Almighty Sword Domain - Chapter 2027 – The Sovereign of Sky!

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Chapter 2027 – The Sovereign of Sky!

Yang Ye left the Sky Dimension, but as soon as he did, he was stopped by ten men in golden armor!

The sky race!

Yang Ye chuckled, “That was fast!”

Actually, he’d expected it. Because if he was able to leave just like that, then the sky race would really be quite weak.

An old man with a spear in hand appeared before the group of golden armored men.

A Zen Realm expert!

The old man sized up Yang Ye, “Who’s helping you?”

Yang Ye grinned, “Go figure!”

The old man shook his head, “Forget it! You just have to die!”

He waved his left hand slightly, and then ten rays of light shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye would naturally not act carelessly against them! They were Attain Dao Realm experts!

Obviously, they’d sent such a force to hunt him because they didn’t want to give him any chances!

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, and then around 30 ethereal swords appeared in front of him. The swords crisscrossed to form a net, and they stopped the rays of light shooting at him!

After stopping the rays of light, the swords shot towards the old man and the others!

They were swift like bolts of lightning!

Meanwhile, the old man tapped a finger forward, and his spear shot forward like lightning. In just an instant, spear images covered the sky and shattered Yang Ye’s sword energy. At the same time, a spear arrived before Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s expression remained calm as he stabbed his sword forward!


A sharp clang resounded. Both of them immediately spilt apart, and they moved around 300m back each!

As soon as he stopped himself, the old man shot forward again, and a sharp ray of spear energy enveloped Yang Ye.

Yang Ye took a step forward and stabbed once more.

Sword and spear collided once more in the most direct manner!


Space shook violently, and then the space in a huge area cracked open.

Suddenly, the old man lowered his spear and rose up to the clouds. He raised his hands in midair, and a spar appeared between his palms. A short while later, the spear started trembling while cold light flickered on its tip!

Yang Ye looked up at the old man, and then his sword vanished from his grasp.

The old man was at the Zen Realm, but he was absolutely not an ordinary Zen Realm expert. The old man felt extremely dangerous, especially at this moment. Yang Ye knew that he would die if he didn’t use his full strength!

The old man looked down at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, take this!”

His figure flashed and appeared above the spear, and then he tapped his right foot against it.


The old man and the spear shot down like descending lightning!

In an instant, the clouds beneath him were torn apart, and even space was torn apart in his wake! A huge path had appeared in space!

At the same time, a wave of powerful pressure instantly collapsed the ground beneath Yang Ye, and a huge abyss appeared below him.

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly, and then a huge ethereal sword appeared within Yang Ye.

Sword Fusion and Burial!

It was one of Yang Ye’s trump cards, or it could be called his strongest move!

A ray of light shot up into the sky!


An explosion surged through the sky. An instant later, space in an enormous area cracked open, and the cracks were spreading rapidly.

However, the battle didn’t end there. A ray of sword energy and spear energy were flickering incessantly in the cracked expanse of space.

Explosions resounded like thunderclaps!

Just like that, the battle went on for around an hour.

At this moment, Yang Ye and the old man were 300m apart. Both of them were in quite sorry states. Yang Ye’s body was covered in injuries from a spear, but such injuries were nothing to him when he had Primordial Violet Energy!

As for the old man, he was covered in injuries from the sword. However, based on his outward appearance, the old man seemed fine.

The old man glanced at his spear. It was covered in cracks. He fell silent for a moment before he looked up at Yang Ye, “You’re really monstrous, but you won’t be able to survive past today.”

Yang Ye shrugged, “Why don’t you try?”

The old man tapped his right foot down, and then his figure dived down with his spear stabbing straight for Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t dodge. He tapped his right foot down, and space trembled beneath him as a ray of light out.


An explosion resounded. Two figures were blasted away, and they only stopped after flying over 1km away.

As soon as he stopped himself, the old man tightened his grip on his spear and hurled it at Yang Ye.


A spear tore through the air while emanating dazzling light, and it was going straight for Yang Ye.

Yang Ye raised his right hand, and a sword suddenly started floating above it. After that, the sword transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot!

Yang Ye’s sword appeared over 200m away, and its tip was pressed against the tip of a spear.

A moment of silence ensued…


The spear suddenly exploded apart, and the sword shot towards the old man!

The old man was clearly ready for this, and he slapped his right palm forward.


The old man slapped Yang Ye’s sword to a stop. At the same time, he retreated over 300m back because Yang Ye had appeared before him, and Yang Ye’s sword was slashing down in his direction!

