Ace of the Dragon Division - Chapter 874 - : Sword God Xius

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Chapter 874: Sword God Xius

It was located in one of the densest forests in England’s retro mountains and rivers. There was a wooden house and a garden of flowers on all sides. It was hard to believe that a Western world could have a building with Chinese Feng Shui specifications. People who didn’t know better would think that a Chinese lived here. However, the owner who woke up before dawn every day was an authentic British with a white beard and blue eyes. He basked in the warm morning sun under the peach forest with his eyes closed. The rain fell on his face, but he was unmoved. This man was Seuss, one of the five legendary warriors who had reached the top at a young age. The door of the wooden house opened, and an old man of the same age walked out. He was an old European man. He was dressed in the White robe of the Supreme Court. He stretched his back and walked down the stairs. Seuss laughed with her back to him.”The assistant isn’t even helping him. Isn’t he afraid of hurting his back by walking up the stairs?” “If I bring my assistant here, I’ll be showing off too much.” The slightly bald old man in white robes smiled as he walked down the stairs. “If your believers knew that you encountered trouble here, wouldn’t they curse me to death?” “That’s enough. You just want to laugh at my legs, don’t you? it’s not that I’ve regressed, but I’m in a different position from you. I have things to do every day, and I have to take care of a country.” The white-robed old man said. Xius sneered,”Vatican? that small country of yours? It won’t be chaotic even if you don’t take care of it. Even if there’s a riot in Europe, it won’t affect that place. It’s the last Pure Land of faith for the Westerners in Europe, so you don’t have to watch over it every day. ” The old man in the White robe pouted.”That’s true. However, I heard that there’s a mysterious organization recently. I like their character.” “The deviant Corp?” “You’ve heard about it too?”the white-robed man smiled. Seuss turned to look at his old friend and asked,””You want to reform them?” “Don’t you think that I’ll look even more noble if I do this?” Seuss: “don’t waste your time. You can’t change them. Just like you can’t change me.” “Not necessarily, even those inhumane mercenaries and war thugs have to listen to me when they see me. Since even they have a bottom line of faith in their hearts, I think we can still fight for this group of deviant Corp. They seem to be the most troublesome organization in the world.” “Why don’t you say it’s capital society?” Xius laughed.”Why don’t you say that?” “He’s just earning money,”the white-robed man replied. Seuss said,”how many people died behind this money? Childe, for example. How many wars did he instigate in order to get rich?” Even now, there are as many people who kill for money as there are hairs on an ox. Money is the source of evil. Why don’t I see you, the sect master, convert the money?” Seuss paced in the yard and shook his head.””You’re right. Those war thugs may still have a bottom line in their hearts. At least they know how to protect their families and children, so they have no choice but to fight back with guns. But do you believe that those capitalists who respect you on the surface can stab you in the back when they are ruthless? To be honest, I don’t want you to change people like the deviant Corp, and you can’t change them, just like you can’t change me. ” The white-robed man said,”you’re different. You have a grudge that you can’t let go of in your heart. This grudge has filled your entire brain, so you gave up on worldly troubles and only wanted to take revenge for your defeat back then. People like you are the most difficult to teach me. If a person is determined to turn black, even God can’t save him! This is also the reason why I’m unable to catch up to you. It’s not that I’m lazy, but you’re just too cruel to yourself. In this era, who still uses a knife and a gun?” “This is not resentment, it’s ideal.” “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have today,” Theus said.”I wonder how the guy who defeated me back then is doing now.” “Your dream is too scary. To be honest, I’ve always instilled Chicken Soup for the Soul in people’s minds, saying that ‘there’s nothing that a person can’t do if he’s hard on himself’. But after seeing you, I feel that my Chicken Soup for the Soul is going to become ‘poisonous chicken soup’. This is because people will take shortcuts for success.” Seuss didn’t say anything. As he walked, he picked up a wooden stick and hit a thick bamboo. Bang! The dried-up wooden strip did not break, but the thick bamboo suddenly broke. “Not bad.” “Is this the man and sword as one you were talking about?” the white-robed man exclaimed in admiration. Xius nodded.”My swordsmanship was wrong. I was arrogant, and I was humiliated by that man. He said that my swordsmanship couldn’t even beat the Japanese’s trash, so I shouldn’t have come out to insult my swordsmanship. I wasn’t angry about the defeat, but he humiliated my Dao!” The white-robed man: “but in the end, you still went to China and stole a lot of sword techniques. You even stole a lot of sword techniques from the Wei nation in Japan. I’m afraid no one knows that those lost secret Arts are with you, right?” Seuss didn’t think he had done anything wrong. “I’m just using it as a reference, but that bastard was right, my swordsmanship is indeed unorthodox, and I’m not worthy of being called the number one Grandmaster of Kendo United Kingdom. I’ve been carrying this name for decades, and I feel ashamed every time I hear it. So, in order to live up to my name, I’ve been living in seclusion here to practice my Kendo. However, that bastard has gone missing. I’ve asked the Mi6 agents to help me look for him all these years, but there has been no news. ” Seuss raised the stick in his hand and said,””Man and sword as one, even he couldn’t reach this level back then.” “Don’t tell me you don’t remember his name?”the white-robed elder asked. “How could I possibly forget?” “Back then, when our eight-Kingdom Alliance invaded their Imperial City, their Imperial Guards were defeated by me one after another. At this time, a man stood up. His name is Zhang chenfeng,” Xie He said bitterly. At that time, I was already a legendary master, and I thought that I was almost invincible. Even the Japanese Warriors at that time felt inferior to me. At that time, Zhang chenfeng defeated me within 100 moves in front of the eight countries, so I didn’t come out to embarrass myself again. It’s been decades since I forgot about it. ” “If he was as old as you, he might have died. You’re almost a hundred years old. You’ve closed your eyes and laid to rest. Why do you have to keep such a strong obsession? why do you have to be sad?” Seuss didn’t say anything. He threw the stick away and walked into his cabin with his hands behind his back. This was a person with a lot of resentment. “That’s why I said I can’t f * cking change you. ” The old man muttered behind him. (Today’s Chapter 3 will be updated at about 5 p.m. I’m going out to take my child for a physical examination. I’ll type it immediately when I come back.)