Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 2019 - Tamed the Ice Burst Demonic Bear, Little Rin, Four Phases Firecloud

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AST 2019 - Tamed the Ice Burst Demonic Bear, Little Rin, Four Phases Firecloud

“I like it too!” Beiming Xue sounded embarrassed.

“Alright, since all of you like the bear, I will try my best to get one for each of you,” Qing Shui giggled.

There was nothing wrong with Qing Shui’s statement, but there was a deeper meaning in it. What did he mean by “since all of you like the bear”?...

“You’re annoying!” Yu Xixuan felt speechless and irritated.

Qing Shui laughed and dashed towards the Ice Burst Demonic Bears along with Little Rin. He had to beat the target to conquer it. Once it got beaten and completely sudued, it would be a lot easier to conquer it. By that time, it would not resist anymore.


The bears were stubborn, they did not retreat although Little Rin made them nervous. It was mainly because of this ice mountain; it was their territory. Little Rin and the others were all outsiders, thus, they would not back off so easily.

In a roar, an Ice Burst Demonic Bear spit out an ice globe-like object at Little Rin.

Little Rin had fire attributes while the Ice Burst Demonic Bear had ice attributes, they were opposing elements.

Theoretically, the Ice Burst Demonic Bear would restrain Little Rin, but Little Rin had a far greater strength. Hence, the winner would be hard to tell. In the five elements, water could extinguish fire. For instance, an amount of water could put off the same amount of fire, but things would be different if a small amount of water had to go against fire.

A tub or even a pail of water could put off the burning fireplace, but a bowl or a mouthful of water was insufficient to do that. Currently, Little Rin and the Ice Burst Demonic Bears were comparable to the fireplace and a bowl of water or even less than that.

At present, Little Rin’s strength was a lot stronger than the Ice Burst Demonic Bear. After all, Little Rin had the help of Qing Shui’s medicinal pellet.


A flame rose from Little Rin’s body and burnt the Ice Burst Bear with a crackling noise. Looking at the situation, five of the Ice Burst Demonic Bears dashed towards Little Rin crazily.

Bang bang…

A loud noise of explosion was heard. Both Little Rin and the Ice Burst Demonic Bear had a powerful resistance, but there was a large strength discrepancy between them. Qing Shui used the Buddha Ultimate Technique to support Little Rin continuously. Soon, Little Rin defeated the big guys.

The Ice Burst Demonic Bears looked terrible. They were soaked in blood and could hardly stand up. Endless shrieks were heard and they were badly frightened.

Qing Shui took out two Supreme Sacred Beast Pills and gave them to the two women.

“Feed the pill to the one that you like. Kill it at once if it resists. There are five of them anyway,” Qing Shui laughed while intentionally saying that. He knew that these bears understood human language with their current strength.

The women found two bears which looked slightly stronger and fed them the Supreme Sacred Beast Pills given by Qing Shui.

The pills were rather effective. In split seconds, a bond was created between the two parties. In fact, their spirit energy left a spiritual mark on the brains of the Ice Burst Demonic Bears. Just like a man would never stab a knife in his own body, once the Super Sacred Beast Pill was swallowed, the beast would never disobey its owner. Going against the owner was suicidal, the demonic beast would suffer spiritual distress which was more terrifying than physical torment.

After taming the bears, Qing Shui healed their injuries and even improved their strengths. Now, they had around 2.5 billion Dao Force and a 5 billion Dao Force in every three attacks. This prowess was not too far behind Little Rin. Little Rin’s advantage was in his ability to resist attacks and his stability. Besides, its biggest strength was in its potential. Little Rin was still growing up while the Ice Burst Demonic Bears were already adults.

The two women were over the moon after getting the Ice Burst Demonic Bears. At the moment, they were happily asking the beasts to show them their abilities. They were now more powerful than before because of Qing Shui’s pills and fruits. It was obvious enough.

Now, they could estimate the strengths of the Ice Burst Demonic Bears. The beasts were a lot stronger than the owners now; the women could not even escape from the Ice Burst Demonic Bears in their current state.

This time, it was a fruitful and rewarding visit. Yet, they knew that they owed everything to Qing Shui. Without Qing Shui, they could never conquer the beasts and might not even get any rewards. On top of that, they would be risking their lives. It was invaluable for both of them to get the Ice Burst Demonic Bears this time.

Qing Shui looked at the remaining three Ice Burst Demonic Bears. It was hard to meet such strong and suitable demonic beasts. Before this, he met many powerful demonic beasts, but they were either chased away or killed as they attacked Qing Shui.

Qing Shui took out the Demonic Beast Token. He refined this token to shelter the living demonic beasts. In this Demonic Beast Token, the demonic beasts could hibernate up to one year. After one year, they would be released for feeding purposes before going back to the shelter.

It differed from the Interspatial Silk Sachet because the Demonic Beast Token could store living objects while the Interspatial Silk Sachet could not.

Keeping the three remaining Ice Burst Demonic Beasts in the token, Qing Shui planned to give them to a suitable person.

The demonic beasts could either be tameable or the other way round. The Ice Burst Demonic Bear was powerful and quite easy to tame. Therefore, Qing Shui took the initiative to ask the women whether they liked the Ice Burst Demonic Bears or not.

It was a perfect journey in the spiritual land. It would be worthwhile even if they met nothing else up ahead.

Qing Shui was capable of taming other demonic beasts, but now that he owned Little Rin, the Ice Burst Demonic Bear did not feel that important to him, especially when he could tame other demonic beasts that were more powerful. Though he already tamed many demonic beasts, he was reluctant to waste another quota, since everybody had a fixed quota of tamed beasts.

The quota of Yu Xixuan and Beiming Xue was already full with one Ice Burst Demonic Bear. They were basically unable to tame another demonic beast. Even the Supreme Sacred Beast Pill would be useless, as their spiritual sense and energy connecting to the demonic beasts were insufficient.

Qing Shui was not a Beast Tamer, although he could tame more demonic beasts. Hence, he would not simply tame demonic beasts. After all, it was easy to tame but tough to release. Last time, he gave Little Gold to Qing Yan. However, his spiritual sense and energy were still occupied until now and he could not tame a new demonic beast.

Thus, Qing Shui would not give his demonic beast away so easily unless it died. After its death, the energy could be re-applied to tame a whole new demonic beast.

Yet, Qing Shui would never kill his own demonic beasts even if they were lacking in strength. Currently, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and others were slightly left out, but he could wait, they would strengthen gradually. Qing Shui was confident that these demonic beasts would grow rapidly over the years.

Right now, Qing Shui was riding on Little Rin while the two women were riding on their Ice Burst Demonic Bears. Qing Shui was spellbound to realize that the Ice Burst Demonic Bears were much bigger in size than the Little Rin. Therefore, they looked more majestic.

However, all of a sudden, Qing Shui saw four fiery red flames beneath each of Little Rin’s feet. After Little Rin was flying in the air, they were about the same height. Qing Shui felt much relieved at once.

Qing Shui was not surprised that Little Rin was able to fly. Still, land beasts were different from birds. Although a strong beast would be able to fly, its flying speed would not exceed the running speed. However, the Dragons and some special tribes were exceptions.

Little Rin was apparently one of these special tribes; it relied on the flames under its feet instead of flying directly. This was Little Rin’s passive ability.

Four Phases Firecloud: Four times increase in flying speed, applicable during battle. Zero energy consumption.

Qing Shui figured it out now. This ability only appeared after Little Rin was fed with the Ancient Demonic Fruit. Previously, it did not have this kind of ability. Qing Shui already knew about Little Rin’s previous speed, what about its current speed then?