Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1973 - Owing Your Life to Me, Kill Yourself if Unwilling to

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AST 1973 - Owing Your Life to Me, Kill Yourself if Unwilling to

Qiao An appeared uneasy but he did not continue. He simply held out his hand, “Please!”

Qiao An did not use weapons and neither did Qing Shui. Qing Shui needed no weapon to go against Qiao An. He could sense Qiao An’s strength clearly - the Peak Fifth Layer of Divinity.

In this realm, Qing Shui could meet the Divinities easily. Besides, it was almost the border of the actual world of the Nine Continents here. It was impossible to have no Divinities in the top family of a huge city. It was just like the rich people of the cities in past life. The more developed a city was, the more powerful the rich man’s background was.

Qing Shui smiled. He showed no courtesy. He rushed toward Qiao An instantly and held out his finger!

Qiao An pulled back his face at once. As the saying went, the expert would know one’s true strength with one glance. At his current level, he could easily identify a strong warrior with a simple move.

Qing Shui’s finger was very slow. It appeared very slow and yet, it was impossible for Qiao An to evade. He gripped his fist and used it against Qing Shui’s finger.

It was known that fist was weaker than palm and the palm was weaker than the finger, speaking in terms of destructive power.

But now, Qiao An felt he could only block with his fist.


Qiao An’s body was struck back as Qing Shui advanced suddenly and gave another finger.

It was almost the same as the previous move, as slow as before!

Qiao An’s expression became darkened. He gave out another fist!


Yet again, Qiao An’s body was thrown out. Qing Shui haunted him like a phantom, his figure was tough yet graceful. He advanced closer and used the same move again.

This time, he closed his eyes slowly as he accepted his fate. He had nowhere to hide. This finger could take his life away.

At the last moment, Qing Shui stopped his finger. He then said while smiling, “You now owe your life to me. Kill yourself if you are unwilling to.”

Ending his sentence, Qing Shui went back to the restaurant and waved at the two girls.

The two ladies came down and said cheerfully, “Uncle, you’re so great!”

Qing Shui’s mouth twitched again. He looked at them and said, “Let’s go, I’ll send you back to the Northern Snow City.”

Nobody stopped them this time. Qiao An had lost in one move. Though they had fought in two rounds, Qing Shui had only used the same move to push Qiao An into desperation. The other two old men were only as strong as Qiao An. They would be no match for Qing Shui even if they combined their strengths.

Qiao An had lost his honor but he knew the Qiao Clan lost with a reason. It was not the Qiao Clan who was weak, but the opponent was too dangerous.

“Who is this man? He had defeated the Qiao Clan’s Qiao An in one move. Since when did the Dazang City have such a strong warrior?”

“Mm, this man is sending the two ladies back to Northern Snow City. Could he be the man of the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace?”

“I’ve never heard of a strong warrior from the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace like him though.”

“What would you know with your little strength? You know nothing.”




“Have you found out about the man’s background yet?” At this moment, many of the main forces sat in the great hall of Qiao Clan.

“No. This man seemed to have landed from the sky. He was never spotted in the cities around Dazang City.” An ordinary middle-aged guy reported.

“Qiao Ba, could it be the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace?” The highest elderly with grizzled hair said.

The elderly had grey-white hair while his face was bright and flushed like a baby’s face. There were no wrinkles at all. Only the experienced eyes could tell that he was aged.

“Shouldn’t be. This isn’t our first conflict with the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace. It is impossible to hide a strong warrior like this. Besides, with our previous information, it’s his first visit to Dazang City and this Northern Ice Domain.”

“Father, shall we take actions? Although we don’t know the woman’s strength in the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace, the others should not be a problem. How about giving them some pressure?” A middle-aged man spoke. He was mature and handsome with a lingering aura.

“Qiao Ding, don’t lose your mind even if you want to marry that woman. This is the Qiao Clan. Do you want the Qiao Clan to die with you?” The old man gave him a sharp glare.

Qiao Ding turned pale instantly, his back soaked in sweat. His father was extremely resolute and murderous. Before this, three brothers were announced as the heir but now they were all retrieved.

“I dare not to. Could this young man be our hindrance?” Qiao Ding whispered his inquiry.

“I won’t allow any accidents to happen to the Qiao Clan. I have always told you guys not to be swayed by personal feelings and reveal your weaknesses. Also, the dignity of a big family is not that important. The survival and inheritance are the most crucial thing. Dignity can’t be forced sometimes. It would only bring more shame.” Said the old man slowly while observing the surroundings.

Qiao An seemed uneasy and said to the old man, “I’m sorry, father. Your son is useless. He has embarrassed you.”

The old man waved, “This is not shameful. You did great today.”

Qiao Ding stared at Qiao An with a sense of coldness. It was very obscure. He did everything while keeping his head lowered slightly.

“Alright. Don’t make any exaggerated moves and don’t lead the Qiao Clan to unknown hazards. Otherwise, I’d make him regret coming to this world.” The old man uttered softly.

“What if the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace threatens us?” An old man stood up.

He was the old man’s brother, Qiao Jiang. He was one of the Qiao Clan branches who was as strong as the backbones. Rumor had it that they were planning to fight for the chief’s position.

“I did not ask you to be cowards.” The old man said to Qiao Jiang casually and left straight away.

Qiao Jiang watched the old man’s shadow. There was an intense murderous flame in his eyes but it disappeared in a flash. He then lowered his head gently.

The men began to make comments as the old man left. They were divided into three branches. Though there were more, only three of them were qualified for this competition. Since it was a special occasion, everyone stayed united.

Qing Shui and the two ladies headed to the Northern Snow City which was only separated by the Xiyun City. It would be time-consuming for others to walk through these few cities, but Qing Shui only took a while to reach the Northern Snow City.

There was no snow in Northern Snow City, but the sky was snowy fair and white. The whole city appeared bright and clean. Qing Shui wanted to check out the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace as well since Luan Luan was there.

Qing Shui did not plan to stay long. He wanted to move further and ask about the Five Tiger Immortal Sect. He wondered if it was still an Immortal Sect. It could be the Five Tiger Immortal Palace by now.

Northern Underworld Mountain!

The Northern Underworld Mountain was an enormous mountain which laid across the Northern Snow City and separated it into the North and the South. It was the biggest and tallest mountain in the city. The trees were thick and appeared like a green dragon from the sky.

The Northern Underworld Immortal Palace was located on the Northern summit in the middle of the Northern Underworld Mountain. However, Qing Shui was blocked at the foot of the Northern Underworld Mountain and could not go up. The two ladies said they would go up and inform about it.

He kindly accepted the offer, saying, “Thanks!”

Luan Luan was probably still at home now or on her way. After all, he had come here with the Five Elements Divine Flag.