Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1878 - You Are Very Important to Me

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AST 1878 - You Are Very Important to Me…

The ice mountains in the air were full of spirituality, they kept moving rhythmically following Tantai Lingyan.


In the atmosphere, the glaciers underwent minor changes. Qing Shui could clearly feel the surrounding ice mountains condensing. It was a density condensation, only those with a sensitive spiritual sense could feel it.

All of a sudden, the exploding force condensed abruptly. Next, Qing Shui noticed Tantai Lingyan’s hand waving, followed by the collapse of the glaciers as if the earth was breaking up. The falling object was too fast and too big. It was not the glacier sword. Qing Shui was extremely amazed by its invincible sharpness.

After taking a few breaths, the atmosphere came back to peace. Tantai Lingyan regained her awareness and turned around to look at her man, smiling at him. At this moment, her heart was very calm. It seemed fine to have a man backing her up.

“How do you feel.” Qing Shui stepped forward smiling and held over the Goddess’ Sword.

Tantai Lingyan received it and nodded, “Great, now I feel like you’re good in everything.”

Qing Shui smiled, it was surprising for Tantai Lingyan to say these words. Rubbing his chin, he said, “Definitely, or else, how would I deserve to be the Mighty Miss Tantai’s man.”

Watching his cocky face, Tantai Lingyan smirked. She was elated. She realized that her mind became more calm and peaceful recently. Apparently, good things happened more frequently too. She knew that it was all because of this man.

“Thank you!” said Tantai Lingyan gently.

That statement was not for the Glacier Divine Sword. In fact, she meant to thank him for his company, unremitting effort, and self-transformation. She could feel it. Despite knowing that she should not have made this statement, she said it.

Qing Shui did not give much response this time and looked at Tantai Lingyan, “So formal, don’t you want me anymore.”

Qing Shui teased her with a smile. It was the most boring to have a conversation with Tantai Lingyan since he did most of the talking. Especially in those days when Qing Shui spoke several sentences and could hardly get a reply from her. She was much better now that it felt normal, almost back to regular emotional states.

Only this man could make fun of her without restraints and she was no longer uneasy now. She had apparently gotten used to it. Besides, she felt warm and comforted. Softly, she said, “What would you like me to say?”

“I like when you say ‘I want you’......” Qing Shui did not mean anything initially, but it felt a bit inappropriate after spilling the words.

Tantai Lingyan startled, her fair pretty face was flushing red. Qing Shui forced a giggle.

“I take you as my family, you are very important to me,” whispered Tantai Lingyan.

Initially, Qing Shui expected her to say nothing. Surprisingly, she made such a statement. Though her voice was extremely soft, it could be vividly heard at their current strength once it was spoken.

Qing Shui embraced her at once out of excitement. After carrying her in his arms, Qing Shui only seemed to realize his actions. However, since Tantai Lingyan did not blame him, albeit looking shy, he definitely would not let her go.

“So good-looking!”

Qing Shui stared closely at the remarkably beautiful face. It was cold and unrivaled, flickering with a chilly sense. It was like a snow lotus on the glacier, pure and pristine. Her aura made one ashamed of his inferiority.

Tantai Lingyan gazed at Qing Shui’s twinkling eyes which were full of affection and admiration. Slowly, she leaned her head against Qing Shui’s shoulder.

She was a brilliant woman, she spotted the slightest evasion in his eyes. Though this man was very proactive and apparently very lecherous, she knew he had gathered a great courage to face her. Hence, her response was an encouragement to him.

Nevertheless, Tantai Lingyan felt ridiculous to think about it. Did she just encouraged this man to approach herself……

Qing Shui was rather gloomy. He held back his impulsiveness even though he was hugging an unparalleled beauty like Tantai Lingyan. He wanted to be impulsive, but this woman’s aura forced him to stay warm and comforting at the present, without getting more intimate and doing wonderful things lovers do.

He was unsure if it was due to his heart or something else. It seemed to be lacking something in the atmosphere. While a girl waited for a kiss with her eyes closed, Tantai Lingyan looked at him with her cool and calm eyes as if she was watching a thief.

Thus, Qing Shui did not know where to begin even when he wanted to kiss her.



Nothing sensual happened next. After a little practice, Tantai Lingyan returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall with Qing Shui. The rest had already eaten, Qing Shui and Tantai Lingyan took meals together. They did not talk much but it was quite a heart-warming session.

“I can never have enough of these,” Tantai Lingyan ate a little, giving a satisfactory comment.

Qing Shui prepared the meal. He gave Tantai Lingyan and the women the same spices and although the foods tasted similar, there was a big difference compared to Qing Shui’s.

“Have it for your entire life then,” Qing Shui smiled while serving her soup.

“Alright!” Tantai Lingyan replied happily, apparently unaware of his hidden meaning.

Qing Shui did not take further advantage of her, he was overwhelmed by a faint heart-warming sensation. He adored this woman and enjoyed looking at her joyful face. He was ready to do his best for this woman’s happiness.

After the meal, Tantai Lingyan carried the dishes and left the table, heading to the kitchen. Qing Shui was baffled by the scene since it was hard to relate a beauty and the kitchen in his past life. He could not picture a scene of a beauty matching with the kitchen perfectly.

Yet, Qing Shui saw it now. A cold beauty like Tantai Lingyan could never fit in the kitchen. Yet, Qing Shui realized a beautiful figure of Tantai Lingyan at the moment which was indescribable. He tried to imagine a thousand times but it was still losing to the pleasant view today.

Bending over while cleaning the dishes, her curves were wonderfully outlined. Her graceful figure, especially the curves from her tiny waist to the full and round ass. The view was greatly impactful for Qing Shui even after meeting all kinds of beauties.

Tantai Lingyan sensed the flaming eyes behind her and turned around at Qing Shui. She avoided hastily as she met his eyes. Qing Shui was a bit awkward but he did not conceal it. Slowly, he came forward.

While doing the dishes, Tantai Lingyan’s heart raced rapidly. Knowing that Qing Shui was coming closer, she could not help being flustered.

Qing Shui felt her accelerating heartbeats and was secretly delighted. This showed that she was not absolutely cold and uninterested in him.