Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1863 - Do Not Cross Him, I am a Beast

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AST 1863 - Do Not Cross Him, I am a Beast

After a sudden moment of realization, the old man looked at Qing Shui and said, "How about we settle things like this? We\'ll cancel the wedding between Biao`Er and the girl."

Qing Shui was not expecting the old man to make such an accommodating move. He had already chopped off Liancheng Yang\'s arm, it would be a huge humiliation to the Liancheng Clan if Sheng Jun did not marry into the clan.

It was because of the humiliation that the current problem became out of hand. Of course, the fact that Liancheng Biao was unwilling to let go of Sheng Jun was one of the reasons, but for the old man to make such a decision was indeed shocking.

Qing Shui was well aware that the reason behind their decision was not because they were unable to defeat him, since it was still unknown who was stronger. However, they would not think of themselves as weak, after all, they were a big sect.

Qing Shui did not want to have enemies everywhere. Since the old man made such an offer, he could not refuse.

"Okay then! Next time, I\'ll treat you to some liquor." Qing Shui smiled and replied.

"Alright! You\'d better not forget your promise." The old man chuckled.

"Of course I won\'t!" Qing Shui laughed and nodded. After exchanging a few more words, the old man left with his men.

Things were taking an interesting turn, even Qing Shui was finding it hard to believe.

Things are worse off for Sheng Jun, who had completely no idea of the current situation. It was good that Qing Shui reminded the old man. This was something which should not be left ignored.

A short while after they left, one of the old men was confused and asked, "Big brother, what\'s the meaning of this? Are we simply letting this matter go?" The old man always had a reason behind his decisions, which was why no one questioned him just now.

The man who asked the question, Liancheng Yong was the old man\'s brother along with Liancheng Yang, although the age gap was quite big. The old man was the boss, as well as the strongest among them.

"That young man is like a dragon, he will soon soar beyond all of us. The Heaven Star Immortal Sect is already going through a tough period, we cannot afford to make more enemies, especially someone like him. If we do, it might be the end of us." The old man said in a serious tone.

"Aren\'t you a little bit exaggerating about this man, Big Brother?" Another old man replied in doubt. He had a strong stature, a curly beard, a fierce glare, and a large nose. He was also the old man\'s brother, though not by blood. His name was Liancheng Ju.

"It\'s no exaggeration. I\'m halfway towards achieving a breakthrough in my power and I should be able to achieve it by next month. Do you know how I was able to achieve this?" The old man replied.

The group stared at the old man in disbelief. In shock, Liancheng Ju asked, "Don\'t tell me it\'s because of that brat?"

Liancheng Ju might be a brute, but he was quick-witted, so he quickly guessed that the old man was talking about Qing Shui.

"Big Brother\'s going to make a breakthrough? That\'s great! Now our sect will become much stronger." Liancheng Yong said with joy.

“No, from here on out, all things regarding our Sect will be in the hands of Liancheng Che. We’re not allowed to interfere unless absolutely necessary.”

“Big Brother, you’ve remained at Grade Three Divine for quite a while, right? Who would’ve thought that brat would be the key to making a breakthrough.” Liancheng Yun interrupted.

“Heed my words, you should never incur that young man’s wrath no matter what. My gut tells me that even I might not be a match for him.” the old man reminded them again.

Those words gave a shock to everyone. The old man’s power was nearly 2 million Dao Force, yet he said that he was inferior to Qing Shui?! Silence followed. To them, this was no joke.

These old men were all very strong. But as they aged, they tended to become overconfident just like the youngsters and ended up looking down upon younger warriors.

“Remember, don’t ever anger that man. Otherwise, our sect could be put in a grave danger.”

“What about Brother Yang’s arm then?”

“Enough with that. It’s already a miracle that he got to keep his life.”

Silent followed - everyone was speechless. It was hard to believe, but the old man was never wrong, nor was he being unsympathetic. He was simply putting the sect as his first priority, even if it meant making sacrifices.


Qing Shui watched as the men from the Heaven Star Immortal Sect left. He turned and noticed Sheng Jun astonished look towards him.

“I like that expression you’re making now. What’s wrong? Have I become more handsome?” Qing Shui cracked a joke.

Sheng Jun was startled and silently averted his eyes. She really was starting to take a liking towards Qing Shui, but as if she would ever admit it. “You’re as ugly as ever.”

“Women sure are two-faced animals.”

“You’re the animal here.”

“Wrong. I am a beast who loves to prey on little rabbits.” Qing Shui smirked at Sheng Jun.

Sheng Jun sensed that there was a hidden meaning in his words and gave replied with a menacing glare. Qing Shui knew that she did not understand what he really meant. After all, this place was slightly different from the past life, but some things never change.