Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1872 - Help to Treat His Injuries? Cripple Sword Inheritance

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AST 1872 - Help to Treat His Injuries? Cripple Sword Inheritance

It wasn\'t something serious for Qing Shui to ask this. After all, the Second Young Master Hua now appeared very different from before. However, it was like a slap in a face when Qing Shui asked this question despite that he was with Yin Tong and the others. Even so, Second Young Master Hua wasn\'t shaken.

The fact that he could leave the ladies and Yin Tong untouched meant that he was able to hold it in. Many people thought that Second Young Master Hua had gotten used to his female identity--for now, we shall say that he has a female identity since he no longer had his manhood and dressed like a lady.

"Do you still remember the Hua Clan? This place here used to belong to the Hua Clan." Second Young Master Hua looked at the Imperial Cuisine Hall before he then looked at Qing Shui.

After all, it had been very long and it was very normal for one to have forgotten. However, Qing Shui would definitely be able to remember if the residence was brought up. Second Young Master Hua actually knew that Qing Shui knew who he was and the reason he had asked that question was to humiliate him.

"Hua Clan? Oh, I seem to have some impression of them. Oh right, who are you? What do you come here for? To seek treatment?" Qing Shui asked seriously.

Second Young Master Hua could be said to be seriously ill. His illness was very hard to treat, but since Qing Shui was the one who had crippled him, he would naturally have the means to treat him. It was just as of now, Qing Shui didn\'t have the thought of treating him. After all, there were people whom you can never be friends with.

"Although what I did in the past was wrong, I had admitted my mistake and apologized. Despite so, not only did you cripple my cultivation, you even made me into my current state. Can you tell me why you did that? Just because I\'m no match for you? Just because Hua Clan can\'t afford to offend you? Just because you can\'t accept Hua Clan\'s way of doing things? But what difference is what you\'ve done compared to what I\'ve done?" When Second Young Master Hua saw Qing Shui, the man whom he bore a great hatred for, he wouldn\'t take action immediately. If Qing Shui was killed, who can he complain to?

Right now, Second Young Master Hua had gained tremendous power and felt that he now had the ability to seek vengeance. After all, he had the support of experts from the Great Confucian Empire. Therefore, he needed to take some action. He wanted to let his old enemies feel guilty, then die slowly amidst despair...

Qing Shui was stunned by his words. All of this time, Qing Shui had always been for the idea that one shouldn\'t go overboard. Destroying a person\'s manhood was actually more vicious than killing him. Back then, he hadn\'t thought much about it as he was infuriated by the other party\'s action. A trash profligate like this had harmed countless young innocent ladies and Qing Shui felt that the Second Young Master Hua deserved to be crippled.

In many things, there were no right or wrong, but everything depended on one\'s abilities. The strong were revered and were the ones to decide the rules. Regardless if it was in the histories of Qing Shui\'s previous life or in the current nine continents, those in power stands above the rest. They stand by the people they are close to instead of reason. In some cases, it was no longer a matter of reasoning but rather, on who could pressure the other party. The winner was revered while the loser was deemed to be in the wrong. Who would want to talk reason with the losers?

Moreover, this place was one where martial arts was affluent and people revered those with great martial prowess.

Such a long time had passed and the Second Young Master Hua had also put through quite a lot of agony that was beyond a human\'s tolerance level. Qing Shui came up with a decision which even he himself couldn\'t believe. After putting in a lot of thought, he lifted his head to look at the Second Young Master Hua, "Seems like your hatred runs very deep. How about this, I\'ll first help to treat your body before we settle the things between us. No matter how it would become, no matter what you\'re thinking, it\'ll be compensation to you for not laying your hands on the people around me."

Qing Shui\'s words caused the Second Young Master Hua\'s body to tremble furiously. He couldn\'t believe what he had just heard. It had been more than ten years now... Every passing day felt like a year, filled with darkness. His temperament became weird and he no longer trusted his friends. Most of the days, he wouldn\'t even say a single word and he would toss and turn around in bed late at night. Therefore, he spent all of his time cultivating.

