Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1908 - Extreme Increases, Horrifying Strength

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AST 1908 - Extreme Increases, Horrifying Strength

At this time, Qing Hanye seemed to forget how embarrassed she was. Just as she saw the two of them tangled together, her face turned red, but the inner energy between the two of them continuously surged, circling, and growing in each other.

But the situation this time was a little out of control. The Nine Yang and Nine Yin energy was circling on its own, so after a while Qing Shui was a little restless and saw the woman under him, charming as water, lightly move.


When Qing Shui moved Qinghan Ye felt it and made a sound that made her blush, Qing Shui lowered his head to kiss her, kiss her red lips and suck in her infatuating body fluids.

Qinghan Ye was lying down, but her tall breasts were up, full and erect, Qing Shui could stare into her beautiful eyes while sucking on her red nipples, they were less than three inches apart, because Qinghan Ye was sleeping on a fluffy pillow, so the height of her head was about the same as her breasts.

Watching this man sucking on her private parts, she embarrassedly closed her beautiful peach blossom eyes, her red jade face moving him in some indescribable way.

“Good, open your eyes, let me see my little Ye Ye’s beautiful eyes,” Qing Shui bit lightly on her nipple.

At this Qinghan Ye’s beautiful body shivered, releasing a light gasp that moved him, but she still opened her foggy eyes, but she also was slightly avoiding Qing Shui’s eyes.

Using one hand Qing Shui stroked the other side, on one side gazing into her eyes and lightly kissing her pride, his skill allowing Qinghan Ye to shiver continuously.

Qing Shui’s tongue pierced into her body, he especially liked the atmosphere at this time, watching that beautifully shy and shameful face he was moved indescribably, that resisting gaze let Qing Shui continue.

Also that light and mellow gasp gave Qing Shui a rush of strength like an enchantment, also the restrictment of the waves of rules made it even stronger, rushing into his head, and that tailbone rushed straight towards the head.

Qinghan Ye hugged Qing Shui tightly, her body was continuously shivering, it was the third time that this happened, and she couldn’t control her voice anymore, as though she had forgotten how to. Or maybe she just didn’t want to, so now her voice was much higher, but here in the room the sound insulation was very strong.

Qing Shui already adorned the room with insulation, so even if they were loud it was alright.

When she controlled her voice at the start it wasn’t because she was afraid that someone else would hear, it was because hearing herself made her blush to no end.

This time Qing Shui also did his best to release, tightly hugging Qinghan Ye’s tender body, feeling the shivering body of the woman in his bosom.

“You’re so full of ecstacy when you yell,” Qing Shui watched the pair of fulfilled eyes, at this time the beautiful peach blossom eyes lit up.

“You’re still talking, scoundrel.”

“This wasn’t me being a scoundrel, it could be a protection of luck,” Qing Shui moved a little with a smile, making her make a sound.

“You don’t get to talk!” Qinghan Ye covered Qing Shui’s mouth as she was embarrassed, then covered his eyes with her other arm.

Seeing her cute side like this made Qing Shui very happy, and he slapped her butt to put her into his bosom.

At this time the strong Nine Yang and Nine Yin had already rested, Qing Shui smiled: “Little Ye is so beautiful!”

Qinghan Ye hugged Qing Shui’s arm with a smile, even the most beautiful women enjoyed being praised by men. Seeing her being so happy, Qing Shui was also fulfilled.

The day came and Qing Shui woke up. He saw Qinghan Ye watching him: it seemed that she woke up even earlier, both of them were asleep together.

Watching Qing Shui wake up, Qinghan Ye said happily: “Qing Shui, my strength increased a lot, it feels even more stable than before.”

After hearing her say this, Qing Shui thought a little and laughed: “This is the strength inside our own bodies, it should be this way. It’s good that your strength increased, but how much did it?”

“My strength now is close to 7000000 Dao,” Qinghan Ye didn’t really believe what she said.

Qing Shui was also surprised, he didn’t think that the combination with the Nine Yang would increase her strength by that much. But he wanted to know his own, and he wasn’t as surprised, because his strength was even more than hers.

His innate strength increased to 7500000 Yang, which was 0.075 Dao, the Nine-Nine Divine Nebula Formation didn’t change much after increasing to the nine times now, but the substance of his inner organs went through a lot of change, if they were like wood before, they were like steel now, although wood was very strong, it paled in comparison to steel.

Qing Shui’s strength now already reached past 25000000 Dao, this was more than six times what it used to be, and was Qing Shui’s attack power. Before he had about 4000000 Dao attack, but now it was 25000000 Dao.

The next thing that he couldn’t believe was that his own Nine Continents Mountain could get to a power level of 75000000 Dao, and his defense got to 200000000 Dao.

The target for the Divine grade was 10000 Dao, Qing Shui’s was 200000000 Dao, a great improvement.

Because Qing Shui’s sea of consciousness belonged to the Golden Battle God Inheritance’s consciousness it allowed him to understand the target strength of these levels.

Before he had 400000000 Dao defense, now it was 200000000 Dao.

Qing Shui was stunned at his defense now, of course there was his own output, the Nine Continents Mountain’s attack was horrifying, his Paragon Strike even more so, although he could only use it once a day, but using it just once would be enough to kill the Poison Dragon King.

Qing Shui previously thought that if he and Qinghan Ye combined their strength would improve a lot, but he didn’t think that it would improve this much, and it scared him a little.

Now at this booth, Qing Shui knew why Qinghan Ye came to his room, even more so the intractable events that had happened with them crossing this last threshold, but he didn’t think that this much change would occur, and made his confidence grow much more.

This increase in strength also increased the stability of his foundations, this was an improvement of substance, this was the foundation. This explosively increasing power also increased their ability to handle it, there would be no problem and they wouldn’t be unable to control it.

In a while this whole thing seemed much simpler, Qing Shui happily hugged Qinghan Ye and kissed her a few times, and pushed her onto the ground. After that, a sweet sound came from that room until the sky brightened.

Up until they got up Qing Shui was happily looking at Qinghan Ye, she had an indescribable tenderness and beauty, which was something that could only be obtained through experience. Although she was outstanding before, now there was a certain sexiness to her.