Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1889 - Five Poisons Immortal Palace, I am Gongma

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AST 1889 - Five Poisons Immortal Palace, I am Gongma

The smell of seawater in the air wasn’t really that strong. On the contrary, it felt very refreshing.

The woman found herself a bit unable to see through the man in front of her. Since when had she shown him her sincerity? But before this, she also didn’t really feel like she was insincere… Hence, she was a bit lost. Nevertheless, if this man was willing to help her cure her poison, it would be quite a great thing if he truly succeeded.

She was a beauty unmatched in her generation. Naturally, she wouldn’t want to be one who suffered unhappy fates. Unfortunately, she no longer had the time to return to Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace. Throughout this time, she has been very conflicted. It would be great if she could find some ways to drag on the time. But all this time, it hadn’t been that lucky for her.

But now, she felt that the Goddess of Luck had once again stood beside her. Though she hasn’t been cured yet, she had a feeling that this man might actually succeed in doing so.

“Do you know about the overall situation with your body?” Qing Shui turned around and looked at the woman who was just about as tall as himself. A beauty unmatched in her generation.

“The only thing I am aware of, is that my Inner Force cannot last long. Furthermore, whenever I use it, its effect will be greatly reduced. One more thing, all my organs are also failing at an unusually fast rate.” The woman shook her head and said.

“You know about the effect of the poison, but you don’t actually know what poison you affected with?” Qing Shui asked.

“There are up to millions of kinds of poisons. At the same time, there are also numerous that specifically targets the victim’s organs, but I haven’t encountered many poisons that have such fearsome effect, even more so when it is one that causes the organs to fail. According to the rumors, this poisonous medicine is precisely the cause of death behind the beautiful women from Five Poison Immortal Palace. But I can’t confirm it just yet.” The woman said after a moment of thought.

The Five Poisons Immortal Palace, Qing Shui once again came across this Immortal Palace. It was an existence more formidable than Immortal Sects. Certainly, there would be some Immortal Palaces that were inferior to Immortal Sects. But under normal circumstances, a real Immortal Palace tended to be stronger than Immortal Sects unless an Immortal Sect ended up having the strength of an Immortal Palace.

The way to examine a sect also had its own specific standard. For example, it was required for them to have a certain number of warriors at Divine Grade. These were all their standards. They didn’t care about the excess Divine Grade Warriors as long as the particular sect had the necessary warriors in it. For instance, how strong must the guard in an Immortal Palace be and how many guards there were in it.

“Do you happen to have some grudges with the Five Poison Immortal Palace?” Qing Shui asked casually.

“If I am not mistaken, the poison which I received should be from the Five Poison Immortal Palace. As to whether the people from Five Poison Immortal Sect is responsible for it? That, I don’t know.”

“If the poison is truly from Five Poison Immortal Palace, this would mean even the Five Poison Immortal Sect themselves won’t be able to cast it away completely.” Qing Shui said casually. He then proceeded to take out his Gold Needle Jade Box.

He didn’t question too much about the bad blood between the woman and the Five Poison Immortal Palace, nor was he interested in it. He was only curious about certain Immortal Palaces.

“Are you really able to cure a poison like the Fatal Death of Beauties?” The woman asked in disbelief.

“Count it as giving medicines to a dead horse!” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“You are the horse……” The woman was speechless.

“Well, I am a male horse.” Qing Shui smiled as he took out the Gold Needle from the jade box.

The woman firmly shut her mouth. She wasn’t weirded out by the man’s action. Qing Shui was the only person who would dare to say things like that in front of her. She wasn’t angry, she just didn’t know how to reply to it. She couldn’t fight back, argue back, and couldn’t even get mad at him.

Qing Shui stopped teasing her. He took out the Gold Needle and looked at the woman. He observed her breasts, they were upright and plumped up. That perfect shape and curve could cause people to go wild with their imaginations even if she had her clothes on. They were stunningly beautiful.