If he hadn’t retreated, he would have had to resist it head-on. If he did that while without a weapon, he would definitely be at a disadvantage!

Yang Ye didn’t pursue the old man. He just stopped on the spot while a sword floated before him.

The old man glanced at Yang Ye’s sword, “As expected of the holy sword!”

There was a trace of ridicule in his voice.

The reason he’d lost in that collusion was mainly because of the gap in their equipment.

Yang Ye chuckled when he heard this, “As expected of a Zen Realm expert. Your skin is much thicker than mine.”

The old man’s face instantly became quite unsightly. Because Yang Ye was so strong, he’d forgotten Yang Ye’s realm of cultivation, or it should be said that he’d treated Yang Ye as someone in the same realm of cultivation.

Yet now, because Yang Ye had reminded him, he recalled that Yang Ye was a Hear Dao Realm expert!

The Hear Dao Realm!

The old man’s face grew even more unsightly when he thought of this, or it should be said to be solemn. Yang Ye was so strong just at the Hear Dao Realm.

Just thinking about it filled him with terror!

At this moment, the old man was truly quite fearful.

Yang Ye had to die!

As soon as this thought appeared in the old man’s mind, Yang Ye had vanished on the spot. A moment later, a sword howl resounded by the old man’s ears.

The old man’s expression changed slightly when he heard the sword howl, but his reaction was extremely quick. He waved his hands. In an instant, countless spear images surged out from him like a tide.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions resounded!

After the old man lost his weapon, he was instantly suppressed by Yang Ye. However, it was obviously not possible for Yang Ye to kill him.


After he blasted the old man back, Yang Ye was about to continue suppressing the old man. However, ten rays of spear energy shot over from behind him!

The other ten experts had attacked!

Yang Ye stopped. He turned around, and a wisp of ruthlessness flashed through his eyes. A moment later, a wave of mysterious energy appeared here.

The Sword Domain!

As soon as the Sword Domain appeared, the rays of light instantly slowed down.

Yang Ye took a step forward, and then 36 ethereal swords appeared in the Sword Domain. In an instant, the swords shot out, and then rays of light crisscrossed throughout the entire Sword Domain.

The Invincible Sword Domain!

It was Yang Ye’s AoE sword skill, and he rarely used it because it exhausted too much energy. Even if he was at the Hear Dao Realm now, he still couldn’t endure the consumption from it. However, if he didn’t use it now, they would definitely join forces and suppress him!

Only rays of light flashed through the surroundings!

Just like that, it took around 15 minutes for the rays of light to gradually vanish.

At this moment, only three armored men were left in front of Yang Ye!

The Sword Domain combined with his sword formation had instantly killed seven Attain Dao Realm experts!

The old man’s expression grew even more solemn from the sight of this!

After he used the Invincible Sword Domain to kill seven experts, Yang Ye didn’t attack again. He just turned around and vanished into the sky!


Yang Ye naturally planned to leave. It was meaningless to stay. It was quite difficult for him to kill the old man, unless it was a one on one battle. However, the old man would absolutely not fight him in single combat.

Moreover, the old man may even summon more experts from the sky race!

So, it was best to know when to leave!

The Divine Wings appeared on Yang Ye’s back, and then his figure attained a speed that surpassed the ability of the naked eye.

The reason he didn’t use the Divine Wings frequently was that it exhausted too much energy. So, if he wasn’t confident in his ability to kill his opponent, then he would be killing himself if he used the Divine Wings.

The old man’s expression changed when he saw Yang Ye flee, “Don’t let him escape! Pursue him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, all four of them vanished on the spot.

However, it didn’t take long for an extremely unsightly expression to appear on the old man’s face. It was because Yang Ye was too quick. At this moment, he couldn’t sense Yang Ye’s aura anymore.

Suddenly, the old man looked up at the sky, and he visibly relaxed.

Yang Ye shot swiftly through the distant sky.

Yang Ye visibly relaxed when he noticed that the old man’s group hadn’t chased after him. However, a middle aged man suddenly appeared not too far away from Yang Ye. The middle aged man had his hands behind his back, and he was looking coldly at Yang Ye!

The Sovereign of Sky!

Yang Ye stopped, “I didn’t expect you to do it yourself!”

The Sovereign of Sky spoke indifferently, “Let me see who can save you today!”

Yang Ye was about to speak when a voice suddenly came from the side, “Let me see how you’ll kill him!”