A Wild Last Boss Appeared - Chapter 99

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Chapter 99

The feeling of intimidating pressure that I felt from Benetnash continued to be amplified .

Before I knew it, I was covered in cold sweat and was able to understand that even I was being overwhelmed by her aura .

Things were getting so ridiculous that it was no longer even funny anymore . To think that I, who was usually in the position to use the Coercion racial skill, would be the one to be swallowed and oppressed under the pressure this time .

Benetnash’s silver hair fluttered about as lightning and thunder split the sky .

As if to answer what was happening, the sky, which had been enveloped in darkness, cleared to allow the moonlight to shine upon the whole of Mjolnir .

Ordinarily, Mjolnir was enveloped by Benetnash’s arcane magic to prevent the sunlight from ever entering .

However, because she had finally decided to get serious, the spell must have been undone .

In other words, the long-standing mana that she had been expanding on the spell the whole time had returned to her . And worse yet… tonight was the night of the full moon .

In other words, on top of the strength that Benetnash had previously displayed, she was now further strengthened by the mana that she had just recovered and the power of the moon .

Back in the game, the concept of getting strengthened during the night of the full moon was nothing but a background setting . To begin with, such a thing as “the night of the full moon” did not exist back in the game .

Within the game, however long a player was to wait, the moon would always be a crescent moon, showing the laziness of the developers .

However, in this world, what was merely a background setting turned into a reality .

The surge of magical power emanated by Benetnash amplified to the extent where one could see it undulate with their naked eyes; furthermore, it did not stop there .

“Mafahl . I’m really grateful to you . If I didn’t meet you, I wouldn’t have been able to reach this point . So… this is the greatest form of respect that I can submit to you . ”

No, no, it’s enough, I’m really satisfied already . Please, just forgive me already .

However, as expected, such a weak-hearted thing would never have come out of my mouth . After coming to this point, I was finally truly hateful of how this body prevented me from being able to say such a convenient thing .

Oi, at least let me whine .

“Even if you don’t feel like getting serious, it’s fine . It just means that I’m at the point where I fail to make you feel that way . Then, in that case, I’ll let you see how far I’ve gotten first —— this ‘world beyond level 1000’ that you taught me in the past!”

After saying that, a silver light enveloped Benetnash .

Eh? – No, wait . Seriously, wait a minute .

I thought level 1000 was the upper limit in this world?

At the very least, from the knowledge that I possessed, level 1000 was as high as a character could reach . Beyond that, a character’s stats could only be raised by doping items .

However, I was sure that was not what Benetnash was referring to .

The magic power of Benetnash continued to increase even more despite the fact that I already thought I was in a position to no longer be able to handle her . In the process, her silver hair became white-gold (platinum) coloured and her whole body started to shine with a silver hue .

Oh, this is bad . I can’t see her status, but I can feel it in my skin .

This girl’s seriously no good .

Even though she didn’t receive the divine protection of the Goddess, she just powered up even more than what’s possible through the Goddess’s divine protection . What is with this monster?

“Now, here I come!”


After saying that, Benetnash vanished .

At exactly the same time Benetnash vanished, I felt an impact as if I was getting punched by something and I saw the background fly past me .

It hurt because I was punched – I understood what was happening as such .

Although I quickly stopped myself mid-air and safely landed back down on the ground, I was unable to find Benetnash’s figure whatsoever .

My perception of time was already dilated to the extreme . Without a shred of mistake, everything around me was still .

However, I was unable to find her . I was not even able to see the shadow of her afterimage .

Was it implying that even though I was able to see everything around me still and stranded in time, Benetnash was able to see my figure as still and frozen in time?!

“Ga, ha!?”

This time, it was my stomach .

Again, I felt an impact run through me . I felt the sense of pain as if I was getting impaled by something .

Nevertheless, I was still unable to find the figure of Benetnash who had attacked me . On the other hand, I could only blindly prepare myself for the upcoming attack like a clueless fool .

How could this be…? Ever since I had gotten into this body, whatever was said, I had somehow managed to continue winning against everything quite leisurely .

There were times where I had to put some effort in, but even then, I did not experience any major difficulty to the point that I would call it problematic .

Notwithstanding that, I had completely lost track of my enemy’s figure .

Currently, I was no different from a scarecrow . I was unable to keep up with her speed and she alone existed in a higher dimension after shifting her speed gear up .

Let’s aim to land an eye for an eye counter – even such an aim could not be done .