The woman sensed Qing Shui’s fiery eyes. She knitted her brows and looked back at him. She wasn’t used to this man staring at her like that. She was even more worried that this man would take advantage of her and use curing her as an excuse. If that was the case, should she try to cure it or not?

Qing Shui didn’t need to ask or helped her feel her pulse. With his Heavenly Vision Technique, he had managed to see through the entire situation of the woman. The woman has been poisoned. Qing Shui had a lot of methods when it came to removing the poisons, even for those that specifically targeted the organs. He was capable of curing the poisons across the entire world, hence, when he found out that she was poisoned, he automatically knew that he could help her.

“I need to inject needles into you.” Qing Shui said while looking at her alerted look.

“Shall I take off my clothes?” The woman looked at Qing Shui and asked. She sounded very calm. But Qing Shui knew that deep down, the woman was feeling very nervous. If he had told her that she would need to do so, he didn’t know if she would beat the return drum and chose to not cure it instead.

“There is no need for that. But if you insist on doing so, I won’t object to it.”

“Then I think I won’t insist.” The woman was helpless. It was beyond her control to run into people like this.

“The positions where I will inject the needles might make you feel a bit awkward. I hope that you won’t make a huge fuss about it.” Qing Shui told the woman in advance as a preventive measure.

After a moment of hesitation, the woman nodded.

Qing Shui began injected the needles. He took out a Gold Needle and immediately his Primordial Flame flashed across the needle itself. Following on, Qing Shui immediately injected it into her Shanzhong position. The entire Gold Needle that was nine inches long almost went in all the way to her body.

Qing Shui did it very skillfully with his hands, so much so that it gave people a feeling that they were observing an art. At that instant, Qing Shui used his Saintly Hands. His pale hand became almost invisible like a crystal.

At that instant, the woman trembled. This was because if Qing Shui had wanted to take her life with this needle, she wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

“You fear that I will kill you.” Qing Shui said while picking up the second Gold Needle.

“I don’t fear death. I only fear running into bad people.”

“How do you consider a person to be bad?” Qing Shui followed along her Shanzhong Acupoint and injected the second needle on a position three fingers below that acupoint.

“A bad person is a person who forces others to do things that they are reluctant to do or do things that offend the Heaven and reasons under immoral situations.” The woman said after a moment of thought.

Qing Shui continued to take his needles, “There are many kinds of bad people. One of them is those that is sneaky and tend to do robberies. Though these people are bad, they are unable to alter the climate too much and hence they can only be considered to be unimportant bad people. They won’t affect the majority of people in the surroundings. There is also another type of unimportant bad people who take liberties on women, though they may sound very bad, their evil way can only be considered to be insignificant.”

“If there are good people, naturally, there will also be bad ones. Without bad people, how can we notice good people?” The woman responded. She didn’t actually say anything much.

“Erm, to think that you are a philosopher, what a coincidence, I happen to also be one.” Qing Shui said in an exaggerated tone.

The woman got delighted upon hearing it. Qing Shui’s expression was very exaggerated, making people felt like laughing. She knew that Qing Shui was just joking and hence she shook her head, “Then tell me, how exactly is a person bad?”

Qing Shui also shook his head, “I am not sure how a person is considered a bad person. But with my current realm, I can safely assume that those that are capable of slaying an entire city worth of people, should be considered bad guys. In a city, they can slaughter as they like, burn, kill, and steal. But other than that, there is also one more kind of people whom I think are bad people.”

“Oh, what kind?” The woman seemed to be very curious.

“Your future husband will definitely be a very bad guy.” Qing Shui said seriously.

The woman got surprised. She then asked a bit embarrassed, “Why?”

“Normal, handsome and outstanding teenagers will never manage to catch your eyes. The only people you will pay some attention to are bad people. It’s those that don’t walk the righteous path that will pique your interest.” Qing Shui said in a mischievous tone. Particularly the words “not walking the righteous path” made the woman felt a bit weird. She kept having the feeling that there was a deeper meaning in Qing Shui’s words than how it sounded. All was because Qing Shui used a heavier tone when he mentioned those words.