A Wild Last Boss Appeared - Chapter 67

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Author: Fire Head (炎頭)

Translator: Google

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It\'s almost the same time as Rufas and Scorpius\'s battle is over.

The battle in Brutgang was also looking final.

If you use the word "decision", it originally came from the beginning. I never had to fight.

So much, the difference between Iigokeros and Luna was so large that it was difficult to bury.

To extend it to this point is that it is only because of the tenacity of Luna, and the geographical advantage also helped her.

But after all it gets stretched. It is not something that will eventually change the outcome.

Luna\'s delicate body is gripped by Aigokeros\'s huge arm, and a sad cry lingers from his mouth.

"Ah, ah ah ah ah ah!"

"That\'s the end, Lunar of the seven days. Stupid pest to the great Lord.

Now how shall I do it ... let\'s break up our arms? Shall we moan our feet? Would you like to kick out the internal organs while alive? Or do you try at the same time? "

The nature of Aigokerus is a brutal devil who loves blood, fear and death above all.

Because of the fascination of the Lord Rufus and his philosophy of world unification, his brutal face is usually hidden, but once released, there is no excuse.

Enemy kills, kills with any means, kills brutal, regrets and kills.

That is the meaning of existence, his instinct.

Come on the screams of fear Now the weak. The face is dyed with repentance and hopelessness, and he goes to death while suffering.

The 12th Heaven of Heaven, Igokerus of "Goat".

It is not because of his strength that he was accepted into twelve stars.

Because it was "dangerous".

If Rufus managed and controlled, there was a danger that it would be more fearing than the demons and could harm humanity.

I liked to torment others more than natural. It was alive to create a face of despair.

Small people who come towards the mouth of hope for courage bend their knees in front of the overwhelming difference in power, distort their faces with tears and runny noses, die for life.

I loved that while I was born.

There is no reason to like darkness. There is no need for reasoning about being fond of loving death.

However, you should be so because you were born so.

Death is beautiful. Despair is the only way of thinking.

That\'s why, Ruphas welcomed himself under his control.

It is to manage and monitor the Great Devil who is too dangerous.

And above all, he had a sense of true "magic".

It further intensified the brutality of the demons.

"Foolishness, a false devil ... did you think that the created devil is against the true devil?"

"Yes, I\'m false ...!"

"Yes, they are God\'s toys. They are created to resemble demons and become weird things."

"Oh, that\'s one thing ......!"

Igokeros ishellHellheimIt is a true devil who was born and born.

ThereforeDevilManaComprehension degree, the observation eye is even more than Rufusu.

Speaking of talent that smells the same kind of smell, is it good?

To himUnderstandingWakaIt is The density of mana is.

So I obeyed Ruphas unconditionally and dropped my head. Because she instinctively understood that she was the one who truly led the devil.

So I also noticed the distortion of the demons. Oh, this guy is different.

More than anything they feel damn good from them! God\'s power! Heavenly power!

Oh yes, these guys are not demons. The imitation that was created to resemble our genie.

I just shaped it all-I can\'t do it!

So I hated. It was totally uncomfortable for me to say that such a degraded product but I put myself and pretend to be a magic.

"Have you ever wondered what a wolf is? Why is no corpse left after the demons and other demons die"

"...! That\'s ... because it will be broken down into mana if you die ..."

"Why is it broken down into mana? If we die, it becomes dead and returns to the earth.

Why does it disappear as if only the demons and demons did not exist from the beginning?

Do you really remember the phenomenon? Play a role and "return" to mana. Isn\'t it a phenomenon that we have seen enough to make you look tired? "

It was said that there was Luna.

know. Produced and produced from mana, finished its role and returned to mana.

She knew the phenomenon.

"Masa ... or ... ..."

"Yes, the true nature of the demons and so on-"

It\'s just giving despair "Genuine".

It was just before Iigokerus put it in words.

From the entrance of Brutgang, an amazing sword flashed and jumped to Aigokeros while avoiding the structure dexterously.

It is a sudden surprise, but Iigokeros is not quick enough to allow a direct hit at this distance.

Even if it avoids with ease, the person who shoots the sword flash as it follows from the ground.

The first shot is fake. It was a thing to divert the attention of Igokeros, and the desire was running close to the ground at high speed while hiding in the structure.

Once again, the ugly sword flash shines, breaking the arms of Aigokerus. She held Luna with her arms in her arms and landed on the top of the building.

"Nuu, 汝 is ......!"

It was a huge magic embodied in mana that was cut off, not Iigokers himself.

However, it is still something that can not be cut off easily, and this alone tells the level of the attacker.

The short trimmed hair is more blue than blue.

She is wearing a white cloak and is dressed in a white bag.

The color of the skin is light orange, close to human beings, and the color of the pupil is red.

There is no fangs in its mouth, but the sign of mana scouring from the whole body proves him a devil.

"Demon King\'s SonTerraOr! "

"That\'s why you are Igokeros. It seems that he has been bothering me a lot."

The most vigilant of the demons is the genie. It never shakes.

However, there is an opponent who can not but be warned after that, and even with the 12th supremacy.

That is the son of the devil king, and he is the Lord who swears allegiance for Shion ... Tera.

Aigokeros also met face-to-face several times while cooperating with the demons.

