Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1853 - The secret behind the Portraits of Beauty? Eight hundred thousand Dao Force

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AST 1853 - The secret behind the Portraits of Beauty? Eight hundred thousand Dao Force

The Vampiric Empress was also surprised by her own breakthrough. By now, she seemed to have totally forgotten about the shamefulness which she felt before. What she was doing with the man at the moment could be considered as the most shameful thing in the world.

Her strength was already supposed to be very strong to begin with. But now, it was at a totally different level from before. The formidable strength was constantly circulating around her body. The powerful feeling made her felt very comfortable. Considering that she was the Vampiric Empress herself, as she grew stronger, the noble aura around her body would also follow along and become more and more powerful.

Not long ago, Qing Shui has just had a mediocre breakthrough in his strength. Though his overall strength had only increased by 100.000 Dao Force, he also managed to attain the Goddess Force. The force caused his offensive prowess to become more concentrated. For the same amount of force applied, Qing Shui was able to draw out even more destructive power from the inside.

The entire process lasted for about an hour. This one hour was undoubtedly considered to be a lengthy time. The number of benefits which he managed to gain was more significant than his growth while cultivating in the realm.

By the time everything went back to normal, Qing Shui began moving once again. It’s only now that the two started to enjoy their happy moment together. The two were constantly struck by intense joyous feelings.

Soft moans could constantly be heard from the room. The woman avoided eye contact with Qing Shui out of shyness. However, it all went futile when Qing Shui forcefully kissed her and made her look at him. She closed her eyes out of embarrassment, but she was unable to hold herself from letting out her delicate moans.

Qing Shui kissed her eyes to slowly get her to open them up. Unable to resist against Qing Shui, she had no choice but to do so. She looked very embarrassed but at the same time also maintained her elegance. It gave her an otherworldly charm.

Qing Shui lowered his head again and sucked her lips. He would gently nibble it, drag it up, before letting it go. Whenever she had her mouth slightly opened, he would extend his tongue into it. But he would then take it back in very quickly. From time to time, he would repeat the same thing again.

After that, he slowly moved down and kissed her upright breasts. Qing Shui couldn’t resist the two nipples and greedily kissed both of them.

It was almost midnight that the room eventually quieted down. After going through such a heavy storm, the Vampiric Empress looked more charming than ever before. Other than just looking cold, she was also giving out seductive aura. And the expression on her face, making her look fatally attractive.

Qing Shui was looking at the beautiful and attractive face filled with faint blushes which resulted from the enjoyable moment they had together. While embracing her, she had her head laid down on top of his arms. The two shared gazes with each other. The air was filled with faint warmth along with some flirtish feelings. It felt great, especially in Qing Shui’s case, he was particularly happy and satisfied with what happened.

“You were really loud back then. It sounded great.” Qing Shui smiled and said. If it had been ordinary men who heard that magnanimous and hoarse voice of hers, they would have finished the job way earlier.

“You naughty bastard!” The Vampiric Empress embarrassingly dug her head down into his arms. Even she did not have the slightest clue that she would make such noises. But it was also out of her control.

“Does it feel good?”

“I am not telling you!”

Hearing that, it left Qing Shui with no choice but to flip her around once again until she understood what he was trying to say.

Throughout the entire night, almost half of it was spent with them sleeplessly tossing around on the bed. However, on the next day, the two woke up very early. The little lass was also awoken. On this day, the Vampiric Empress looked brighter like never before. She looked particularly beautiful with the little brat in her arms.

Qing Shui found the most joy in spending his life like this. After staying for one more additional month, Qing Shui was ready to leave. The little brat was already about two months old. She was very energetic and the time she spent sleeping during the daytime was also quite short.

Qing Shui could leave without any worries. By now, the Vampiric Empress possessed formidable strength. Throughout these days, Qing Shui has taught her quite a few things. He even helped her forged a full set of armors at the grade of mini-Divine Artifact.

With the Vampiric Divine Gold, the quality of his creation he was significantly better than those he forged before.

The Vampiric Empress felt that there was nothing which this man couldn’t do. When it came to cooking, medical expertise, forging weapons, formations and refining medicines, he knew every single one of them. She didn’t know how many things exactly that he knew. She has been spending these days learning about body movements and formations.

The other thing which she learned was cooking. She was very intelligent and managed to learn them fairly quickly. Most importantly, Qing Shui gave her a lot of spices, decades worth of spices. With that, she could also prepare the most delicious food which even the top chefs admired.

“Be careful along with your journey!” The Vampiric Empress said softly.

Qing Shui smiled and nodded. He went on to kiss her and the little brat’s cheeks, “Though this place may be safe, you still need to stay alert. If there is anything you need help with, you can go to Sacred Mountain to seek help.”

“Alright, I have stayed here for a long time and I still believe this place to be safe. Besides, my strength has increased by multiple folds and I have also gained some knowledge of formations, you don’t really need to worry about me.” The Vampiric Empress said with her forehead right against Qing Shui’s forehead.

“On my next visit here, we will organize a ceremony to the public. You are my woman, this is a fact that I want to let the whole world know about. Though you may not be my only woman, I will risk everything to protect you and the little brat.”

“I know, I feel very blessed, trust me. I don’t mind about things like that. A relationship isn’t something which can be protected by a mere ceremony.”

“On my next visit here, is it alright if I take you back to meet my family?” Qing Shui asked after a moment of thought. Most of his women have basically been to Qing Clan at least once.

“I am afraid that they may not like me.” To his surprise, the Vampiric Empress actually revealed a nervous expression.

Qing Shui kissed her nose, “Don’t worry about it, they will like you. Since I like you, they will definitely like you too.”

Qing Shui was basically the backbone of the entire Qing Clan, and his increase in strength hadn’t actually caused the clan to run into any obstacles. Qing Bei could still, as usual casually hung on Qing Shui’s body like a koala bear. He was a good son, a good father and also a good man. He tried hard to do whatever that needs to be done. But at the end of the day, he couldn’t duplicate a clone of himself, hence, he could only try his best to make sure that he fulfilled everything.

“Alright, I promise that I will do it.”

Qing Shui’s figure was moving further and further away. Similarly, Qing Shui also looked at the Vampiric Empress and his daughter, that were becoming smaller and further away from him. He didn’t know when he would come back. It could be very soon, but it also might take a while.

His mission here could be considered completed. Some things were just meant to be. He found the Portraits of Beauty, but he still didn’t know whether the Goddess Force should be considered a secret of the portraits. Regardless of whether it was a secret or not, he still managed to gain huge benefits from it.

Now, Qing Shui’s strength was already worth slightly higher than 800.000 Dao Force. His raw strength was worth 2.500.000 Sun. The breakthrough he experienced this time was many times more significant compared to before. His strength has spiked up around 300.000 Dao Force.

Due to the Goddess Force, Qing Shui once again went through a significant rise in his actual combat prowess. All of the women in the Portraits of Beauty were basically already his wives. The only one left was Qin Qing. However, it was only a matter of time before she officially became his. For now, he has managed to connect eleven out of twelve of the Heavenly Meridians. If there was no surprise, Qin Qing should be the key to the last Heavenly Meridian.

Qing Shui has lived here for about three months. Deep down, he felt a bit upset when he was about to leave this place. Nevertheless, he would still need to do so. The Vampiric Demoness Hill was very close to the Sacred Mountain, hence, Qing Shui managed to arrive there within a short period of time.

Upon meeting Qing Shui, Sheng Jun’s eyes turned bright once again. It has only been months since they last met and yet again, something seemed to have changed about the man.