Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1891 - Nine Yang Blood, uniting an army with thousands of men and horses, profiting from a disaster

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AST 1891 - Nine Yang Blood, uniting an army with thousands of men and horses, profiting from a disaster

As time passed, the Gold Needles that were shaking non-stop began giving out traces of the faint black mist. After that, they gradually turned even darker. They were so black to the point of the mist was about to form from it. Despite all that, it didn’t have any scents.

By now, the woman has already slowly recovered her look. She watched as the Gold Needle slowly turned black. Furthermore, the tip of the needle had already formed a jet black droplet. At first, it didn’t smell like anything, but now, a fishy smell had begun to emerge from it. The smell was getting stronger and stronger.

The woman was a bit embarrassed. After all, these were all happening in front of a man. As she lowered her head and looked at the man. The man didn’t have the slightest intention of turning his back on her. It was as if he didn’t smell anything and the serious expression he had on his face made the woman felt a bit moved.


A jet black droplet dripped down and landed on the surface of a smooth rock, making a soft but sharp noise. After that, the rock quickly turned into powders and disappeared into the surrounding.

Beauty Fatal Death… Qing Shui never expected for such a poison to not only be effective against humans, but even capable of destroying a lifeless rock. This kind of destruction was similar to a human getting old and dying.

One after the other, the droplets could be seen dripping down. It then continued on. After all, quite a lot of needles were already injected into the woman’s body. As the droplets accumulated, it summed up to quite a huge amount of liquid. Actually, each needle would only release a few drops of liquid. They were merely accumulated after a long period of time.

Unlike before, where Qing Shui forced the poison to one side. One needle was all he needed to do that. But in this case, the woman’s poison could no longer be moved around. Hence, for now, the only thing Qing Shui could do was removing the poison from each position where the needles were injected in. This was also why Qing Shui injected the needles somewhere near her thighs and also her breasts.

Five Elements Activation, it removed more than half of the poisons around the woman’s body. Following on, Qing Shui once again injected needles into her body. The woman once again found herself in an awkward situation. But in comparison to her very own life, whether or not she was awkward, it didn’t really matter. Let alone he was a physician, in a physician’s eyes, there was no such thing as gender difference.

As the toxic was discharged from her body, the poison within her body became less and less. Qing Shui was already able to move the poisons around and released them through the closest Gold Needles to it.

Time went on little by little. Unknowingly, it was almost evening. There were only a few needles left across the woman’s body which has yet to discard the jet black color. As for the rest of the Gold Needles, they have all turned back to the original gold color which they were supposed to have. This meant that the poisons have already been successfully extracted from her body.

Eventually, only a needle remained. Furthermore, it was located on the woman’s left breast. It was the only one that was still black. Despite how long has passed, the color just wouldn’t fade. The rest of the Gold Needles had all recovered its gold color and were kept by Qing Shui. This needle was the only exception, it was quite a stubborn one.

Qing Shui extended his hand and poked the blood veins located on her back. He then operated his Origin Qi to force the poisons out. Despite that, all his effort still went for naught. Qing Shui knitted his brows from seeing that. He then extended his hand once again and after a moment of hesitation, poked her breast. The moment he pressed his finger on the bulging part of her body, everything once again turned awkward.

Qing Shui’s finger immediately got pushed back out the moment his finger pressed on the bulging part of her body.

This wasn’t force repulsion, it was completely due to the spongy property of her breasts. By now, Qing Shui felt very awkward. As he lifted up his head, he only saw the woman looking back at him with a red face but cold eyes.

Whether or not this action was dirty, this he didn’t know. He only said in a helpless tone, “I am a physician. I won’t do something like taking advantage of others. Please don’t think too much about it. In my eyes, you are actually no different than a man, or rather, a pig…..”

“You are the pig……” By now, the woman didn’t know whether she should smile or cry. She has already been taken advantage many times by this man.

By the time she finished saying that, she remembered the time when Qing Shui called himself a male horse. She couldn’t help but wonder if he would call himself a male pig this time.