At the moment, we had already gotten to the point where I could not even figure out where and how she was going to come attacking .

Nevertheless, I could not continue to let her do whatever she wanted to me .

Firstly, I would determine her movement!

“Transmute – [Winter of Swords]!”

I grew countless swords from the ground and restricted Benetnash’s movement .

Now, without this –


I was made to understand how shallow and short-sighted my thoughts were and how the gaps between the two of us had long passed the point of making such small tricks meaningless .

Of all things that could have happened, every single blade which I had just created on the ground immediately shattered at the same time and before I could guard myself, Benetnash’s punch sent me flying .

During this state and before I could even re-posture myself or get time to breathe, I received an attack to my stomach, next to my back, then to my chin and my ribs . Many other continuous barrages of attacks descended all over my body .

This is really bad, she’s way beyond a joke .

She’s way too strong and way too fast .

Right now, I can’t even figure out or understand if I’m getting punched, kicked or getting shot by magic .

All that I can understand is that I’ve turned into a sandbag to be one-sidedly assaulted .

However you want to word it, this is what you call foul play . To begin with, what the hell is she talking about? What is this world beyond level 1000 anyways?

I (ore) don’t even know anything about that, you know?

Ahh, in any case, she’s actually really strong .

Hey look, I (ore) got punched again . This time it was my shoulder .

Oh, I know I just got slammed into the ground and got shot by magic on my back .

I’ve (ore) heard that she was strong, but honestly, if it’s to this degree, I’m quite stuck . I (yo) didn’t think that you would actually have grown up to be strong to this degree .

After all, from the first time I met you, you were already in a different league compared to the others . So the result of you aiming to reach higher as a result of meeting me is this, huh? Haha, how joyful .

… . Hmm? Wait, wait, what do I (ore) mean by the first time I met you? This thought process isn’t me, but Ruphas, right?

Oh, this is not good, I’m getting punched so much I’m losing consciousness . I even know myself that my memory and consciousness are getting muddied and disoriented .

But strangely, I’m not feeling irritated or frustrated at all .

If anything, deep down, I’m feeling honoured and delighted, inside of me .

You’ve done well to have gotten this strong .

To have polished yourself up to this point, you have done a good job . Really, you’re amazing .

Honestly, you really make me want to bow to you .

To be able to have reached this strength, an ordinary amount of effort wasn’t enough, was it?

Therefore, before I (yo) knew it, I (yo) was laughing .

The outcome of events was so joyful that I (yo) could not help but be pleased .

Ahh, really –

– I’m (yo) really delighted, Benet . You have done well for yourself to have claimed up to this point .


The atmosphere released by Ruphas changed .

After Benetnash promptly detected that change, she stopped attacking and quickly backed away to create some distance .

Until this point, notwithstanding that she was the one attacking one-sidedly, she did not think for a single moment that she was in an advantageous position .

It was because she knew . She knew that Ruphas Mafahl was nothing insignificant like that when she was serious .

The arch-rival that she had feared, adored, chased after and wished for simply could not have been a weakling like that .

Therefore, she was convinced that there would definitely be a time when Rupahs “arrived”… and in fact, Ruphas had finally decided to show her real ability .

“So it’s finally arrived…!”

“… . . Indeed . ”

Ruphas stood up whilst adorning a relaxed smile and took a glance at Benetnash before turning to survey the surroundings .

While Ruphas was looking around, she was giving off that nostalgic feeling, thus Benetnash felt a sense of strange confusion . However, she quickly switched her thought process .

The only thing important right now was what was happening right here and now .

The fact that Ruphas had finally decided to get serious… as long as such a reality existed, it was enough for Benetnash .

“As I was expecting, it was you, huh . The one to smack me awake . ”

“What… . ?”

“Haha, it’s nothing important . I was just daydreaming a little . Until now, I was stuck in a dreamlike state, you see . Well, all things considered, it ended up turning out the way I predicted it would turn out . ”

Ruphas took a step forward .

Matching that, Benetnash unconsciously took a step backward, allowing her to recognise that she was instinctually fearful of Ruphas .

That’s right, this is that Ruphas Mafahl . The arch-rival that I respected and feared .

There’s no way Ruphas Mafahl can be anything else .

Benetnash bolstered herself mentally and took a step forward as if to cover for the instinctive step that she took which seemed like a step to run away .

“Thanks to you, I’ve woken up . The way you woke me up was a little extreme, but it was just the perfect amount for me who was daydreaming . I believed that if it was you, you would smack my head to help me wake up . It was worth coming here, after all . ”

Ruphas smiled refreshingly and joyfully as she spread her black wings wide .

