Ancient Strengthening Technique - AST 1851 - Do you really want to marry me?

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AST 1851 - Do you really want to marry me?

“Does it feel comfortable?” Qing Shui chuckled and looked at her.

The Vampiric Empress has developed a resistance to it now. She knew that the man really liked teasing her. He seemed to be enlightened after embarrassing her. She also understood a bit about how the man thought. He seemed to feel a sense of achievement or comfort whenever she said something embarrassing.

“You bastard.” The Vampiric Empress glared as she handed over the little lass to Qing Shui. She then went out of the room.

Qing Shui knew that she has gone to shower. Normally, after giving birth, women would spend days not showering. It was said that they mustn’t get exposed to the cold. During that time, it was the time when their body would be at the frailest state. It’s easy for them to catch colds.

But things were different in this world. Their body physique was strong to begin with. Added on the Vampiric Empress’ strength, even if she felt weak, she would still be more powerful than those frail women. Hence, she could basically do anything even at this state.

Qing Shui was carrying his daughter who has just been fed. He kissed her small face. This was how family love and joy was supposed to be. It felt special to be hugging one’s own child. It’s a kind of joy that originated from deep within the bones.

When the Vampiric Empress came out, she was wearing a sky-blue colored long dress. She looked magnificent and elegant. At that moment, she emitted an even stronger scent than normal. Qing Shui was stunned upon looking at her.

He just found out that the woman didn’t just have red clothes. She would also wear other clothes occasionally. Her cold yet elegant face could be seen blushing a little. After all, the things which happened before had given her quite an impact. At that instance, she felt her very soul was about to fly out of her body.

There were many acupoints across a human’s body. Some of them were quite sensitive. For example, the acupoints which locked the Origin Essence, the Dizang Acupoint as well as some of the acupoints around it. People who knew about the hand techniques could easily tell by applying pressure on it.

By now, the little brat was already sound asleep. However, Qing Shui still held her in his arm. The Vampiric Empress remained silent as she neared him. She then gently took her daughter over from Qing Shui and put her on the bed.

After that, the two slowly walked outside to the living room.

“Why do you plan to stay here all of a sudden?” The Vampiric Empress asked Qing Shui.

By the time she finished speaking, she felt something was not right. But now was also the appropriate time for her to ask him.

“Are you planning to kick me out?” Qing Shui chuckled.

The Vampiric Empress smiled, “Will you listen to me if I demand you to stay here forever?”

Qing Shui revealed an awkward smile, “A true man mustn’t constantly keep just his women in his arms. This would cause them to lose their willpower. Just as the saying goes ‘Slumbering in the beauty leads a hero to the tomb’.”

For an instance, the smile on the Vampiric Empress’ face looked even brighter. Though she also tended to smile on normal occasions, it was very rare to see a smile as bright as the one just now. That smile felt like the instant when a flower bloomed, very bright and also very charming.

“That’s what I was thinking, a man can’t just live at home and doing nothing but look after his women.” The Vampiric Empress smiled and looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui rubbed his nose, “The little lass is born. When do you want to get married to me?”

The Vampiric Empress was stunned. She revealed a face full of excitement before carrying on to ask, “Do you really want to marry me?”

“Of course, we have even gotten a daughter of our own. This is what’s known as a ‘shotgun wedding’.” Qing Shui said in a tone which sounded like he believed whatever he said to be right.

“I don’t care about that. Besides, I have never thought about getting married to you.” The Vampiric Empress shook her head and said.

“Do you have someone in your mind?” Qing Shui asked confused.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Why will I suck your blood if I have someone else whom I liked?” The Vampiric Empress argued back.

“Oh, so that means that I am still the person whom you loved. So why do you still not want to marry me?” Qing Shui was still able to feel it deep in his heart.

“We don’t have to organize any ceremony. Let’s just go with the flow. Even if I were to get married to you now, what’s wrong with that? Or do you not feel secure if not holding a ceremony?” The Vampiric Empress stared at Qing Shui with her beautiful pupils.

Qing Shui was stunned, “I fear that this will make you feel wronged.”

“There is no such thing as who is the one making more sacrifices in love. So long as the person loves the other one and is willing to do anything for him or her, he or she would find happiness from it even if they have to go through a lot of hardship. What do you think?”

Qing Shui was once again stunned, “Hmph, to think that a little brat like you would say something so knowledgeable.”

“Do not call me your little brat.” The Vampiric Empress shot a glare at Qing Shui.

“Well then, what shall I call you? My darling?” Qing Shui really enjoyed teasing her. The two had a really great time together. This was how strange human’s life tend to be. Due to some unique factors, two complete strangers developed quickly into one of the closest persons they each had in their life.

She had already run out of idea on how to deal with Qing Shui. Prior to this, she has also never expected him to act like this. She didn’t despise it, in fact, she was a bit happy with the way he acted. It’s never a good thing if a person was too boring.

“Alright, just call me whatever you want.”

“What do you plan to do here?” It’s not Qing Shui style to keep on being so cheesy. This way, even he himself wouldn’t stand it. The reason he was like this, wasn’t just because he liked her. He also did it so their relationship could improve faster.

“I won’t abandon my people. The little lass is still young. I am very happy here, now that I have the little brat with me, I won’t feel lonely.” The Vampiric Empress was unusually happy when she talked about her daughter.

Initially, Qing Shui had planned to bring her back to live a human’s life. He wasn’t really willing to let them lived under this kind of condition. But now, he knew that he couldn’t change her opinion. Everyone had their own destiny and the things they wanted to fight for. He couldn’t just force her to change it. It was like telling someone to change their passion, it was a very difficult thing to do.

“If that’s the case, why not strengthen up your people? This way, you will also become the most powerful monarch to ever rule the Vampiric Demoness Tribe.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“I don’t have such a huge ambition. There is an enormous amount of people within the Vampiric Demoness Tribes. There might even be multiple Vampiric Empresses among them. My only wish is to let my people live a good life.” The Vampiric Empress shook her head and said.

“The little brat might truly be able to dominate over all of the Vampiric Demonesses when she grows up.” Qing Shui said after a moment of thought.

“It seems that you are also aware of her identity.” The Vampiric Empress didn’t seem too surprised.

“I am a Battle God Inheritor. My daughter is a Sacred Demoness.” Qing Shui looked at the Vampiric Empress with a strange expression.

“You are a Battle God Inheritor?” The Vampiric Empress said in shock.

“Not just that, I am the Golden Battle God among the battle gods.”

The Golden Battle God was the king among the battle gods. He was the existence which led the other battle gods.

The Vampiric Empress was very surprised. The Vampiric Tribe was the enemy of the Battle God Tribes. Even though back in ancient times, there hasn’t been many times when they directly faced off against each other, they were still known to stand on opposing sides. After all, the Vampiric Demoness was viewed as evil by many.

“Will your destiny lead you to kill me?” The Vampiric Empress asked all of a sudden.

Qing Shui was well aware of the destiny a Battle God Inheritor held. They were fated to eliminate any Demon Lords or evil presence. If Qing Shui had been a person of this world and grew up hearing about the stories of Battle God, things would have been hard to say.

However, Qing Shui was an external soul which was reborn into this world. He wouldn’t just follow the rules blindly. He has already seen through many things after spending so many years in this world. A person living in the world mustn’t only care about favors and vengeance. Living like that would bring forth a lot of pain. The best way to live was to love and be happy.

“I know what you are thinking. I can tell you seriously that it will never happen. I don’t like rules. Even if it means that I have to harm myself, I will never harm you.” Qing Shui grabbed her hand and said gently.