Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1955 - Zheng Xuan, White-Haired Silver Demon King Inheritor

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AST 1955 - Zheng Xuan, White-Haired Silver Demon King Inheritor

Qing Shui might be away for a while this time around. Although his children had all grown up, Qing Shui had always felt that he owed them a lot. In fact, to others, he had already given a lot to his children. He was also his children greatest pride and hero.

Qing Shui didn\'t wish to leave behind any regrets when he leaves. Qing Yan was one of the issues. In his heart, his daughter was more important than Little Gold. He possessed a powerful beast taming ability and even if Qing Yan\'s aptitude wasn\'t top notch, he could find other ways to make up for it.

Talent was important, but it wasn\'t absolute. Moreover, it was just that Qing Yan\'s talent wasn\'t top notch.

Even Qing Yu was happy that Qing Shui had given Qing Yan the Gold Dragon. She didn\'t feel jealous at all. Qing Shui also felt very happy about this. If he were to give the Gold Dragon to Qing Ming or Qing Yin, this lass would probably not act the same way. She\'d definitely accuse him of being biased.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at Qing Yu, "When you guys get a little stronger, I\'ll bring you to tame even stronger demonic beasts."

Qing Ming and the others also had a great yearning in this area. Qing Shui would usually make good of his words and thus, his words would motivate them to put in even more hard work in their cultivation.

Qing Yan was very happy to get the Gold Dragon. Qing Shui was her father and it was normal for him to take care of her. He was doting on her.

On the second day, not only were Qing Shui\'s children cultivating with him, but Qing Shui would also help his women whenever he had time on his hand. It would be like how it was for Yehuang Guwu and Yiye Jiange, so that they would be able to have a breakthrough.

Time passed by and life remained dull and uninteresting. However, it was also fulfilling and happy as he enjoyed kinship and time with his women... After all, having been separated for so long, they missed each other a lot. Therefore, for the past few nights that he had been back, Qing Shui hadn\'t slept for the entire time.

Most of the ladies got one notch stronger. Both Huoyun Liu-Li, Shi Qingzhuang, and Zhu Qing were considered to be slightly weaker and were destined to stop at False God Realm. They currently were unable to reach the Divine Grade and might never be able to breakthrough. This was Qing Shui\'s feeling and there was a certain level of feasibility behind them.

Unknowingly, one week passed by. During this one week, Qing Shui had been helping everyone to get stronger. There were too many things that Qing Shui wanted to teach them, but they were to be taught separately. The things that each person learned weren\'t that much.

Today, someone came to the Qing Clan.

Although many people here knew that the Qing Clan was very strong, most people actually have no idea how strong they were. It was like how even Qing Shui wasn\'t able to fully sense the level of some clans in the Dancing Phoenix Continent. No one could be sure if there were any concealed experts.

Yehuang Guwu was definitely the Qing Clan\'s greatest guardian. Qing Shui wasn\'t around most of the time and even the people from the Qing Clan weren\'t sure at how strong she was. However, they knew that she was very strong. Di Chen and the others were aware that Yehuang Guwu could condense eight powerful White Tigers. This alone was enough.

Qing Shui helped them to become stronger, therefore, the ladies would also know that Yehuang Guwu would also get a notch stronger. This meant that her abilities would really be astonishing.

Qing Shui was the first to see this person. It was a young man with a handsome appearance. He had a slender and tall figure and wasn\'t dressed too extravagant. However, his clothes were very fitting and exuded a faint comfortable aura that was like a breeze. It was no wonder that Bei`er likes him.

Qing Shui could guess that this person was Zheng Xuan at the first moment he saw this young man.

This young man was already at the fifth level of the Divine Grade. Qing Shui could sense this person\'s strength, but most people probably couldn\'t. They would only be able to sense that he was at the first level of the Divine Grade or even at peak False God.

A young man with such a high cultivation level should be that Zheng Xuan.

He had thick brows and a righteous gaze which also seemed intelligent. He didn\'t give off the same poised and dignified aura that Qing Zun had, nor did he have the iniquitous feeling that Qing Ming had. However, this person would be able to gain another person\'s trust more easily.

"Hello, you must be Brother Qing Shui!" When the man saw Qing Shui, he walked up to Qing Shui happily.