“Aries and Scorpius wouldn’t have been able to do this . They’re competent, but they could easily have been managed by the sleeping me when I turned around in my sleep . … . . Looks like I really must thank you, Benet . ”

Both of Ruphas’s hands were coated with mana .

The concentration of divine power and arcane power increased as they interacted with each other and they circulated around Ruphas .

There was no mistaking it . The current Ruphas was completely in the mood to smash things out .

The once supreme ruler who had ruled the entire world, the black-winged overlord, has once again graced me with her presence .

In response to that gracious feeling, Benetnash’s mouth distorted and she once again moved at a speed which could be mistaken for the speed of light .


After releasing a warcry, she challenged Ruphas with her greatest speed and might .

It was different from how she had been probing things out like she previously was .

It was, without a doubt, the greatest amount of might that she had and a truly serious attack .

If it was an ordinary person, let alone understanding what was happening, they would have ceased to exist without even being able to figure out that they were attacked . The speed was almost no different from the speed of light .

The attack that she used had once split the continent, along with the magical beasts and demons living on it, into two .

The Vampire Princess’s whole-hearted attack caused a permanent fissure on the planet, yet – Ruphas stopped it with just a single fingertip .


Ruphas’s hair fluttered and just from the shockwave of the attack, fissures ran along the ground behind her .

However, the fingertip which had directly stopped the impact of the attack did not even have a single scratch on it nor was a single layer of skin torn .

After an instant of stiffness, Benetnash had already moved onto her second attack .

I knew it already . I predicted and foresaw it already .

That’s right, my opponent’s that Ruphas Mafahl . The strongest individual in existence and the only individual whom I determined to be worthy of trying to surpass .

So it’s only natural that she can do something like this .

It’s only natural that her ability is this high .

A wall so high that I can’t see the end, a wall that looks impossible to climb over .

But it’s because it’s this high that it’s worth climbing over . It’s because it’s this high that it’s worth challenging!


Stronger, faster, sharper!

Benetnash attacked furiously like a blizzard with her magic-imbued claws .

However, Ruphas was able to stop every one of those slashes and did not suffer a single injury .

Against that Benetnash, Ruphas smiled gently then placed her hand onto her forehead – a finger flick .

As Benetnash felt that her head was about to burst open, she was blown away . She then barely managed to spin around a few times in mid-air and land back down safely .

What power… . Even when it’s a full moon?

Benetnash wiped away the blood that was flowing out from her forehead while her mouth distorted to form a smile as if she was possessed .

I’ve waited too long… yeah, I’ve waited an eternity for this .

This is a wall worth overcoming . This is worth challenging .

I’m not winning in a fight that I know that I am going to end up winning .

I’m in a fight where I don’t even know if I’m going to win… . No, I’m challenging an enemy that I almost know for certain that I have no chance of winning against .

This is what it means to battle . This is what the word “challenge” means .

Right now, I can feel it in my skin that I’m the challenger without a doubt .

Yeah, I feel a little mortified . But above all that, I feel happy .

The one that I’m aiming to surpass is definitely an outrageous person . That fact makes me feel blissful .

“As expected . You won’t lose the will to fight, huh . ”

“Of course . If I was going to lose my will to fight from just that, I wouldn’t challenge you in the first place . ”

Ruphas, who felt joy in Benetnash’s undying will for their battle, glanced over her own status once .

[Ruphas Mafahl]

Level 3000

Species: Flugel

Class level

Warrior 200

Swordmaster 200

Grappler 200

Champion 200

Monster Tamer 200

Alchemist 200

Ranger 200

Strider 200

Acolyte 200

Priest 200

Esper 200

Psychic 200

Mage 200

Sorcerer 200

The Archenemy 200

HP: 18 050 000

SP: 72 290

STR: (Strength/Attack power): 46 600

DEX (Dexterity): 29 250

VIT (Vitality): 40 900

INT (Intelligence): 34 900

AGI (Agility/Speed): 42 334

MND (Mindpower): 34 650

LUK (Luck): 27 840


Head: ___

Right Arm: ___

Left Arm: ___

Body: Dress of Heaven’s Empress

> Immunity from all status debuffs

> Auto HP Regeneration

Foot: Boots of Swiftness

> Increased movement speed in battle

Others: Overcoat of the Seven Luminaries

> 50% damage reduction from all elemental attacks

… . . 80%… . no, about 70% of the original, huh?

