A Wild Last Boss Appeared - Chapter 69

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Author: Fire Head (炎頭)

Translator: Hand of Vecna

Editor: Two More Free Thoughts

The mass production models of Libra guided us through Blutgang. She said she was bringing us to the royal area. She said we were going to meet her master, but there was no doubt that their creator was Mizar. So did this mean that Mizar was still alive? Otherwise, perhaps they changed their master. Even though it was Mizar who created Libra, she still addressed me as master. It would be natural if the same thing happened to them.

…Let’s just prepare to run away.

If they wanted me to hand over Scorpius, then sorry, I would hastily withdraw even if I had to resort to violence. I would not want to do it if possible, but my followers were important too.

Then, the real Libra and Aries came from the other side of the road. Libra glanced at the three partially damaged mass production models and then turned towards me as if nothing happened.

“Master. The clean-up of the demons in the city has been completed. By the way, the ones here that are of the same model…”

“Greetings. I am Libra Mass Production Model Unit Three. You must be the original. Welcome to Blutgang. We welcome your visit.”

“You are too kind. My name is Libra.”

Libra and the Libra Mass Production Model exchanged pleasantries and walked alongside each other like it was natural to do so.

…Eh? That was her only reaction?

Their conversation ended in a shockingly simple manner. There was no casual talk at all. As expected of golems, their behaviors were surprisingly plain.

And then Aigokeros…Oh, right there. He was standing in front of a wall with a hole as if he was in a daze. What was he doing?

“Hey, Aigokeros.”


He reacted exaggeratedly to my voice and suddenly transformed into his human form in order to kneel and prostrate himself. Oh, it was because he couldn’t prostrate with goat legs. It was not like I wanted it to be this way.

“I—I’m terribly sorry, my master! I failed to capture the Seven Luminaries as you instructed me to…”

Ah, I understood. He was concerned about failing the job I gave him. Well, that could not be helped. After all, it wasn’t just the Seven Luminaries. It was my fault for not predicting the arrival of the Demon King’s son. However, Aigokeros did not seem to think so. He continued to apologize earnestly.

“Hoho. Even though the Seven Luminaries had an overwhelmingly inferior level, she still managed to escape? What an unbelievable blunder.”

“Hahaha! Have you lost your arms after two hundred years? Aigokeros.”

As I thought about how to comfort him, Libra and Karkinos began to pour salt on his wound.

Hey, stop it. Don’t you have any compassion?

Meanwhile, Dina was teaching Virgo, “Look. This is the kind of useless guy who cannot do his job.”

Like I said, stop it already.

Only Aries tried to comfort Aigokeros by putting his hand on his shoulder.

You never change, Aries.

“Ah, hmm. Well, don’t worry about it. Even if you failed this time, just try harder next time.”

“Ho—How merciful! If this happens again, I, Aigokeros, will pay for it with my life!”

“No, I’ll be troubled if you pay for it with your life.”

What should I do? This goat’s loyalty was giving me a headache. If it was like this, he might really commit suicide next time. I guessed I would have to assign him a simple task next time to restore his confidence. Or perhaps I should host some sort of event as a distraction? Or maybe let him graze as much grass as he wanted?

In any case, my subordinates here were all recovered. The unconscious Scorpius was handed to Karkinos and we followed the mass production models once more. We took what looked like an elevator and arrived at the fourteenth city. Several dwarves were standing before a massive door. They were unarmed, so they didn’t seem like they would attack…Were they just there to look vigilant?

“Welcome to Blutgang. I’ve been waiting, Ruphas Mafahl-dono. My name is Genell. I’m the one who commands the army of Blutgang.”

“…I see. It seems you already know me. There’s no need for the bandage then.”

Apparently, they already knew my identity. Well, I did beat up and recovered Scorpius. Furthermore, the real Libra was by my side, so it couldn’t have been anyone else but me. I removed the stealth bandage and handed it to Dina, then took off the decorative glasses. Even though they were expecting it, the dwarves were still shocked and cried out, “Oh!?”

“So why did you call me over? Is it to bait and capture?”

“You are joking. We’ll be annihilated if we become hostile within Blutgang to the person who subdued Scorpius. Right now, I’m desperately trying not to offend you.”

“Then that’s fine.”

It seemed that the dwarves were pretty nervous. Well, I was known as one of the world’s greatest villains, so they would essentially be inviting the supposedly defeated last boss into their country. If it was like this, of course they would be nervous.

I had forgotten recently, but I was basically a source of terror in the world. There had not been anyone who could deal with me normally after knowing that I was Ruphas. In that sense, these dwarves were trying hard to be strong.

“Then let’s hear what you have to say. To expose the royalty to such danger, you must have a story that could justify this.”

“About that, it’s not the royalty that you will be meeting. Someone beyond the royal area wants to meet you.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“It would be faster to see it yourself than for me to explain. Please let me guide you.”

The dwarf named Genell pulled a lever near the door. The door opened and the royal area came into view. The first to be seen was a vast garden. Beyond that was a swimming pool and a court for some form of sports. There was also a white structure like a high-class hotel in the middle.

