Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1904 - Enticing the Poison Dragon King

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AST 1904 - Enticing the Poison Dragon King

The lady hadn\'t expected to be able to thrust the sword into the Grand State Master\'s body just like that. To be exact, it was the Grand State Master who had come smashing into her sword. Very soon, she saw that the Grand State Master was in a state that was worse than death.

Qing Shui knew well that the Grand State Master\'s life had reached its brink. If he wanted to save the Grand State Master, he could do so, but why would he want to? Only then did Qing Shui turn his gaze onto the Poison Dragon King. Demonic beasts would regain their freedom once again after the death of their owners.

Right now, Qing Shui didn\'t have the plans to kill the Poison Dragon King. Instead, he planned on taming it. It was too much of a pity to kill a powerful demonic beast like this. He would be able to get his hands on a lot of venomous substances after killing it, which could then be used to refine many poisonous medicines. However, an act like this would be the equivalent to kill a chicken to get the eggs. Between this and raising chickens that could lay eggs, of course, the latter option would be able to bring a higher value.

The Poison Dragon King, after regained its freedom, knew that the Grand State Master had died. However, there was nothing to feel sad about. The Grand State Master had used shady means to tame it. Demonic beasts couldn\'t go against their owner\'s orders. However, as long as they weren\'t tamed by some kind of unique talismans, the demonic beasts would be able to regain their freedom after the death of their owners and wouldn\'t die along with them.

Contracted demonic beasts were differentiated by contracts where life and death were involved and those which weren\'t.

Life and death contracts were something which demonic beasts spurned the most. It was because both parties would die at the same time and it was also the most dominating one of them all. There was no consideration for the demonic beast\'s willingness, even if the order given by the owner was for them to die. Of course, few people would do this since with the deaths of the demonic beasts, the owners would also die.

This was the fairest type of a life and death contract. Demonic beasts weren\'t the only ones that didn\'t like them. The owners didn\'t either. After all, if the demonic beasts were to die, they would also die.

There was also another type of life and death contract whereby if the owner were to die, the demonic beast would follow. However, if the situation was to be reversed, the owner would be fine. Most people liked this pact the most.

Another type of contract was the kind that didn\'t have a life and death relationship. There wouldn\'t be a case where one party would be affected if the other were to die. However, a contract was a contract and under normal circumstances, demonic beasts would be unable to go against their owner\'s will. In most cases, after the deaths of their owners, the demonic beasts would regain their freedom. After all, demonic beasts had a longer lifespan as compared to the humans.

This situation was used commonly by the demonic beast which chose to take on the contract in order to repay some people. It was also the method which most people in this world used. After all, there were too many cultivators with demonic beasts such as for rides. However, Beast Tamers were considered to have a lot if they were to have three demonic beasts.

Such a contract required the involvement of feelings. Otherwise, in a life and death situation, the demonic beasts would choose to escape if given the option. They would choose to betray their owners. There would be punishments for their betrayals, and in extremely serious situations, they may die. However, as compared to die immediately, some demonic beasts would choose to escape. After all, they may still have a chance to survive if they did so.

In such situations, owners would also be able to dissolve the contracts. This way, the demonic beasts wouldn\'t be in any danger even if they were to choose to escape.

The Poison Dragon King didn\'t choose to submit to the Grand State Master willingly. After all, the Grand State Master wasn\'t as strong as the Poison Dragon King. However, the Grand State Master was an expert in poison, and being a Poison Master, he had encountered something that was similar to a Marionette Fruit by accident. Although it wasn\'t one that was the most dominating one, it was enough. Therefore, he had duped the Poison Dragon King into forming a contract with him. This allowed his overall abilities to increase tremendously.

Right now, Qing Shui\'s gaze was the same as how the Grand State Master had been in the past. This caused the Poison Dragon King to feel uncomfortable. It had just regained its freedom and hadn\'t expected this person to be having his eyes on it. It knew how precious freedom was.

The Dragon Slaying Beast kept on flying back by the Poison Dragon King\'s attacks, but it didn\'t seem to know what fatigue was despite the multiple setbacks. The Golden Dragon, Five-Colored Luan Phoenix, the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, and the Thunderous Beast could only circle around. The actual one that had attacked the most was still the Hell Nightmare Beast and the one that posed the greatest threat to the Poison Dragon King was the Dragon Slaying Beast.

