Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1874 - Comprehended, The Force of the Soul Had Become Stronger

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AST 1874 - Comprehended, The Force of the Soul Had Become Stronger

Qing Shui didn\'t show any delays and treated him right away. It didn\'t mean that the Second Young Master Hua\'s condition was easy to deal with. If it was, the latter wouldn\'t have to put up with the agony to live without sex for so many years.

They said that the heavens were fair to everyone. Those people who seemed to have great luck might not be as blissful as how they appeared to the others. Second Young Master Hua had received a great fortunate encounter and became extremely powerful within a short amount of time. However, the price he paid was to become someone who was neither a man nor a woman.

Such fortunate encounters which could allow one to get stronger very quickly would make one lose a lot more than usual. In Qing Shui\'s previous life, there was this saying: ‘When Heaven is about to confer a great responsibility on man, it will first fill his heart with suffering, toil his sinews and bones, exposes his body to hunger, subjects him to extreme poverty, confounds his journey with setbacks and troubles, so as to stimulate his alertness, toughen his nature, eventually bridging his incompetence gap and prepare him for the task.’ [1]

To sum it up, what important was the hard work, endurance, ability to withstand pain, and having great intelligence. While these seemed simple, there were few who could persist. Otherwise, there would have been too many experts in this world.

The primary reason was that of indefiniteness. For example, even if a cultivator were to give up on everything else, including time spent with their wife and children and focusing only on cultivating day and night. It would still be unknown if he would be able to stand out above others. No one could give an absolute answer that you would definitely able to become an expert in this way.

It wasn\'t only that. Not everyone could take this amount of pain. Many people claimed to be able to put up with pain, but they didn\'t even know how bad it was. Not having food to fill a starving stomach and not having enough clothes to keep away from the cold wasn\'t real pain. \' fill his heart with suffering, toil his sinews and bones, exposes his body to hunger, subjects him to extreme poverty, confounds his journey with setbacks and troubles...\' One would still need great determination to make advancement in life.

This was what it meant to be able to put up with pain. People who could do that would be able to achieve great things in life. Moreover, most people wouldn\'t be able to put up with such a lifestyle. With your wife and kids depending on you for a living, would you have the time to spend on becoming an ultimate expert? The medicinal pills required for cultivating were all expensive. Would you have so much money? Cultivating required guidance from an expert and also a good set of martial technique...

This was also why the descendants of experts would still be very powerful. After all, they had already met most of the conditions and these people tended to have a lot more from the moment they were born as compared to what other people may have after working hard their entire life.

Qing Shui\'s gold needles continued to pierce on the Second Young Master Hua\'s body and his Nine Yang Qi continued to nourish some of those meridian channels which had wilted. They were all very tiny meridian channels and had wilted from the body\'s Yin Qi. Qing Shui\'s Nine Yang Body and Nine Yang Qi were different, and would definitely be able to go up against the Yin Qi in Second Young Master Hua\'s body. Only Yang Qi that was like Qing Shui\'s could go up against it. After all, some of the tiny meridian channels couldn\'t withstand much Qi and ordinary Yang Qi wouldn\'t be able to survive. This was also the main reason why Second Young Master Hua\'s condition couldn\'t be treated.

Therefore, it wasn\'t hard for Qing Shui to treat his condition and he had the confidence of succeeding. Everything progressed smoothly and the many meridian channels around the Dantian continued to recover. Qing Shui was the only one who could see such a sight of things being revived.

Force of Rebirth!

Second Young Master Hua could also sense this. He could see that the tiny meridian channels in his body coming back to life and there seemed to be some warmth in his body which had been cold all these while. This was an indescribable feeling of comfort.

Earlier on, although Second Young Master Hua\'s body was a little cold, it wasn\'t a true chill that one would feel when they didn\'t wear enough layers on a cold day. The cold he had felt was one that came from his heart and was more like a feeling. The reason was due to the martial technique which he cultivated.

Saintly Hands!

Qing Shui\'s hands became glimmering and translucent, exuding a glow like that was coming from a piece of jade. Waves of powerful vitality continued to be exuded but they were condensed and not scattered out. They flowed through the gold needles and entered Second Young Master Hua\'s body.

Time passed by and an hour passed by very quickly. Right now, anyone would be able to tell that Qing Shui was truly providing treatment for Second Young Master Hua. Lan Lingfeng and the others didn\'t understand and the people Second Young Master Hua brought with him found it even harder to understand. It was because many of the people on the Second Young Master Hua\'s side didn\'t know what illness he had.

As for Second Young Master Hua\'s neither manly nor feminine behavior, they had long gotten used to it and didn\'t think of it as an illness. They only thought of it as a kind of weird habit or some perverse trait... more of a psychological condition which couldn\'t be treated through medicine.

Second Young Master Hua watched as Qing Shui treated him. He felt very torn. He was now sure that Qing Shui was really treating his injuries and no one could be more certain than he was. He really felt like taking the opportunity to kill Qing Shui right now, but he found hope again.

To a person, hope was far too important. No matter how desperate a person felt, as long as they were still alive, there would be hope. Once there was no more hope, one would just be like a walking corpse and it would be very hard for them to continue living.

Right now Second Young Master Hua felt that there was a lot of hope. Hadn\'t he always hoped to be able to recover? If he did, then wouldn\'t the great power that he had, has been a fantastic deal? although he had suffered for over ten years, the return was definitely fantastic.

This was how humans were. The more peaceful their lives had been, the wealthier they were and the more they would be afraid of losing it. It was like in Qing Shui\'s previous life, the wealthy people were more afraid of chaos in the world as compared to the poor. It was because the chaos could bring them right to the starting point.

When Qing Shui drew back his hand, Second Young Master Hua could feel something below. In the past, there was no feeling coming from there, but now the feeling was very strong. A gush of Yang Qi flowed and the thing that hadn\'t lifted up for over ten years rose up...

Right now, Second Young Master Hua felt like crying. Only after having lost something would one then be able to know how blissful it was to possess it. What one regained after losing it was the most precious, especially when it was something like this.

Qing Shui was really able to heal him. Right now, he understood that although Qing Shui was the one who had crippled his manhood, it was the martial technique which he had cultivated at a later time that completely destroyed it. Even he himself felt that other than cultivating the technique to the grand perfection stage, there was no other way about it.

Qing Shui looked at Second Young Master Hua, "It should have healed a lot. Come to receive acupuncture once a day and you\'ll be able to completely recover in two months."

"Thank you!" Second Young Master Hua said, seemingly with some difficulty.

Qing Shui didn\'t say anything but felt something strange. An indescribable comprehension rose in his heart. It felt as if a gust of wind had blown away the fog that was coming from afar. It was as if his vision was improving and the position where he was standing was rising up...

He had comprehended!

At this moment, Qing Shui felt that the Second Young Master Hua was nothing to him. It seemed that many things were nothing to him and a powerful force that came from his heart exploded in his body. The Nine Yang Dragon Soul started to circulate in his body by itself, rapidly moving through his body.

Powerful soul!

Qing Shui smiled. He sensed the changes in his body. Although there wasn\'t much change in his strength, his soul had gotten multiple times stronger than before. His Nine Yang Dragon Soul had reached a breakthrough and at this moment, he also felt the benefits of having a powerful soul.

The force of one\'s soul was like one\'s courage in the context of Qing Shui\'s previous life. It had a large impact on one\'s life and people tended to say that one\'s character determined their life.

Right now, Qing Shui\'s soul was very powerful. Furthermore, his resistance toward soul-typed attacks, abilities that could induce dizziness and hypnosis and such was now many times stronger than it was before.

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