Qing Shui didn\'t find it strange. Since Qing Bei had mentioned him on multiple occasions, then this guy should have at least seen a portrait of Qing Shui.

"You must be Zheng Xuan. Are you here to look for Little Bei?" Qing Shui smiled and said.

After greeting Qing Shui, Zheng Xuan started assessing Qing Shui. He was considered to have an understanding of Qing Shui, and he had also heard from Qing Bei that the reason Qing Clan could reach where they were now was all because of this young man\'s efforts. Moreover, all of his women were extremely beautiful. Women were a man\'s face and by looking at the women around him, one could tell what level he was at.

"Hello Brother Qing Shui, I\'m Zheng Xuan. Little Bei often brings you up. I really admire you a lot." Zheng Xuan smiled and said.

Qing Shui didn\'t interrupt Zheng Xuan\'s flattery. The latter should know that he had the greatest speaking right in the Qing Clan. Therefore, if he wished to be with Little Bei, then he would have to be on good terms with Qing Shui.

"I can\'t tell that you\'re a person who\'s good with flattery. Come, let\'s go take a walk in the backyard. I\'m very curious as well to find out what kind of clan can let you attain the fifth level of the Divine Grade at such a young age." Qing Shui smiled and said.

Zheng Xuan was surprised that Qing Shui was able to see through his cultivation level with one glance. He knew that this man was unfathomable and although he followed Qing Bei to address him as Brother Qing Shui, he shouldn\'t be much younger than Qing Shui. After all, Qing Bei was only two years younger than Qing Shui.

"What cultivation level is Brother Qing Shui at? I can\'t sense it at all." Zheng Xuan asked innocently.

However, Qing Shui knew that a person of such great talent couldn\'t possibly be so innocent. He smiled and said, "It\'s not a good thing for you to find out about my cultivation either. My cultivation is very assorted. I\'m interested in your clan. How does your clan compare to the Immortal Palaces?"

"It\'ll have to depend on what kind of Immortal Palaces we\'re being compared with. Brother Qing Shui, Little Bei mentioned that you\'ll be the one to call the shots over our relationship. What do you think?" Zheng Xuan grinned.

"Do you understand Little Bei?" Qing Shui got Zheng Xuan to sit down in a pavilion.

It was autumn now and the weather was very refreshing. Fallen leaves were all over the place, appearing a little gloomy. This was how the season of fallen leaves was like.

"I can\'t say that I know her very well, but I do know a little about her. I know what Brother Qing Shui is worried about. I really like Qing Bei and I\'m not a scheming person nor had I wanted to plot anything. I\'m not a profligate son either." Zheng Xuan said very seriously.

"It\'s a pity that you\'re a White-Haired Silver Demon King Inheritor." Qing Shui raised his head and stared at him. His sharp gaze made Zheng Xuan\'s countenance changed.

Even the people in his clan weren\'t aware of this identity of his. He had gotten his hands on this inheritance by chance. Usually, his hair was black, but if he were to use the power of the White-Haired Silver Demon King, his hair would turn into a snow-white color.

That kind of situation wouldn\'t be considered much in this world. Some people\'s hair would turn red after having fought for 100 years. Some people\'s height would even suddenly increase by one-third.

When his family asked him about this, he only told them that it was a martial technique which he was cultivating. The people at home held him in high regard since great power was the most important aspect. Therefore, no one knew about his actual condition.

He was the only one who knew that he had gotten the White-Haired Silver Demon King\'s Inheritance. He looked at Qing Shui in astonishment and said, "You are?"

After refining the Immortal Dao Divine Origin, even Yin Tong and the others couldn\'t sense that Qing Shui was a Battle God Inheritor.

"I\'m a Battle God Inheritor. We\'re on opposing sides." Qing Shui said slowly.

Zheng Xuan leaned on a pillar in the pavilion. "Will you kill me? I know that we\'re on opposing sides, but some of the memories the White-Haired Silver Demon King Inheritance gave me is really spine-chilling. Although I\'ve received the inheritance, it\'s impossible for me to complete his unfulfilled wishes. Neither would I fight against the Battle God Inheritors."

"But you\'ll slowly lose yourself. When that happens, your character will undergo a change. Everything that you\'ve said now will be overthrown."