Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1923 - The Barbarian Emperor requesting for a treatment?

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AST 1923 - The Barbarian Emperor Requesting for A Treatment?

Imperial Physician, a miraculous physician?

Qing Shui had forgotten about his own ability. Or rather, because of the strength which he possessed for these past decades, he was able to live a rather steady life. Hence, there were actually very few occasions when he would actually need to make use of his medical expertise, except when it was for the people closest to him. However, even for them, he would only help by providing them with medicinal pills at most.

As for the Imperial Cuisine Hall, Qing Shui was no longer involved in the things related to it. Strictly speaking, the Imperial Cuisine Hall located in the Linhai City could already be considered as Tian Yi’s and Yu Niang’s possession. It could count as a present given to Yu Niang by Qing Shui. Back then, it was precisely this harmonious feeling from Yu Niang, which enabled Qing Shui to have a calm mind. During that time, Qing Shui had also managed to gain a lot of benefits from it.

Tian Yi’s medical expertise was well-known across the Linhai City, so much that he might hold even more reputation than Qing Shui among ordinary people and families. However, when it came to the top clans, Qing Shui was still very reputable among them. Qing Shui felt that it would be a waste if he didn’t make use of the reputations which he had.

The Imperial Cuisine Hall had stayed closed for a long time. Unless it was a medical emergency, people usually wouldn’t risk coming to treat their illnesses. When that time comes, the Imperial Cuisine Hall also wouldn’t refuse to provide aids to the patients. After all, there were fewer and fewer people who had their sights on the Imperial Cuisine Hall. This was also why some of the people, who took the risk to visit Imperial Cuisine Hall, were able to make it here safe and sound.

Lin Zhennan left. Qing Shui had also managed to find his goal. He must progress both in his cultivations and medical expertise. Only by using both of them at the same time would he have a chance to become a unique existence. This way, in the future, there would be very few enemies who would actually pose a threat to him. Moreover, it would be limited to the people with the same professions as him.

“Two traders seldom agree”. Nevertheless, this didn’t necessarily apply for all the people with the same profession. There had also been cases where some of them ended up working together. Furthermore, to prevent making enemies with people of the same profession, all they needed to do was to ensure that they were way ahead of the others in the said field. That way, it would not give the others the slightest chance to be envious.

Today, Qing Shui took the opportunity when everyone was having dinner and said, “Let’s open the door of the Imperial Cuisine Hall later. We will start our business for the public again.”

The others were all quite shocked with Qing Shui’s decision. Despite that, Lan Lingfeng still said in a joyful tone, “I knew this day would come. At the end of the day, it’s still our almighty Prince Qing that’s the most dominant.”

Tian Yi revealed an energetic expression on his face. His eyes turned really bright. He was a physician who dedicated himself to the path of medics and possessed the heart of a true physician. Back then, if it wasn’t because he was too worried about offending others, he wouldn’t have ended up like he was now. Nevertheless, disasters were interdependent with happiness. It could be considered being profited from a disaster by meeting Qing Shui.

“The Imperial Cuisine Hall is an existence which helps to treat diseases and create happiness. We will never interfere in any sort of fights, nor are they related to us in any way. We will not give in to any sides.” Qing Shui smiled and said. He was looking at Tian Yi while saying it.

When it came to observing people, Qing Shui believed that he was quite accurate at it. In the future, Tian Yi was bound to achieve great things. Certainly, it was only limited to the path of the medics. Nevertheless, it was already more than enough for him.

Tian Yi nodded. Qing Shui’s words were quite a great influence on him. Though it was just a few ordinary sentences, Tian Yi felt as if he could make up his mind for a lot of things. Though initially, this was how he always thought about, it was like an unstable foundation that could lead him to an uncertain path in the future. It was just the same as a skyscraper, in the future, there was a high chance that it would collapse.

Now that Qing Shui had helped him to stabilize his foundation and nurtured the land into a reinforced concrete land, it became many times more stable than before.

After enjoying their meal, they proceeded to hang long firecrackers as a way of hinting that the Imperial Cuisine Hall had officially begun running its business again.

The people in the surroundings came out upon hearing the noises of the firecrackers. In just a while, the Imperial Cuisine Hall was already crowded with people. Everyone had now known about the reopening of the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

“At long last, the Imperial Cuisine Hall reopened. What do those wars have to do with us? What does it have to do with the Imperial Cuisine Hall? It’s all thanks to them that the Imperial Cuisine Hall has to be closed for so many days.” A person complained.

