Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1883 - I won, You Have to Leave The Great Confucian Empire

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AST 1883 - I won, You Have to Leave The Great Confucian Empire

None of the beauties Qing Shui met before could match this woman. It was hard to say which one was prettier when they were all impeccable beauties in everyone’s eyes.

The woman folded her hands at her back, it was an uncommon gesture among the women. However, it was impressive when she did so, it made her stand out from the other women. Qing Shui could not find the perfect description, but she was extremely gorgeous and awe-inspiring.

Standing on top of the Five-colored Luan Phoenix, she watched the world disdainfully. She observed Qing Shui calmly without the slightest change in her expression. Qing Shui had a nice complexion but he was not alone. For example, the Second Young Master Hua was as beautiful as a lady and definitely more good-looking than Qing Shui. However, she preferred Qing Shui over the Second Young Master Hua since the latter lacked in masculinity.

Qing Shui’s masculinity was more than enough because of his Nine Yang Body. Despite looking soft, his strong manly aura could be sensed. Especially by those with powerful spiritual senses, such as this woman on the Five-colored Luan Phoenix.

For a brief moment, the woman gaped in disbelief. The Nine Yang Body was a rare constitution which could hardly be found in 1 million people. Besides, she felt the strong spiritual sense of Qing Shui.

“You are Qing Shui!” said the woman, facing towards Qing Shui.

Her voice was slightly deep and charming with a soft melody. It was much more wonderful than listening to music in his past life. It seemed like the Creator God had preferences on the good-looking people since they usually owned beautiful voices. In fact, that was not the case. Good appearance came from good health. Corresponding to the norm, good health led to an amazing condition in other aspects. Besides, the shift of mindset made people forgive any mistakes the beauties made.

Perhaps, it was rather despicable, but everyone was like this. Everyone would curry favor unconciously, regardless of them being forced to or was doing so willingly. The emotions came from the bottom of the heart.

The heart flowed with the mind, the mind followed the heart!

Qing Shui’s mind freshened up, he felt extremely comfortable as if the energy channels in his brain were linked at once. Even his eyes appeared clear and deep now.

“You must be the State Master,” Qing Shui smiled.

“You\'re quite a big snob despite your small body. I sent my men to invite you for a medical consultation but you rejected all of them,” The woman looked casual with a slight smile on her face. However, only she knew the truth behind her smile.

“I have three No’s in seeing patients and I hate people who wanted to arrest me to treat someone,” While saying that, Qing Shui observed the woman and the Five-colored Luan Phoenix.

The Second Young Master Hua gave Qing Shui eye signals several times but Qing Shui ignored it. He was trying to stop Qing Shui from offending this woman. Also, he told Qing Shui this woman was very powerful.

“Three No’s, I wonder what are they,” said the woman curiously.

“I don\'t treat the vicious and evil people who oppress the kinds; I don\'t treat those who go against the natural law; I don\'t treat people when I\'m not in the mood,” Qing Shui answered. These days, he was aware of some natural laws. So, it would be against the law to save some individuals.

It sounded a bit fishy and no one could be sure about it. For instance, there was a popular doctor in past life who could revive a life by killing another. Only then, would he not be accused by the underworld later on.

Indeed, these were all legends. However, that was how things work sometimes. For example, if you saved an evil man from the dead, you would be the indirect cause of all his future badness.

“Interesting, I wonder how good you are and whether it deserves your three No’s,” The woman looked at Qing Shui with a smile.

This time, Qing Shui knew her smile was genuine. It was a smile that was truly alluring and enchanting.”

“Hahaha!” Qing Shui laughed softly.

“What are you laughing for?” The woman stared at Qing Shui.

“What a tragic end of a beauty. I wonder if you will be able to see the moon on Mid-Autumn Festival,” Qing Shui watched the woman.

It was March now. He was impressed by the woman’s calmness. As a dying person, she didn\'t show the slightest sense of uneasiness. Even her expression and breaths were as peaceful as the water, that attitude could not be faked.

The woman gazed at Qing Shui with her bright eyes. At that moment, she was stunningly beautiful. She knew this young man was good at the art of healing just by looking at him. No one knew that her life would end one day before the Mid-Autumn Festival, so she did not suspect anyone revealing her illness.

“You seem to be better than the legend. Say it, what requirement do you want for treating me,” she was straightforward.

“Besides the three situations above, there\'s another condition, I would take away the most precious thing for the patient after treatment,” Qing Shui added spontaneously after listening to her.

The woman was not any little girl in the mountains, she stared at Qing Shui coldly and said, “You want to take away the most precious thing I have for treating me?”

“Initially, I wouldn\'t treat someone like you,” Qing Shui gave an irrelevant reply but somehow answered her question.

“Do you know what is the most precious thing I have? I have a lot of treasures, money, weapons, martial art cheats……”

“I don\'t need money, I\'m not interested in weapons and martial art cheats as well,” Qing Shui interrupted.

“What do you want then?” The woman smiled with charm. Her gentle charm gave out a profound feeling.

“You should know very well what I want,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

“How dare you, do you know what happened to those men who talked to me this way?” The woman stared at Qing Shui.

“Dead!” Qing Shui giggled.

“Aren\'t you afraid of death?”

Qing Shui looked at the fairylike woman who folded her hands behind, “I\'m afraid of death, but I\'m not afraid when I wouldn\'t die.”

“Such confidence. How about this? Let\'s fight and you have to treat my illness when you lose.”

Qing Shui could not hold back his laughter, “Someone like you would act shamelessly too. I have to treat you when I lose, what about when you lose?”

“I have a request and indeed need your help if I win. But since you don\'t need my help with anything, you can punish me as you wish if I lose,” said the woman casually.

“If I win, you definitely wouldn\'t allow me to do anything. By that time, you might even commit suicide. Besides, even if I win, you can still find your way to escape. I don\'t want to waste my effort,” Qing Shui giggled.

“Say it then, what is your requirement?” The woman did not expect that Qing Shui was so thoughtful.

“If I win, you have to leave the Great Confucian Empire.”