In fact, the reason he dressed up in female clothes was so that people would know that he had a strange temperament. This was a mean of standing up against reality, as well as a reminder to himself that he shouldn\'t forget his hatred...

"Why? Are you not willing to accept it or do you not believe me?" Qing Shui looked at Second Young Master Hua, who had remained silent all this while.

"To tell you the truth, even if I am to perish together with you today, I\'ll also feel satisfied and liberated. Therefore, I\'m not afraid. I\'m not afraid of death and just didn\'t wish to take the most incompetent route of suicide. It won\'t be a bad end even if I were to die in your hands."

Qing Shui felt a cold shiver run through him but he couldn\'t help but feel admiration for the Second Young Master Hua\'s change. The reason a chill ran through him was that a beautiful lady, or rather, it could be said that someone in the appearance of a lady or that a beautiful man was saying this to him... It was as if a devoted lady was confessing to him. He felt extremely uncomfortable and thus a chill ran through him.

"You\'ve changed." Qing Shui smiled and said.

"Everyone will change. After so many things have happened, it\'s normal for one to change." Second Young Master Hua replied calmly.

Although Qing Shui had said that he would treat Second Young Master Hua, the latter didn\'t appear very happy. This was a little abnormal. After all, this was what had been troubling him for so many years. Now that it could be resolved, Second Young Master Hua wasn\'t happy at all. Could it be that he didn\'t believe that Qing Shui would be able to treat him? Or was it that he hadn\'t planned on getting treatment?

Looking at how infuriated the Second Young Master Hua was, it seemed that he hadn\'t gotten used to his current life yet.

In fact, Second Young Master Hua wasn\'t as calm as he had appeared to be. It was just that his endurance level was very strong now. Before he was healed, he won\'t feel too happy. However, what he said earlier had been the truth. Even if Qing Shui was to play tricks and kill him while treating him, he would be able to accept this end too. He has had enough after all these years.

However, he knew that this wasn\'t the time to feel happy. He had approached quite a number of reputable physicians and alchemists, but the disappointment he experienced time and time again made him realize that there was practically no more hope. Back then, he had a fortunate encounter and got his hands on the Cripple Sword Inheritance. This legacy was one of a kind which only a person who had inadequacy would be able to cultivate to the large success stage.

In this legacy, there was the Life Return Pill which could allow one\'s Dantian to be given a new leash of life. It could also allow most parts of a person\'s body to be completely renewed. However, there would still be an irrecoverable defect left behind.

Therefore, Second Young Master Hua was very agitated back then, hoping that this medicinal pill would be able to let him become a man again. However, it turned out that all other aspects of his body had been healed to the peak condition, but only that remaining part at his lower body which he hoped to see healed, didn\'t show any changes.

In the end, he found out that even if there hadn\'t been a problem with his manhood, one would still end up losing their manhood after taking the Life Return Pill. It was because this Cripple Sword Inheritance had been passed down from a palace. It was created by a eunuch and the cultivator must be a man without too much yang energy in them.

However, it was also written that if one reached the grand perfection stage, their body would be completely recovered. There was no other way to treat the condition.

It was also because of this reason that Second Young Master Hua couldn\'t feel happy. He felt that Qing Shui won\'t be able to treat him. It could be said that with the effect of the Life Return Pill, the condition of his injury should be different from how it was before. However, he hadn\'t given up hope and still wished to give it a try. After all, the chances of being able to reach the grand perfection stage were far too low and even if it was achievable, it would take at least 200 years or even longer.

He felt that he wouldn\'t be able to wait that long. His heart had yet to really calm down and he felt that he\'d never be able to reach the grand perfection stage. Therefore, Qing Shui was his only hope. He knew that Qing Shui\'s medical skills were very strong.