Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1880 - Heaven-earth-sovereign-parent-teacher, Great Confucians Path

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AST 1880 - Heaven-earth-sovereign-parent-teacher, Great Confucian’s Path

Qing Shui watched the middle-aged man like watching a clown. His words sounded so ridiculous.

“If you make one more noise, I\'ll make you vanish,” Qing Shui’s calm statement kept that middle-aged man in silence.

At this moment, Qing Shui despised this middle-aged man more. He was not even comparable to the blindly loyal and stubborn intellectual in his past life, let alone the charisma of Great Confucian. Qing Shui wondered what was their status in the Great Confucian Empire. If this reflected the Great Confucian Empire’s level, Qing Shui had probably overestimated them.

In fact, Qing Shui forgot that he recently improved in leaps and bounds. His breakthrough was terrific and out of the league. He would indeed think these people were weaker.

However, these people should not represent the Great Confucian Empire. Moreover, the strongest Elder Jian Nu among them had yet to move. Elder Jian Nu should be stronger than this middle-aged man even if he could not fight against Qing Shui.

“Very good, seems like I\'ve underestimated you,” Elder Jian Nu made a step forward. His voice was soft but extremely cold.

“One has to pay the price for underestimating others, especially for his opponent. One negligence and he would lose his life,” Qing Shui looked at Elder Jian Nu.

“We came to seek medical treatment today, can you go back with us now?” Elder Jian Nu’s answer stunned Qing Shui. It was irrelevant, yet, the intention was clear.

“I said I don\'t see patients anymore, plus, I have the full authority to treat anyone or not,” Qing Shui hated such a bossy and haughty manner.

In fact, Qing Shui knew that there were too many who behaved like this. Generally, they were someone of high status. The men of the Great Confucian Empire were qualified to do so, but it’s just that Qing Shui was not in a good mood when he saw this. The Second Young Master Hua might be from the Great Confucian Empire, but upon considering the current situation of the Imperial Cuisine Hall, Qing Shui refused to do a favor.

“If that\'s the case, I could only arrest you,” Elder Jian Nu replied slowly after a brief hesitation.

Qing Shui had no idea who the patient was up to this moment. Listening to the Elder Jian Nu, he smirked, “We shall see what you\'ve got. If you could arrest me, I will guarantee to cure the patient.”

“Keep your promise!” Elder Jian Nu raised his eyebrow and held a white, long sword in his hand instantly.

This sword was two times wider than the usual ones, around three inches. Normally, a three-feet long sword was only an inch wide and very light. There were wider ones too. The Elderly’s sword was densely carved with tiny characters.

Though from afar, Qing Shui noticed it despite the unknown symbols and characters. They were like the pictographs in his past life, full of ancient sense. Qing Shui despised him less for that.

“Bring your weapon out, I don\'t want to hurt you,” said the Elder Jian Nu as he saw no response from Qing Shui.

“When I need it, I will take it out,” Qing Shui left a way out for himself. After all, his strength would be much greater with the Golden Battle Halberd, especially when the opponent owned unpredictable weapons.

“If you say so, watch out then!”

Without any redundant words, Elder Jian Nu pointed his sword towards Qing Shui from far.

Single Sword Soulshaking!

Qing Shui’s eyes brightened, this was a power generated by the Great Confucian’s righteousness. It was a defensive sword technique with an immense destructive power against the selfish and evil practices.

This attack was a spiritual attack. For example, one could die out of fear. Legend had it that humans had souls. Qing Shui was unsure about it, but the World of Nine Continents could refine the spirit. It functioned as a character in the Dantian whereby he could transfer his own consciousness into it.

Apart from that, there was no better explanation for Qing Shui’s presence here besides passing through with his spirit.

Spiritual attacks could be explained as a phenomenon in his past life, which was the sudden death of someone out of horror. It could make the gallbladder burst and the heart stop functioning. Some people with heart problems could not take intense fear.

Qing Shui owned a spiritual attack and knew it well now after being assaulted. The current superb power of the Nine Yang Dragon Soul enhanced Qing Shui’s defense to an invulnerable state.

Single Sword Soulshaking could virtually harm someone from thousand miles away, so Qing Shui stood still. Such attack might be irresistible for others, they could only watch but not resist. Any defensive effort would be useless.

However, that was like a three-year-old kid playing with his little wooden sword in Qing Shui’s eyes.

Force of Dragon Soul!

Qing Shui held out his hand, a shimmering gold hand grabbed the long sword of Elder Jian Nu.

The white sword shook vigorously. Elder Jian Nu’s seemed torn apart as if he saw something unimaginable. Qing Shui used a spiritual counterattack.

However, the old man knew everything at his age. Besides, he practiced this technique himself, so he was not crumbled yet.

Sword Heart!

The old man let out a yell. The pictographic characters on the white sword began flowing like a stream. They coalesced into a white, snake-like object and lingered around the old man. The old man recovered immediately and became even stronger than before.

“Sword Heart Illumination, interesting.”

Qing Shui was stronger than the old man in kendo. Previously, the Sword Heart Illumination was like watching the making of a horror film. The film might be scary, but it was amusing to watch at the setting.

The old man was surrounded by snow-white brightness, giving out a boundless sense of righteousness.

Qing Shui took out his Golden Battle Halberd. He was not at a disadvantage, but he did not want to take the risk. This Elder Jian Nu’s strength was incredible. Though he would not fail miserably with the aid of Paragon Golden Armor, it was better to be careful.

The Master of Great Confucian!

The sword in the old man’s hand dashed towards Qing Shui suddenly. At once, a turbulence surged and flooded the surroundings like a magnificent army marching over. That dull and depressing noise was heart-crushing. It was as if one who lacked determination would die of the heart attack.

Qing Shui had a feeling now that the so-called Great Confucian relied on the vigor and charisma. They ruined others with their aura, they beat their opponent with the power of justice and righteousness without having to fight in a battle.

The Elder Jian Nu was unfortunate that Qing Shui’s Nature Energy outperformed his Profundity Qi greatly. The old man was far behind Qing Shui in his realm.

Qing Shui stood in the middle of the energy and moved swiftly. The blaring racket in his surroundings seemed to be impregnable to his ears.

Heaven-earth-sovereign-parent-teacher, the unrivaled Great Confucian!

Suddenly, the old man grew three feet taller and his figure expanded indirectly. A majestic Nature Energy was given out, while the old man gave out a solemn and holy aura. A soft, sacred halo encircled the Elder Jian Nu.