Song Yi, the brother of Song Zhong. He was in disbelief since he heard the news about his brother’s death. His Song Clan had unknown power besides being the largest Clan of the Langhuan City. The Great Shang City, so what? He would never let go of this Imperial Cuisine Hall no matter what.

“Head, the Imperial Cuisine Hall is too reckless. How dare he killed a man of the Song Clan so brazenly. We can’t let him go, we have to slice him into pieces.”

“Does he think that Song Clan is an easy target? Head, allow me to go and kill him.”



At once, the meeting hall of the Song Clan was as loud as the market. Song Huaide rubbed his head. Song Zhong was his son and the most reliable heir for the head’s position in the Song Clan. He was Song Huaide’s hope. However, now he was gone. It was very depressing for an old man to lose his son.

Song Huaide was in deep sorrow, but the warriors had strong self-control and modulation. Many people died in the Main Continent every day. Thus, a warrior must have the realization of death. Nevertheless, he was still very, very upset as he heard the news about Song Zhong’s death.

Song Huaide held his hand out and made a pressing gesture, signaling the people below to stop the argument. He asked an elderly beside him, “Uncle Yao, how would you suggest on our plan against the Imperial Cuisine Hall?”

The man who was called Uncle Yao was an old man who kept his eyes closed as if he were dozing off. He wore a plain outfit and had an ordinary face. Yet, his face became lively as he opened his eyes. His eyes were firing with vigor, making him look a lot younger.

“Huaide, are you really going to touch the Imperial Cuisine Hall?” The old man frowned.

“We are losing the Song Clan’s face if we let the Imperial Cuisine Hall go,” Song Huaide replied. Another reason was that as the head of the Song Clan, it would be too cowardly to let the Imperial Cuisine Hall go. Furthermore, he might even lose the head position if his mistakes were caught.

“The Imperial Cuisine Hall was not that easy, I’ve seen them. It’s impossible to destroy them under normal circumstances. They have very abundant and righteous Qi. Besides, they seem to be growing stronger. My advice is for you to stay still. Which one is more important, losing your face or your life?” The elderly said seriously.

The elderly was a Heavenly Vision Master who could observe and predict one’s fate. If one had a flourishing fate, he would become stronger and turn every disaster into a fortune. Contrarily, if one had a miserable fate, he would be walking down the path of great misfortune.

Song Huaide was silent, the people below too. The elderly stood in a unique position in the Song Clan. He might not be the most powerful, but he owned this extraordinary ability to see one’s fate. Though it was not absolutely accurate, it was more than 60% close to the fact. With that, the Song Clan avoided the hitch and was smooth-sailing over these years.

The elderly saw Song Huaide’s intention, he sighed and continued, “Use the token if you insist to fight with the Imperial Cuisine Hall, otherwise, we would never make it.”

The elderly made it clear enough. Song Huaide was not an impulsive man, he nodded, “Huaizhi, go to the Blood Demon Palace. Tell them the Song Clan needs their help to wipe out the Imperial Cuisine Hall.”

A slightly aged elderly gave a short reply and left.

Song Clan saved the Lord of Blood Demon Palace by chance and was rewarded a Blood Demon Token. This token could be exchanged with a favor as long as it was reasonable and within their limits.

The Blood Demon Palace was a strong and evil force. Even the Song Clan tried to stay away from it. It was so powerful that they were not on the same level. The Blood Demon Palace belonged to the actual forces in the world of Nine Continents. They would basically never appear in the Northern Ice Domain.

Song Huaide made up his mind to fight against the Imperial Cuisine Hall. He even used the one and only, previous Blood Demon Token. Song Huaide felt relieved with the assistance of the Blood Demon Palace. After all, the current Imperial Cuisine Hall was not a match for them.



Qing Shui had no idea that the Song Clan was coming after him and that the Song Clan discovered the truth behind Song Zhong’s death. However, Qing Shui noticed some strange-acting men in the Imperial Cuisine Hall lately. For instance, some watched the Imperial Cuisine Hall from far while some others came in and left shortly.

He only realized afterward that many of them were from the Song Clan.

That was also the moment when Qing Shui realized the fact that Song Clan already knew about Song Zhong’s death. However, since they did not come for revenge straightaway, they must be afraid of his strength to some extent.

Qing Shui would not initiate the move, as long as the opponent stayed still. One’s mistake should not affect his family, Song Zhong was dead and he deserved it. Hence, Qing Shui would not get mad at Song Clan for that. A huge Clan was sometimes unpredictable, it would be troublesome if several old monsters were hidden there.

Qing Shui was not overly worried. Three days passed, Qing Shui noticed something fishy as he came out from the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. He sensed that the Imperial Cuisine Hall was trapped. Immediately, Qing Shui used his spiritual sense and saw four persons, each of them was lurking in the four directions of the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Four of them surrounded the Imperial Cuisine Hall and trapped it. Qing Shui pretended to know nothing and watched the stars in the small hut of his yard. He knew that his presence was right in the opponent’s sight.

Qing Shui made a pot of tea and began to drink alone.

“You’re really good at keeping yourself cool. You still act so calmly when you’re about to die,” A voice was heard and a figure emerged nearby.

Even though it was dark, Qing Shui could see this man very clearly. It was a middle-aged man in a bloodred outfit. His most striking feature was his bloody red-colored hair, even his eyes were blinking with a tinge of red beam.

“Who are you? Why do you come to the Imperial Cuisine Hall?” Qing Shui certainly knew that the opponent was not here for good reasons.

“You don’t have to know much, you’ll know when you died,” The red shirt guy giggled.

“I’m afraid that I have to ask the others if you die,” Qing Shui continued sipping his tea.

The redshirt guy seemed to chuckle after listening to Qing Shui’s reply. He had two blood knives in his hands, both were very short. They were similar to daggers but not exactly the same. At that moment, the man gave out a strong, stinky, bloody smell, making people nauseous.

“Let me send you off first. Don’t worry, the people here will come to your company soon after. I heard you have beauties here, the first beauty of Northern Ice Domain is also very close to you, it must be my fortune then,” The red shirt guy did not take Qing Shui seriously at all.

“You’re not from the Northern Ice Domain, and you should be from the Blood Demon Palace judging from your outfit. I wonder what is your status in the Blood Demon Palace?” Qing Shui sensed the aura of Demon King from the opponent. There was one inheritance in the Blood Demon Palace that was like this, and the only person who had it was the Blood Demon King Inheritor.