Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1898 - Fifth Level of Xuantian Seal

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AST 1898 - Fifth Level of Xuantian Seal

The Dragon-capturing Hands were like a dominant assassin which controlled its victim. Furthermore, it also didn’t have many limitations and consumed very little energy. The reason why Qing Shui used such a technique was that there was a chance that he might be able to squeeze the target to death. In addition to that, the Dragon-capturing Hands was also a technique which couldn’t be avoided.

Though it was said to be unavoidable, Qing Shui knew that nothing in this world was absolute. Though all along, no one has been able to dodge from his Dragon-capturing hands, he knew it was because his opponents weren’t strong enough. Given enough strength, they would still be able to dodge it.


Deep down, Qing Shui was feeling very happy. This was because the Grand State Master didn’t manage to avoid it. He immediately got captured by Qing Shui. However, he didn’t get squeezed to death. There were various factors which determined whether or not the victim would be squeezed to death. In fact, the possibility of this happening was quite small. The larger the gap in strength between the user and the victim, the higher the chance it would happen. For example, an egg and a rock. Naturally, the possibility of the two respective objects being crushed would be different.

Actually, the Grand State Master was still in shock. He found it hard to believe that Qing Shui managed to weaken him so much. After getting half of his speed reduced, he felt as if he has fallen into the swamp. It felt like he was carrying a huge mountain on his back.

At the moment when Qing Shui’s attacks landed on him, he was once again shocked. There have been so many weird incidents today… Weird to the point that it made him feel like escaping. Even after boosting their strength, It was clear their strength was supposed to be lower than his by half. Moreover, the difference in strength couldn’t be balanced out by merely accumulating the number of warriors. Under normal circumstances, with his own strength that was worth seventeen million Dao Force, he could go up against a bunch warrior with strength worth six million, eight million or even ten million Dao Force. It was not something which could be measured by numbers alone… It was not as simple as one plus one equal two.

But unfortunately, the things which he thought was impossible to happen actually happened right in front of him. To top it all off, he was actually a bit frightened and got captured by the enormous claw which his opponent unleashed. The Grand State Master abruptly released his aura and destroyed Qing Shui’s claws.

By now, the woman was also standing beside Qing Shui. In her hand, she was holding Qing Shui’s Poison Dragon Dagger. As of now, she was slowly getting used to it. She also understood why this man dared to challenge the Grand State Master. He might truly be able to defeat the Grand State Master.

“Hey woman, I will act as a shield for you. I will still have to rely on you to injure him.” Qing Shui’s voice came through.

“Ah!” The woman let out an unusual noise.

This noise caused Qing Shui to tremble. He didn’t turn around, instead, it made him felt like running away. There was a kind of charm which words couldn’t describe in that voice, particularly the way in which she let it out. It somehow resembled a moan. However, Qing Shui didn’t have the opportunity to turn around and enjoy the woman’s expression.

“Why are you screaming? Let’s make our move now, I can’t beat him alone.”

Qing Shui said in an unhappy tone. By now, the Grand State Master has long since broken free from Qing Shui’s Dragon-capturing Hands. A pair of huge blades appeared in his hands. These were two blades with two completely different shapes. Not only did they differ in size and shape, but even their color wasn’t the same.

The one in his left hand was a single-handed blade that was about three feet long. It was dark jade and there was a narrow bloody red gorge on the body of the blade. Qing Shui knew that it wasn’t used to contain blood, the dangerous aura could be felt being emitted from there.

The one in his left hand was a nine-feet long huge blade. Its surface was filled with tight, tiny sawtooth. The tiny sawtooth was brimming with dark green colored light. This kind of light was transparent like a cold ice. The Grand State Master looked very intimidating with both of his swords. He was also giving off an eerie aura.

This time, the Grand State Master didn’t say anything. He immediately thrust the huge blade in his arm forward and began spinning very quickly. He formed a strong tornado that was about the thickness of a human body as he neared Qing Shui and the woman.

This tornado alone already had the sharpness which could cut through all things, not to mention it was also accompanied by poisons of unusual colors. Qing Shui didn’t fear poison, nevertheless, he also wouldn’t recklessly test it. Arrogant people were those that could die easily. Besides, by now, Qing Shui already knew that there were many people that were more powerful than him in this world. Even for himself, he could only be considered to have scratched the surface as an expert.

Nine Palace Steps!

Nine Palace Laws!

Qing Shui casually dodged it and extended his arm to grab the woman along. At this moment, he didn’t have time to care whether or not he had direct contacts with the woman. A lot of times, warriors mustn’t act so reserved. Otherwise, they would be better off doing embroidery in an attic.