After Ruphas checked her own stats, she was able to recognise that she had yet to fully recover .

Nevertheless, she judged that it would not be a problem to fight against Benetnash .

Fundamentally in this world, level 1000 was the upper limit that an individual could reach .

That was the highest possible limit set by the laws laid down by the Goddess . As long as one followed her rules, it was impossible to go beyond that point .

However, Ruphas had surpassed that limit . In other words, it signified that she had broken through the rules of this world created by the Goddess herself .

Additionally, this was not a phenomenon limited to just Ruphas . Benetnash also stood in a similar domain .

This reality was what made Ruphas joyful .

[The Vampire Princess Benetnash]

Level 1500

Species: Vampire

Class level

Grappler 200

Champion 200

Assassin 200

Strider 400

Mage 200

Sorcerer 200

Necromancer 100

HP: 705 000

SP: 31 430

STR: (Strength/Attack power): 26 112

DEX (Dexterity): 10 787

VIT (Vitality): 14 305

INT (Intelligence): 14 318

AGI (Agility/Speed): 42 001

MND (Mindpower): 11 295

LUK (Luck): 10 282


Head: Tiara of the Moon

> Auto HP Regeneration

Right Arm: Usurper’s Claw

> Absorbs enemy HP upon attacking

Left Arm: Usurper’s Claw

> Absorbs enemy HP upon attacking

Body: Vestment of Immortality

> Auto HP Regeneration

Foot: Boots of Black Shadow

> Evasion chance increased by 100%

Others: Overcoat of Moonlit Night

> Auto HP Regeneration increased by 100% during night time

* Vampire exclusive item

Just by looking at Benetnash’s status, Ruphas was easily able to understand that Benetnash was not ridiculing her with the intention to challenge her .

Although Benetnash’s status did not reach as high as Ruphas’s, she was able to leave the restrictive boundary specified by the Goddess .

Notwithstanding that Benetnash was enjoying the boost from the full-moon night, her combat prowess was nothing short of splendid .

It was no wonder the demon race was unable to pass her .

How would the bunch of existences who were bound to live within the realm specified by the Goddess be able to pierce past Benetnash who had surpassed that?

She was now a qualified individual . She had already taken possession of the right to challenge the Goddess into her own hands .

Notwithstanding that, if Ruphas was to be asked whether Benetnash could already defeat her, the answer would be no . Furthermore, Ruphas had no intention to let Benetnash win either .

However, to just win simply against that Benetnash, who had waited 200 years for this moment, would be unfair to her .

Therefore, there was only one thing that Ruphas could do .

To use all of her might to the very limit, without holding back, without mercy, and to utterly annihilate Benetnash with the best of her ability .

That was the greatest show of respect and the greatest form of courtesy .

“Be honoured, Benet . You’re an opponent that is worthy of me giving my best . So in respect to you, I will also be fighting using a weapon that’s worthy to be used against you . ”

Ruphas muttered an honest compliment without any lie and held her hand up .

And the power formed in her hand was of both divine and arcane nature .

She caused the two types to clash with one another, distorting this world to create a hole in the space which was created by the Goddess .

The hole in the space then turned into a gate and connected to create a temporary pathway to another location, effectively turning the distance between the two locations into zero .

“X-Gate – come, my weapon . ”

The supreme ruler’s summoning .

In accordance with that command, the Mafahl tower, which stood in the far distant land, started to rumble .


(Author note)

Sei: “…………………… . Why is it that people in this world wanted to try and fight against people like these?”

[Breaking past the limit]

This time, the limit break used by Ruphas and Benetnash is like a form of skill, therefore it is not as if they are usually over level 1000 all the time .

Therefore, ordinarily, the 12 Stars are also usually level 800 .

Putting things into another perspective, whilst Ruphas is like this, Aries and the others are level 1000 .

(Strictly under the calculation, they are at level 2100 . However, because they have not broken past the limit, they are stuck at level 1000 . )

Aries: “Oh, I suddenly became level 1000 . ”

Aigokeros: “Same here . ”

Scorpius: “Ahh, looks like Ruphas-sama decided to get serious . It was nice knowing you, midget-chan . ”

Libra: “Looks like she’s won (already – convinced) . ”

Karkinos: “With this me will also have more roles to play… . ”

Dina: “Nope, even if the level of the tank goes up, it’s not like there’s more roles to fulfil… . ”

Karkinos: “(´・ω・`)”