Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1879 - Elder Jian Nu, Great Confucian Hands

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AST 1879 - Elder Jian Nu, Great Confucian Hands

“Are you nervous?”

Qing Shui said gently while holding her tiny waist slowly from the back.

Tantai Lingyan was initially bending forward slightly. Hence, her beautiful fullness carved a subtle but absolutely gorgeous curve.

“What am I nervous for? Alright, I’m about to clean the dishes, wait for me outside,” Tantai Lingyan replied softly without turning back.

Qing Shui stopped going further and released his hand. He was uncertain how to feel. He was pleased that she did not resist or overreact, yet, he was also depressed for her subtle response. She was a thousand-year-old ice which was extremely difficult to melt.

Standing there, Qing Shui was spellbound and appeared slightly lethargic and dejected. Tantai Lingyan noticed his slightest change and an unspoken feeling flooded her heart. She touched his head casually.

“Give me more time, listen, haven’t I changed greatly enough?” Tantai Lingyan had to comfort him as she was looking at Qing Shui’s expression.

Qing Shui came back to alertness with a happy smile, “You still love me dearly, was my acting good?”

Though Qing Shui only felt slightly depressed previously, his answer was to clear out Tantai Lingyan’s burden. She definitely understood his intention and chased him out of the kitchen gently.



Approaching noon, Qing Shui spent most of his free time at home teaching others in their training. Besides, he also studied his own martial skills, especially for the Nine Yang Dragon Soul. His hands itched for not applying it in actual battle yet, albeit the tremendous increase in strength.

Sometimes, he wished he could kill a few petty men who came to him.

At noon, someone showed up. Qing Shui was prepared. After all, the Second Young Master Hua had already informed that the Great Confucian Empire would send their men here. Hence, Qing Shui was not surprised by their visit now.

Yet, he did not show it and looked seriously at the four men before him.

There were two middle-aged men and two old men in white robes, dressed like scholars with overwhelming educated aura and righteousness. However, it felt slightly pompous which was deeply rooted in their senses.

That was an aura, perhaps the adamant charisma was an indispensable trait of the Great Confucian Empire.

This was Qing Shui’s thought with his spiritual sense. In his view, even the most selfless person would have selfish motives. As the saying went in the past life; Every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost.

Of course, there were minorities who would sacrifice their own interests for others, but mostly for additional reasons. In fact, Qing Shui thought it was too demanding to achieve pure selflessness. Only saints would own such traits and they were worshipped in the past life.

The saints were legendary and almost non-existent. It was hard to tell if the saying was even achievable in his entire life.

The Second Young Master Hua did not turn up and Qing Shui did not overthink about it. He had yet to fully treat the Second Young Master Hua. Hence, the Second Young Master Hua would never want anything undesirable happening to him.

“You are Qing Shui.”

The leading old man appeared robust and scholarly. His combination of intellectual and sturdy sense was a perfect match. It gave him an aura which was beyond description. His facial features were clear with a righteous look, appearing honest and decent, while his eyes were serious and dedicated. He seemed to be a responsible and reliable old man despite his stern look. He might lack the compassionate part but he appeared influential.

“I’m Qing Shui, anything that I can help?” Qing Shui asked directly.

He was not asking a known question, though he could guess their intention. They might have other reasons.

“We’re from the Great Confucian Empire, I’m Jian Nu, known as the Elder Jian Nu. We would like to invite you to treat someone ill, should you be available.” The old man revealed his identity directly.

However, Qing Shui felt the oppressive intention of the opponent using his identity. The name ‘Elder Jian Nu’ sounded unique but he never heard of it. Nevertheless, Qing Shui noticed the astonishment on Lan Lingfeng’s face and the others. Obviously, the Elder Jian Nu was very well-known.

These days, the Imperial Cuisine Hall was basically locked from the outsiders. Although Qing Shui treated the Second Young Master Hua lately, the Imperial Cuisine Hall kept the doors closed. Now, the Great Confucian Empire came seeking medical treatment, it was quite ironic.

“You’re at the wrong place, I don’t see patients anymore,” Qing Shui rejected.

“Youngster, we are here because we look up to you, why’d you refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit?” said the middle-aged man at the back in a cold tone after listening to Qing Shui’s words.

Qing Shui stared directly at this middle-aged man. He had a slender figure with an educated aura. Yet, he had a strong arrogance compared to the old man, just like those who regard the scholars as the top of the society in the past life.

“Oh, how is the forfeit tastes like?”

Qing Shui noticed that the rest did not say anything. It seemed like they looked down on him. Though his art of healing was well-known, a doctor without strength would be much weaker than a warrior. A strong warrior stood on the highest ranking.

“Hmm, such an ignorant person. Fine, I’ll let you know the difference today. You have to pay for your arrogance.”

The middle-aged man snorted and walked towards Qing Shui.

Qing Shui stood still with a smile on his face. He watched the approaching middle-aged man with a calm gaze.

The middle-aged man walked seemingly slow but actually in a fast pace. His speed increased gradually, then he reached out and grabbed Qing Shui.

Great Confucian Hands!

The palm turned into a bright snowy-white color as he reached out. It enlarged into the size of two adult men and approached Qing Shui.

Dragon-capturing Hands!

Qing Shui blocked the bright white enormous hand casually.

A loud and clear dragon roar!

“Overestimate yourself” The middle-aged man looked with more disdain as he saw Qing Shui’s counterattack. Without hesitation, his hand clashed on Qing Shui’s hand.


A crystal white brightness exploded, followed by a loud cry.

Of course, it was not from Qing Shui. The middle-aged man was thrown away and as he landed, his hand was disfigured like a minced flesh. The excruciating pain made the man shiver and his clothes were drenched.

One move, Qing Shui destroyed one of the opponent’s hands without even using his entire strength.

It was his mercy to keep the man alive. This middle-aged man made an insulting statement in the very beginning. Fortunately, it was not too extreme, or else, Qing Shui would have made him vanish completely.

Elder Jian Nu and the other two men could not believe their eyes. One move. They were clear of the middle-aged man’s strength. Just one move and he became like this. The Great Confucian Hands consisted of the holy power and righteous energy. It was several times more effective against the dishonest practices and at least more impactful to the other practices.

“My hand, my hand is ruined. I want you to die, I want you dead.” The middle-aged man yelled frantically.