Qing Shui managed to grab the woman’s arm. Her figure followed him along and moved in a very unusual way. As a result, that she didn’t know about the Nine Palace Laws, she was amazed by Qing Shui’s speed and movements. After all, he was too fast and his movements were very unpredictable.

The Grand State Master didn’t intend to kill Qing Shui with one strike, but he was enraged after seeing Qing Shui held the hand of the woman whom he has chosen for himself.

Green Scaled Ghostly Fire!

The surface of the blades looked even darker now. This kind of dark green resembled the dark green color that a holy person usually had. Legend has it that this was precisely the color of Ghostly Fire. Meanwhile, a Ghostly Fire immediately emerged from the sword. It was changing colors irregularly. On top of the fire, there was a dark black circle. It seemed like an empty hole was burnt out from it. It was giving out fearsome swallowing noises.


A blanket of bright fire dots covered the sky and flared towards Qing Shui and the woman. It was earth-shattering and letting out fearsome howling noises.

Qing Shui’s expression changed. Without much thought, he could already figure out that this fire must be very powerful. The Ghostly Fire was capable of burning up even water. If an expert warrior was to come in contact with the fire, he would have no choice but to cut off his meat that was on fire in the first moment. Otherwise, there was a high chance he would be burnt to death.

Once again, Qing Shui unleashed the Primordial Flame. The Primordial Flame possessed formidable resistance towards the normal fire. However, due to their large gap in strength, Qing Shui naturally wouldn’t try to defend it with his body.

Five Elements Divine Refining Technique!

Qing Shui’s Five Elements Divine Refining Technique was very powerful. As soon as he swung his arm, a water screen appeared. The Five Elements Divine Refining Technique was powerful in its destructive prowess. With the additional boost that Qing Shui provided later, it could unleash formidable destructive power. For example, a destructive power two or even three times greater than the user’s original strength. But up to a certain fixed distance, the effect could vary. The amount of power that could be drawn out would depend on the user’s realm of the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique.


It was like many holes were drilled out of a huge screen. Qing Shui looked at the woman who was next to her. He wanted to see if she had come up with any methods.

The speed of the Ghostly Fire was quite fast. Qing Shui couldn’t dodge away from it one more time. Hence, he let out his arms and abruptly unleashed a technique.

Seal of Xuantian!

A snow-white light greeted the Ghostly Fire all over the sky. This was the disadvantage of having too huge a gap with the opponent. If the opponent wasn’t as strong as himself, this kind of attack which was all over the sky was the easiest attack to counter.

Qing Shui unleashed the Seal of Xuantian which was almost forgotten by him. It immediately covered the Ghostly Fire in the sky. The silvery light in the sky seemed to have changed even the color of the Ghostly Fire. Meanwhile, above the silvery light, a huge platform appeared.

Seal of Xuantian’s Platform!

The current Seal of Xuantian’s Platform was no longer as small as before. It was undoubtedly bigger than a small mountain. Though Qing Shui hardly used it, he never stopped cultivating it. It was a very strange martial technique. It was from the remaining chapters of a certain book where Qing Shui learned about its origin. As Qing Shui continued to cultivate it, eventually, its dominance could be comparable to the Emperor’s Qi.

This was the realm attained by the Fifth Level of Xuantian Seal.

The silvery light seemed to halt the movement of the Ghostly Fire. Within the silvery light, it seemed to have slowed down drastically. This time, Qing Shui didn’t use the Nine Continents Mountain. Instead, he suddenly thought of using the Seal of Xuantian.

The most obvious effect of the Seal of Xuantian was wherever its light shone, the speed of the object would decrease. So much that even its reaction time would drop drastically. The current Fifth Level of Xuantian Seal might not be able to entirely stop the movement within the area, but the amount of speed reduced was undoubtedly very fearsome. That was why Qing Shui felt that the Seal of Xuantian was very dominant. If eventually, the Seal of Xuantian was able to halt the entire movements within the area, wouldn’t the enemies just stand there like preys waiting to be eaten by Qing Shui?

Qing Shui didn’t have such thought. He still didn’t know what level he needed to achieve to completely halt the enemies. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he could really do that. But now, he was already very happy that he could reduce their speed by multiple folds. On the other side, it consumed the Godly Force greatly. Qing Shui didn’t want to waste his Godly Force, he just wanted to see how strong the Seal of Xuantian was.


Qing Shui abruptly thrust out his palm imprint and pressed it down.


The entire sky was covered with fragments of silvery light as an enormous explosion occurred. The bright and dazzling light at that instant looked just like a meteor shower in the sky.