The Poison Dragon King realized that it seemed to be unable to deal with these creatures who were weaker than itself. If this were to drag on, the situation wouldn\'t be favorable to it.

"Are you thinking of running?" At this moment, Qing Shui smiled and said. After killing the Grand State Master, he was in an extremely good mood. Moreover, he was also bent on getting his hands on this Poison Dragon King.

"I know that you can understand my words and that you can also speak." Qing Shui continued to say. The old turtle he had met in the past had been able to talk, but in its case, the old turtle\'s words would directly ring in one\'s mind and couldn\'t be heard by the ear.

"If I were to run, you guys won\'t be able to stop me." The Poison Dragon King\'s voice rang out. It was also a metallic sound but sounded cold and arrogant.

"There\'s no need to put up an arrogant act before me. Dragons seem to be able to do anything. What was that saying again? If you want to act like a whore, then don\'t expect to have a monument for your chastity. What do you think?" Qing Shui said directly.

The lady was speechless. Sometimes this man was very upright, but sometimes, he would also seem to be bad. For example, right now, he seemed like a bad person who was trying to dupe a young child.

"What are you talking so much for? I\'m leaving. We dragons have unique means of leaving." The Poison Dragon King was in no hurry. Although it said that it was going to leave, it didn\'t really do so. It knew that since the man was talking to it, then there must be something he wanted to discuss. Otherwise, he would have taken action immediately. It was good for there to be a room for negotiation, it might be able to get something good out of it.

Dragons were greedy by nature. However, Qing Shui felt that humans were even greedier as compared to dragons.

"Let\'s have a discussion. It\'ll definitely be beneficial to you." Qing Shui said seriously.

"What benefits? I\'ll make things clear, if there aren\'t any benefits, I won\'t promise you anything." The Poison Dragon King said immediately.

Dragons were greedy, but as long as they agreed to something, they would definitely not go back on their words. Therefore, the Poison Dragon King made things very clear.

"What are the most important things to you?" Qing Shui asked.

"Power, female dragons, golds, and treasures..."

Qing Shui immediately signaled it to stop, wearing a faint smile. It seemed that dragons weren\'t that much different from humans. They placed power in the highest regard, followed by women and money. Money was ranked the last since with power one would be able to collect money. With money, they would naturally enjoy life and women would be an absolute necessity. Therefore, money was a means and it was very normal for women to be ranked before money. Power provided security and was the very foundation.

Since that was the case, Qing Shui knew that there was no way for the Poison Dragon King to escape.

Qing Shui cut to the chase and took out two Ancient Demonic Fruits. This item had a deadly attraction to the demonic beasts. He also took out various kinds of medicinal pills which demonic beasts required. They were new medicinal pills which Qing Shui had refined in the recent years and was definitely a great help for powerful demonic beasts.

The Demonic Beast Constitution Nurturing Gold Pill was primarily for demonic beasts to nurture their constitution. There was also the Fortune Golden Pellet from the past, which was about the same as the Nine Revolution Golden Pellet. However, the Fortune Golden Pellets were meant for demonic beasts while the Nine Revolution Golden Pellets were for humans.

"100 years, and these will be yours. In this 100 years, your abilities will also soar tremendously. I\'m an Alchemist and at the very least, there\'s currently no one who is stronger than me in Alchemy. I won\'t force you. You should know very well how much stronger these things can make you." Qing Shui smiled and looked at the Poison Dragon King.

The Poison Dragon King had lived too long a life and could naturally sense how precious the things in Qing Shui\'s hand were. They had a lethal attraction to it. 100 years... To its long life, it really wasn\'t much. It had been with the Grand State Master for over 100 years.

Qing Shui didn\'t say anything. He could see from the Poison Dragon King\'s expression.

"100 years... What do you want me to do? To follow you?" the Poison Dragon King gave it some thought and said.

"Not follow me, but to protect them and this place. You\'ll need to form a contract with her as well. Don\'t worry, it\'s not a life and death contract and it won\'t be an endless contract. We won\'t force you to do anything either. You just have to protect them and sometimes fight alongside them." Qing Shui saw the Poison Dragon King\'s hesitation and continued.