Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1886 - You dont have sincerity, Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace

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AST 1886 - You don’t have sincerity, Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace

The woman seemed to be surprised by Qing Shui’s care for her, but at the same time, it wasn’t too strange. She shook her head, “I’m not going to push this, I lost.”

Since she lost, the previous conditions were void. There was no way for her to be healed now. She didn’t know what she was feeling. After all, she has lost the battle, but she didn’t know about Qing Shui’s recent boost of power. If it was Qing Shui from before, he could only yield.

She was a State Master of the Great Confucian Empire, one of their strongest. At the same time, she was a member of the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace. This place was too far from it and with the amount of time she had left, she wouldn’t be able to reach it.

So in these few days, she didn’t know who had hurt her. She was poisoned with something that she didn’t recognize. She didn’t even know who she had wronged and if she was correct, it would be someone inside the Great Confucian Empire. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find that person and thus couldn’t find the antidote.

There was something she could do at the Heavenly Chess Immortal Palace. With the power of the Immortal Palace, even if she couldn’t get rid of it, there wouldn’t be much of a problem for her to save her own life, but the time was too short.

This time when she met Qing Shui, he could determine how much time she had left with one glance. She even suspected that he was the one who had poisoned her and later found out that his strength was also very suspicious. Even now she was suspicious of him.

Because she knew that she was beautiful, many people went for her, but they didn’t have the courage to face her directly. All in all, when a person was trying to show their face to a woman stronger than them, it required a lot of courage. Even more so to the State Master, which had a high status.

Therefore, the woman was suspicious that Qing Shui was trying to get close to her through the poison, even to the point that he had ulterior motives. After all, she was the State Master of the Great Confucian Empire and what she did as a part of the Great Confucian Empire had encroached into the happiness of the young man in front of her.

“I can heal you!” Qing Shui said after some thought.

“Can you tell me if there are any strings attached, I know you’re not going to just heal me,” the woman wanted to know what conditions there were, then try to find out whether he was the one who poisoned her. The greatest doctors in the world were the best at poisoning people and also knew how to use the strongest poisons.

“I wonder what benefits you are willing to give me?” Qing Shui seemed to be very relaxed. After all, this fight had brought him many fortunes.

“You’re not lacking in money, based on your surroundings you seem to be well off. Do you think that I’m beautiful?” the woman smiled at Qing Shui.

“Yes, very beautiful,” Qing Shui praised her.

“Then I’m not sure if you would…” the woman wasn’t used to say things like this. Therefore, she wasn’t sure how to continue, but Qing Shui understood what she was trying to say.

Qing Shui wasn’t that young now. He was able to determine emotionally related things well and could determine that this woman wasn’t that casual. Actually, she was the type that believed death was preferable than dishonor, therefore, she normally wouldn’t say things like this. Although she was trying to cover up something, Qing Shui could feel something else there.

“I admit that you’re beautiful and I have a little desire towards you. If any man didn’t desire you then he must be a eunuch, perhaps even worse, but I don’t like using this tactic to get women. I also have wives and children,” Qing Shui smiled and shook his head. He returned after finishing what he wanted to say.

The woman’s expression changed to one of astonishment, but she still said: “I don’t know how else to pay you back.”

“Sincerity, you need sincerity. Miss, if you are such a wanton person, how would you still be a virgin?” Qing Shui said without turning his head.

The woman’s face grew red. What is this kid saying, also he could tell that she was a virgin. It seemed that only a bad boy would...

Sincerity, the woman watched the fading body of Qing Shui. Before she was suspicious of him, she never thought that he would see through her. Although she still wasn’t sure whether he was the one who had poisoned her. The suspicion wasn’t as strong as before.

“Why don’t you go back first!” the woman said to the Second Young Master Hua, who stood at the distance.

“Madam State Master, there’s something I’m not sure whether I should say,” Second Young Master Hua said after some thought and didn’t leave immediately.

“Say it!”

“I’ve had some dealings with him before, some that we haven’t even resolved now, but he did heal me. Before this, I hated him to death, even to the point where I wouldn’t let him go even after I died. Although I couldn’t beat him, I didn’t want to become bitter enemies with him and he is also a pretty good man, especially towards friends and is definitely a very dependable ally,” Second Young Master Hua said to the woman slowly.

“He healed you?” the woman said with a surprised expression with the knowledge of his previous condition.

“Almost, I’ll be completely healed in a few days,” Second Young Master Hua said while nodding his head.

“Mm, it seems that his skill in healing is really good. All right, Now I know.”

“Then I will leave first,” Second Young Master Hua bowed lightly and left.

The engagement with Qing Shui before had already hurt her a little, although it wasn’t serious, it also wasn’t very light. Standing in the vast expanse, the surrounding wind blew her hair up. From afar she seemed to be Xuan Nu that had fallen into mortality.

Ever since Qing Shui left the woman, he didn’t move. He was watching the Imperial Cuisine Hall in the distance. The distance to the Imperial Cuisine Hall wasn’t that far. She could vaguely see him softly went back onto the ground and walked toward the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

When other people saw Qing Shui come back to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, they relaxed. They knew that Qing Shui was strong, but not exactly how strong. Besides, the person he was facing was the state teacher of the Great Confucian Dynasty, so they had even less of a base. Now that they saw him come back completely fine, they were happy and relieved. Happy that he was alright and happy because of this strength.

Qing Shui got Qing Xiu from the hands of Yiye Jiange. Now the little one had already gotten to the stage where he was learning how to walk. It was nearing noon and a lot had happened, but in the end, nothing bad occurred. Therefore, everyone was happy and the few women went to cook something.

“Was that State Master strong?” Lan Lingfeng asked curiously.

“Have you seen that State Master?” Qing Shui answered back.

“State Master? No, my brother, why don’t you tell me what that State Master is like?” Lan Lingfeng said quickly.

“She’s right there!” Qing Shui pointed at the woman who was approaching.

Lan Lingfeng and Ying Tongshun looked in the direction that Qing Shui indicated and saw the woman coming over. Her two arms carrying some indescribable aura. The purple and gold bag was very rich and even more so on her, this stunned Lan Lingfeng greatly.