Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1909 - Taichi, Divine Calamity

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AST 1909 - Taichi, Divine Calamity

It took a while before Qinghan Ye could put her clothes on, as she looked happily at Qing Shui. While she was putting them on, Qing Shui rubbed his hands all over her, although they had already done it, He couldn’t stop himself. This was where her outstanding sexiness was, and why a life would be shortened by ten years after meeting a beautiful woman.

The sky lit up, and Qinghan Ye went back into her room after dressing. All in all she had only had her nightgown on when she came back. Now, the outside was very quiet. If she waited until everyone was awake she wouldn’t know how to get back into her own room.

Qing Shui only let her go after kissing her a bunch. Their lips and teeth were like sweetness, allowing Qing Shui to feel it for a long time.

Heaven really never barred one’s way. Before Qing Shui felt that he could only run, but he didn’t think that the combination of the Nine Yand and Nine Yin would change him this much. This was the most he’d ever improved in a single go. Even in the future he doubted that this would ever happen again.

Qing Shui’s aura and temperament had gone through a little change. The Divine power in him had changed some. Before it was the most masculine strength, but now it was different: the sudden power increase could conquer every obstacle. But if the rear strength wasn’t enough, it could easily hurt the user, and most people wouldn’t even be able to handle this strong power.

But with the Power of the Nine Yin, or after combining with it, Qing Shui’s Divine energy went from fierce to gentle and continuously unending, as though it was a water ripple. This was truly strength and gentleness together.

Qing Shui washed up, dressed, and went into the backyard to practice. This was a habit that he never changed, and he was still practicing the Taichi Fist.

But this time Qing Shui felt that it was different because of his new increase in strength. Before he felt that it would be hard for him to improve, but now he felt that that was absolutely incorrect.

There was no limit to martial prowess. Qing Shui understood this saying, but he admitted that was affected by one’s life. He had never seen anyone stronger in Taichi or even a few grades behind, so he always knew that he wasn’t at the top, but he was close to it.

But now as he practiced, he felt that it had changed from before. Now he knew that the way he used to do it was barely scratching the surface, or even less than that.

Qing Shui struck out, watching his steady arm, but he saw that it brought out a cruel shadow, which crept up slowly like his fist. This was the part that was strange to other people, but this gentle hand was able to cut through air.

Realm, this was really a new realm!

Qing Shui’s shadow slowly shifted, the feet under him moving in unpredictable circles. His strikes were aimed towards the front, but in the blink of an eye, the surroundings were filled with his strikes. It was quiet, like Qing Shui had become one with the heavens and the earth.

Suddenly the air was filled with thunderbolts. Qing Shui seemed to not know why, but his body was surrounded by a surge of Divine strength.

The rest of the people in the Imperial Cuisine Hall were awake now, and were stunned at the sudden appearance of lightning in the backyard because it wasn’t a normal type of lightning. They came down and saw Qing Shui practicing.

Divine Calamity!

Divine Calamity was very interesting, because it wasn’t something that could be obtained once one got to the power level required. It was something that occured by chance. Take for example, Qinghan Ye, who had the required strength but didn’t have this ability.

The appearance of Divine Calamity required a certain combination. For example it could be the feeling of the Heavenly Dao. Having this skill had great benefits. If two Divines fought, but with one of them had the Divine Calamity, then it would be easier for him to defeat the other.

At this time, Qing Shui didn’t enter the Realm of Selfishness. He was very happy, and knew that he improved a lot this time. Although his foundation were a little stronger, his movements were much faster than before.

Besides, Qing Shui knew that he would be able to get the Divine Calamity even without practicing his Taichi Fist. The most important things was that the Divine Calamity of today wouldn’t increase his strength by an obvious amount. Another way of saying it is that his strength wouldn’t change, but his constitution would improve a lot, as well as the all-important foundation.


A bolt of lightning shot down onto Qing Shui, enveloping his entire body. It felt as though his body had become mush, and the lightning was like water. The lightning that came down before was barely anything, and was completely absorbed by Qing Shui.

After that came the second, which was almost the same as the first.

Then third, and fourth...

The lightning that came down became thicker and thicker, and more and more continued to rain down at an increasing frequency.

Qing Shui still refused to give up. His strong body was seen in extreme brilliance, and no matter how strong the Divine Calamity lightning was, he still absorbed it completely.

The lightning surged through his body and muscles, and this increase was extremely obvious.

Time passed little by little, and Qing Shui’s strong body held the lightning in the air without concern. This was fortunate for him because even though his strength had increased a lot, there was no danger to him.

The clouds and fog dispersed.

The lightning in the air disappeared, and the sky returned to what it was like before. Although it was rare for Linhai City to have a sunny day, today was marked by a bright sun.

Qing Shui pulled back, the clothes on his body already wrecked. As he raised his head to see the few women along with Lan Lingfeng, he smiled, “I’m going to clean up a bit then eat with you all.”

Qing Shui quickly washed up and changed into a new purple gown.

Qing Shui changed a lot over the course of the night. Now he looked even more mature than before. Looking at him, he didn’t seem to be feminine or masculine, but it was as though both were present. In addition it blended together, his gestures releasing a type of dignity, atmosphere, and presence.

Qing Shui didn’t know that his charm had increased by a lot.

Qinghan Ye was also there, and as he saw her looking away embarrassedly, he found that her embarrassed look was still stunning. It was written all over her face that she knew what had actually happened, and they shared a smile.

Yu Niang was experienced, Tantai Lingyan and Yiye Jiange were also experienced, but Tantai Lingyan wasn’t much different from people that were inexperienced. Yiye Jiange could tell immediately.

The few women were a little uneasy. Normally they were happy together since they knew that they were all going to be Qing Shui’s women, so they didn’t think much of it.

Luo Qingcheng looked at Qing Shui with bitterness, which made him a little embarrassed.

Luo Qingcheng had previously blocked a fatal attack for Qing Shui without caring for her own life. Qing Shui then went to the Sacred Mountain to look for a lifesaving medicine, changing her fate. At that time she had accepted him. She knew that she was his woman, but Qinghan Ye didn’t acknowledge it. Still, she knew that she could only be his woman. She would marry no other.