But its ability is unknown. I have never seen anything serious.

What is that appearance?

The demons have blue or green skin, and it is common among the tribes that black and white eyes are reversed.

But that figure of him is almost human. Too different.

"Te, Tera ..."

"No, I would say so much if I don\'t go crazy"

"……I\'m sorry"

"Don\'t worry too much ... it was really good to be in time."

Two people of the devil who enter the world with their eyes while holding them.

Even though Igokeros threw a fist without reading the air, Tera was moving away to the roof of another building, avoiding it with a motion that felt even elegance.

If you look only at the paintings, who will think of him as a demon.

Incarnation of a piece or a giant devil.

A knight who came to save a girl who is a part or captivity.

I do not know which is a villain with this.

"Hmm, I\'m fine. I will also devote to my love for the Lord."

"If you tell the truth, I\'m too excited about you.

But now you are not your partner. It\'s bad, but I\'ll get rid of it. "

Tera had confidence that if they were one-on-one they could win against Igokeros.

It is different from a reckless self-reliance with no grounds found in Mars and so on in Shun on a certain ability and a sure self-esteem due to the observation.

But there is also Rufus Mafaar here.

In addition to the "Goats", "Aries", and "Balances" of the 12-star Hado, if you use a black wing, Tera will be no match.

No, whether Rufas, who is weakening now, can win even one on one.

"Even if it runs away"

"I think"

Tera jumps to the wall, holding Luna.

Then he shook the sword with one hand, and opened up the wall of Aru or Brutgang.

It\'s not like breaking the brut gang, it\'s just a small blemish that only one can pass at one or two people.

But that is enough to escape. Tera jumps out of the crack in the wall and jumps out of the Brutgang.

For a moment, I met a black-winged woman who was outside.



Silence each other. As soon as it was a cross between the two, it caused a reaction and both eyes were off, and Tera left the field.

I think once again that there is no bottom.

I heard from my father that Rufus is now in a state where he can not exert his full power due to some kind of interference from the goddess.

But is that still? Is that more than half of the power removed?

I felt that I could get caught in a moment when I met my eyes. There was so much presence.

I am convinced that the current choice of fighting against Alle is completely wrong.

And Tera thinks.

We need to change direction as soon as possible.

It is necessary to ask the true meaning to the "love" of the staff members who move to the 7th and 12th stars and bump into Rufuss.


"Hey, yes!"

"Now, on Shunday ... no, the whole Genie is manipulated by the will of some.

My father knows it and does not stop it, but on the contrary it is cooperative with that woman.

When it comes to Sol, you can call it a puppet completely.

Now, among the demons there are few who I can trust. "

While holding Luna, Terra \'kicks\' the sky.

Then his body accelerated in the air, and the scenery flowed backward at a tremendous speed.

"You are one of the few, worthy of trust. Please don\'t die in this battlefield.

I need you. "

"Te, Tera ..."

The words may be for the men.

It is also known to Luna.

But I still wonder if there is a back. I would rather like to be there.

I think that is necessary without the master-slave relationship.

Thinking so far, Luna shook her head to throw away her troubles.

"You, what are you doing?"

"No, nothing!"

My boss\'s words I don\'t even know about this feeling are just a little angry now.


What a handsome guy now.

I suddenly saw a handsome guy who came out of the wall of Brutgang and had been making money for a while.

What I say, I can understand with instinct that now is surely a guy\'s enemy.

A white collar and a cloak on a useless handsome face.

What\'s that, the appearance just saying "I\'m the main character". The hero of this world will be a brave.

Besides, she was holding a princess-like girl with something demonic. Explode.

"Hello Rufas, did you see that? That\'s the correct way to treat the heroine!

It\'s weird to catch and fly to the neck! "

"No, that would end up being a villain. ... Oh, was that a villain?

So who the hell is that? "

Next to Dina, who is still pulling the treatment for a while, I ask about the current handsome guy.

I was holding a genie-like thing, and probably a member of the genie.

Then if you ask Dina, who is a double spy with the other side, you should get an answer.

"Oh, that is the son of the devil king. It\'s a prince of the demons."

"Are you a real good-looking prince?"

"If it is a maiden game, it\'s definitely a target for capture."

"I don\'t know because I\'ve never done it"

Ginger and I are action and RPG, fighting game school.

I don\'t really like adventure and love games.

In short, it will be a light novel and a love novel with a save road function.

Then would it be better to just buy a book normally? What is so sad, I have to buy the expensive body and read the light novel.

"... Rufas is not a girl, I\'m not a girl ..."

"Well, that\'s because the contents are men."



Dina who heard my remarks is stunned and comes to stare at me.

Hmm? Did you say something strange now?

"Huh? Well ... Rufus-sama,contentsplayer... who are men? ...... Speaking of which, it was natural to know if it was a woman and various things ...

"Did not say?"

"I don\'t say it! It\'s my first ear!"

"Oh ... is that right? Don\'t plan.

The sexual desire did not come back yet, leaving home knowing what he likes when I became this body.

That\'s why I feel nothing more than looking at women\'s skin and so on. "

"That\'s it so embarrassing!"

Leave me alone Dina and I will walk to join Wilgo.

Perhaps the inside will be finished, and the Libras will also work later.

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