“Exactly. That person is perfectly healthy. I am sure he will be punished with retribution for not allowing the Imperial Cuisine Hall to open.” Another person immediately carried on and said.

“Could it be that the person who originally closed down the Imperial Cuisine Hall has gotten sick, and now he needed their help, that’s why he allowed them to reopen again?”

“That could also be the case. But if I had been the Imperial Cuisine Hall, there is no way I will treat him.”


A lot of discussions were going on. Qing Shui’s sense of hearing was quite good, and hence, he managed to hear the majority of it. As of now, he had undergone a huge change in his heart. It was similar to the change which happened to Tian Yi. By now, he felt as if he could do whatever he wanted. All he would need to do was to sit down steadily on the fishing spot and not be interrupted by any external things. He could listen, but he mustn’t pay too much attention to it.

Often, outsiders wouldn’t be able to notice such a small change. Nevertheless, Qing Shui felt that even his own nature had begun to change. This change had, in turn, caused the function across his body to go through a significant improvement. It was like a wilted tree that once again got its chance to bloom. His body was filled with a warm feeling. A very comfortable sensation was spreading all across his body.

This was a kind of ascension in one’s spiritual mind which didn’t have a form. It was comparable to an ascension in the realm, or maybe it could be even more powerful. This was something which could be discovered but not sought, just like a wooden man. Though from the outside, he seemed to look exactly the same, deep down, his heart had already become strong as steel.

Today, it could be considered that the Imperial Cuisine started anew. After all, it had been such a long time since they last opened. Hence, the treatments today were all for free. They also only accepted a fairly small amount of fees for medical care and medicines. For some of the more special ones, they were immediately exempted from paying.

Today, Qing Shui had decided to examine the patients.

Across the continents, when a certain shop opened, the relatives of the shop owner would often come to congratulate them. Qing Shui could still be considered to have a few friends around here, for example, Lan Lingfeng, the Lan Clan and Ziche Clan… However, not many people actually came to cheer on them. Despite all that was said, there were still a few people’s arrivals which Qing Shui was quite surprised about.

Second Young Master Hua!

The Second Young Master Hua came. Qing Shui felt very weird about it.

“What’s wrong? Do you not welcome me here?” the Second Young Master Hua smiled and said.

As of now, Qing Shui found it impossible to regard both the past and the current Second Young Master Hua as the same person. Their first encounter with each other was becoming vaguer in Qing Shui’s mind. Indeed, a person could truly change, but the change that the Second Young Master Hua went through was a bit too drastic. Qing Shui revealed a smile when he saw the Second Young Master Hua, “To tell you the truth, I am quite delighted to see you here.”

Qing Shui felt that his mindset had undergone some changes compared to before. There was once when Second Young Master Hua had conflicts with Qing Shui for hitting on his women. The Second Young Master Hua back then was nothing but a spoiled brat. But now, after so long, even the Second Young Master Hua found it funny whenever he thought about himself in the past. Him from before was very immature and foolish.

The current Second Young Master Hua was not only handsome, but he had also gotten a lot more mature than before. Each and every one of his actions was very inspiring to others.

The past Qing Shui also would never think that there would come a day when he once again interacted with the Second Young Master Hua. Even the interaction in the past was a test to him. However, now, everything was different, his mind was very calm. His heart this time was like the seawater. Even the mightiest storm could never possibly stir up the entire seawater.

Since there weren’t many things for Qing Shui to do here, he went inside the Imperial Cuisine Hall with the Second Young Master Hua.

The two sat down under a weeping willow and began chatting while enjoying the tea in their hands.

“Just say it, I am sure you didn’t come here today just to congratulate us on the opening of the Imperial Cuisine Hall.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Hehe, I knew I can never hide anything from you. This time, I come here to help someone get his illness treated.” the Second Young Master Hua smiled and said as he took a sip of the tea.

“Oh, before this, you did it for the State Master Dongfang. I wonder who would it be this time?” Qing Shui already knew the reason why Dongfang Zhiqiu was able to find him back then. It was all because of the Second Young Master Hua.

“Mister Qing, do you happen to know about the Barbarian Emperor?” Second Young Master Hua smiled and said while looking at Qing Shui.

“The Barbarian Emperor?”

Qing Shui stunned. Indeed, he was shocked after hearing the name. He only recently learned about the Barbarian Emperor from Lin Zhennan. He was a trusted person of the emperor and was also the person currently in charge of the Great Confucian Empire. Also, according to Lin Zhennan, this person seemed to be a simple-minded person. Could it be this very same person who was asking to be cured of his illness?