A Wild Last Boss Appeared - Chapter 63

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Image from Light Novel Volume 3

Author’s Notes: Sei-kun’s Bad End Collection

Route 1

Sei: “Oh! Be prepared, overlord!”

Ruphas: “Ruphas’ forehead flick!” (Let’s try hitting him lightly.)

Sei: “…”

Ruphas: “…He—He died.”

Route 2

Sei: “Oh! Overlord, I will defeat you to get the apple!”

Libra: “Brachium.”

Sei: “…”

Ruphas: “…He—He died.”

Route 3

Sei: “Oh! Overlord, we are not enemies, let’s shake hands!”

Ruphas: “Oh, not bad. I rather like you.” (Pats his shoulder)

Sei: “…”

Ruphas: “…He—He died.”

Route 4

Sei: “Oh! Overlord, look at this sword (Lucifer BladeLucifer Blade is the sword acquired by Jean after the tomb was cleared of all the more useful items. See .) acquired by my companion! What do you think!?”

Ruphas: “Don’t show me my black history!” (Smacks)

Sei: “…”

Ruphas: “…He—He died.”

Sei: “…What should I do!?”

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