However, it turned out Qing Shui didn’t say that. Instead, he looked at the woman with a worried frown. To be more precise, he was actually looking at the woman’s breasts, “This is where your heart is located at, which is also the most dangerous spot. This poison is too stubborn. The Gold Needle is unable to guide it out.”

The woman lowered down her head and looked at the black Gold Needle, “You are the physician, I have no knowledge about things like this. If you are really unable to extract it out of my body, I think I will have no choice but to accept my destiny.”

“For the time being, we have two options.” Qing Shui said in a serious tone after a moment of thought.

“The first method is letting me help suck it out for you. The human’s mouth is the most useful tool for extracting poisons. The stronger a person is, the better is their ability at doing that.”

Qing Shui wasn’t actually taking advantage of her. This was, in fact, an effective method. At least Qing Shui was sure to be able to pull it off. Whereas, for other people, it was not known whether they would have this ability. After all, Qing Shui’s body physique also played a part in it. If it had been other people, they would have been poisoned to death. Back in his previous incarnation, if a person was to be inflicted with snake venoms, it could still be sucked out through the mouth.

Just that this time, the part which Qing Shui needed to suck was a bit unusual. Hence, after Qing Shui said it, the woman opened her eyes wide and looked at Qing Shui like she was looking at a pervert.

Qing Shui got a bit upset being seen like that. He then smiled and carried on to say, “I can tell that you don’t quite like this method. Well then, let me propose another method.”

Before the woman could say anything, Qing Shui already carried on and said, “Because of my body physique, I won’t go deeper than that. My blood is very effective for removing poison. The heart supplies the blood, hence, drinking my blood can help trigger your body’s potential. After that using the Gold Needle would have a very high chance of forcing out the blood.”

The woman slightly knitted her brows and looked at Qing Shui, “Drink your blood?”


“I can’t take it…… It’s too disgusting……” The woman looked at Qing Shui with a pitiful look.

Qing Shui was speechless. But actually, he would also find it disgusting letting her drink his blood. Despite that, what Qing Shui said later on immediately caused the woman to settle down with the second method.

“I also find it disgusting. No matter how I think about it, the first method is better. Alright, my mind is made up, let’s go with the first one.” Qing Shui tooted and said in a firm tone.

The woman saw Qing Shui’s expression and quickly responded, “I have never tried drinking someone else’s blood before. Alright then, let’s go with that.”

Qing Shui revealed a bitter smile and proceeded to extend his arm, “Don’t bite too hard.”

“Shall I really just drink like that?” The woman’s eyes seemed a bit confused. She thought that it was more appropriate if Qing Shui cut open a wound in his arm and collect one or two bowls of his own blood.

“Well, how do you expect to do it? My blood is very precious. It can even be described as invaluable. It is not in the slightest inferior to the best elixirs in the world.”

“Stop boasting yourself. I find it hard to swallow it.”

“If you still want to keep going on like that, I will just go with the first method instead. I am sure I will be able to take it just fine.”

Before Qing Shui could finish his sentence, he already felt an excruciating pain across his arm. The woman has grabbed his arm and bit on it. The interaction between her soft lips and Qing Shui’s arm was wonderful. However, at the same time, the feeling of pain and having his blood being sucked out was also very strong and clear. This was the true definition of feeling both painful and happy.

“Hey hey, are you planning to suck me dry? That’s enough.” Qing Shui saw the woman closing her eyes and enthusiastically sucking his blood, hence, he didn’t dare to retract his hands. He was scared that her sharp teeth would injure his arm.

The woman opened her mouth. The dark red liquid on the woman’s lips along with her perfect face made her looked extremely bewitching and seductive. For a moment, Qing Shui turned blank just by looking at her. He didn’t even bother to look at the wound on his arm before he carried on to mumble, “You are not just an extreme beauty who can topple over cities, you are an extremely beautiful fairy capable of toppling over cities.”

The woman blushed when she saw Qing Shui’s expression. She didn’t find his blood too disgusting. Even though it didn’t actually taste good, it wasn’t disgusting. This had made her feel very weird. She didn’t know if this was considered as a symptom of mysophobia, but she had great resistance against men, let alone biting their arm…….