A few watchdog-like magical beasts, whose mane put lions to shame, were roaming freely and looking over here. However, their tails were hanging low as they shivered. I was seriously shocked. I actually liked dogs very much…

Passing in front of those frightened doggies-chan, we proceeded further back. Occasionally, I felt the gazes upon us…Apparently, there were some people watching from within the castle. When my eyes met those of a small dwarf, I waved my hand. Then, a motherly dwarf hurriedly dragged him away. It wasn’t like I could eat him with my eyes.

“How dare they be so rude to my master. Let me kill them all…”

“Stop it, you fool.”

What was this fool up to now? I lightly poked Aigokeros and reprimanded him. Part of the reason I was regarded as such a terror must have been because of this guy. Look, the dwarven guides were also scared. They were looking at us with sad expressions as if they were ready to lay down their lives as compensation. What should we do about this?

Eventually, the dwarves led us to the back of the royal area…or rather they reached the wall, but there was nothing here. A dwarf placed his hand on the wall and murmured something. The wall opened up, revealing a room beyond. What he just murmured was probably a password or something similar.

“This is…”

It was a rustic room. It was like a different space from the luxurious area before…It was an undecorated room surrounded by walls and ceiling. The only ornament was a crystal placed in the middle of the room. It was glowing faintly with a blue light.

“Golem, is it?”

“Yes. This golem is the heart and the brain of Blutgang. It contains our great king’s personality and memories, which were transplanted just before his death…”

“What? Could it be…”

Genell’s words caused me to stare at the crystal involuntarily.

“You” there?

Are you there? —Mizar.

The crystal glowed as if to answer my question. Then, although it did not sound like I had heard it before, there was a strangely familiar voice.

『Have you come? It has been a while, my friend (Ruphas)…and my masterpiece (daughter).』



Apparently, it seemed like it was really Mizar. Like Libra’s reaction, I was convinced of this. No doubt, this was indeed Mizar. Although there was no proof, I could still declare this. Something in me said so.

“I see. While Blutgang is the protection you left behind, it is also you yourself. To think that you remain behind as a golem…This is evidence of your passion for golems.”

『Kekeke, is that a compliment?』

“Idiot. You are really foolish.”

No, seriously. Who would have thought that he became a golem?

In an old RPG, there was a funny character called Dungeon Man (ダンジョンマン) is a character who can become a temporary party member in Earthbound RPG, which was published by Nintendo in 1994., who liked dungeons so much that he eventually became a dungeon himself. I didn’t think that there would be a fool who would actually do the same thing.

『Don’t say it like that. It was necessary. After all, at that time, I was rather abnormal.』

“…The event two hundred years ago?”

『Ah, I’m not trying to make excuses for what happened, but at that time, I (Mizar) was really weird. The crystal that is the control golem of Blutgang…has already been imbued with my personality back then. That’s why I could say that the Mizar at that time was influenced by something.

And it was painful to look from the sidelines as myself (the original) become weirder every day. It was like I was becoming something other than myself. Isn’t it funny? The copy was closer to the real Mizar, while the real Mizar became a different person. …Which one was the real Mizar? I could no longer tell them apart.』

I could not respond to that. Mizar’s unique method of copying personality and creating golems had resulted in the existence of two Mizars. One was the real Mizar who was getting weirder every day. The other was a copy who retained his original personality.

Since there was a copy, he could objectively assess the changes in himself. He could see for himself how he was becoming not himself. …What a torture. It must have been quite a crazy situation.

“When did you start becoming weird?”

『Well, that’s…probably after we returned from the Sanctuary of the Goddess. Since then, I think I started to become hostile towards you. It was probably the same for Alioth, Megrez, and Dubhe.』

“What about the others?”

『Merak’s location was bad to begin with. Vanaheimr was practically on the Goddess’ lap. As for Phecda, he had been wandering about to many places. Perhaps he came into contact with her somewhere. I don’t know about BenetMizar is using Benet (ベネト) as a shortened name for Benetnash (ベネトナシュ).. She was obsessed with you to begin with. Honestly, even if the Goddess did not do anything, she would probably fight you anyway.』

…Benet…Seriously, no matter where I went, everyone’s opinion of her was the same. It had consistently been “She’s dangerous to begin with” all along. Just how dangerous did her companions see her, this Vampire Princess. Let’s just leave her be for now.

『Back when I was creating golems with you, there was already a sense of threat. I wondered if you would one day snatch away my position as the best golem creator in Midgard. But it was abnormal to think of killing you just for that. Therefore, I copied my personality into a golem while I was still myself, leaving behind a normal self.』


『Nearing the end, I noticed that I was completely off and there was no longer any hope. My original could only think of defeating you. He wouldn’t even listen to me anymore. And, well, you already know what happened after that.』

Mizar paused for a while. After a moment as if he was feeling regret or perhaps pity, he continued speaking.

『After defeating you, he returned to normal, but it was already too late. As atonement, he challenged the Demon King. Well, it was impossible to win after abandoning himself to despair. As a result, it was a crushing defeat and he lost an arm. Mizar…be it himself, his friends, his arm, or a peaceful world—he lost them all. With a heart full of regrets, the original cried every day for years to come…I couldn’t bear to look…』

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