This time, it might be that she was out of option that she did that. She didn’t fear death, but she didn’t want it to happen either, which was why she acted like that. But merely this had already made her very surprised, she felt that she was forcing herself to do something which she was very reluctant to do.

Could it be all because of this man!?

Until now, it could be said that she has yet to become familiar with this man. In fact, she has already owed him a lot of debt by now. This was because life was priceless, it was a debt which would never be returned fully.

A hero would devote his life to save a damsel in distress. Wherever it was, it would be a story that could capture one’s imagination and be spread far and wide.

“Brother Shui, have you looked at me enough?” The woman rubbed her mouth and by now, she has already calmed down.

It has been a while since Qing Shui got distracted like that. He couldn’t help but be amazed by how powerful this woman was. A peerless beauty could cause a man to not dare to lay his hands on her, a beauty could damage her country and cause suffering to the people. A woman could cause a hero to slowly lose his spirit and turn into a useless person. Beauties were the graveyard for all heroes.

Qing Shui came back to his senses. If the woman had taken action before, it wouldn’t be fatal enough to cause his death. After all, his Paragon Golden Armor would have helped save his life. Qing Shui was just amazed by her strength. It was always said that men would conquer the world whereas women would conquer men. Women could conquer the world through men themselves.

Qing Shui didn’t say anything more. He didn’t want to make the situation even more awkward. He smiled and immediately began helping the woman extract her poison.

Qing Shui’s blood was undoubtedly very powerful. The woman felt certain changes taking place within her body. His pure blood force was quickly mixing with each other and being ignited within her body. Furthermore, they were even quickly blending themselves within the woman’s mind.

The woman looked at Qing Shui in disbelief. Before this, she thought that Qing Shui was just joking when he said that his blood was priceless. Actually, the woman didn’t even believe it when he said that his blood could cure poisons. She just didn’t want the man to take advantage of her. But then, she seemed to also have bitten the man and drank some of his blood in a trance…...

At this moment, Qing Shui lowered his head to look at his arm. He hadn’t lost a significant amount of blood. In fact, the teeth mark on his arm looked great. Even he himself didn’t know to laugh or to cry at his own crazy thought.

Most of the poison across the woman’s body had already been extracted out. Not only so, but the aura across her body was also slowly recovering. It didn’t stop even after it recovered back to her past peak condition. It could clearly be felt that the Origin Qi in the surroundings were swiftly gathering around the woman.

In shock, Qing Shui took a few steps backward. As he looked at the current woman, she was emitting a sacred aura. She was like a fairy, but at the same time also like a she-devil. Her magnanimous aura ruined her sacred look, but at the same time also made her looked more big-hearted and aggressive.

A beautiful woman who at the same time also felt aggressive and big-hearted could emit a fatal charm and attractiveness.

The Origin Qi in the air was violently gathering around here. Qing Shui didn’t know if the woman was recovering her strength or breaking through. The Blood Force he gave her had greatly affected the woman, so much so that it might be decisive. For example, the woman in the past was like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, but it lacked a famous general leading this army. Qing Shui’s Nine Yang Blood was absolutely dominant. The woman’s aura and her body physique perfectly combined with his Nine Yang Blood and from then, her overall strength went from just a quantitative change to an overall qualitative change.

This was also partly due to the woman herself. If it had been someone else, it was not likely that there would have been such an effect. This could be said as a coincidence. There were many things which happened just at the right time.

The woman was also very shocked by her own changes. This time, it could be said that she has been profited from a disaster. Not only has she broken through the barriers which she has been facing for ten years, but she has also managed to break through two consecutive grades at once.

By the time everything quieted down, the sky has already turned dark. The woman had yet to have the time to sense her overall strength, but the significant breakthrough which she experienced in her body made her knew that she had encountered a huge opportunity this time. It could be said to be a one in a millennium chance.

The enormous strength had caused her aura to be even stronger than before. It was a kind of aura which originated deep down from her bones.