A Wild Last Boss Appeared - Chapter 53

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Chapter 53 - The Power Of Alchemy Is So Awesomeee!

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Save for the few exceptional scenarios, Midgard\'s construction technology was superior to that of what the Earth possessed.

This superiority came from the fact that there was no fantasy-like power such as alchemy back on Earth. Even if it was something impossible to build back on Earth, using alchemy, it could easily be made possible.

For example, the unnecessarily big Royal Tomb only took ten years to build because alchemy was utilised. If the same thing was to be built back on Earth, it would have taken a lot longer to complete.

Nevertheless, there was a limit to everything.

Even if it was alchemy, not everything was possible as there existed limitations on its usage.

However, in every society, there were those rare individuals that could be called prodigies amongst the geniuses.[1] And at times, these prodigies were able to ignore what everyone else considered to be a norm and go out of bounds to such an extraordinary extent that they were able to reach a domain where nobody thought was possible to land.

In other words, it was that. The man called Mizar could be categorised into that type…. That was what I was made aware of.

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We travelled in Tanaka for a few days.

What we ended up reaching was that enormous… or more like some castle-like structure that was way too enormous.

Its height could reach the sky and its length was definitely well over a kilometre.

Huh? Or rather, was this a castle? That?

Not to mention there were various cannons sticking out from here and there, this just looked like a battleship.

Whilst I was standing blankly in a daze, Dina spoke to me.

"I just went to have a look. That is our next destination, [The Mobile Capital Blutgang]."

"…… Mobile…. Capital?"

"Yes. The Smith King Mizar\'s final and greatest invention. That is what Blutgang is. A golem with the height of 300m, length of 1100m and the width of 400m, and created using orichalcum, it has managed to repel all the advances made by the demons. I have heard that the inside is split into 15 different floors and consists of different areas for residential and business purposes."

The whole capital itself was a giant weapon… this was scary, what the hell.

Who would imagine that the very target of the advance, the capital itself was going to commence attack?

Not to mention, it was a level 770 golem created using cash shop item. It was not funny at all.

Or more like, Mizar, aren\'t you living in the wrong world?

If anything, this golem looked like something that should appear in a robot anime featuring space wars.

Why are you making an enormous space warship under the fantasy setting…. why didn\'t you think about how mismatched it was to this world?

"So he turned the whole capital into a golem… I was surprised about Levia, but this is more than that. Well, maybe I should be saying as expected of the Smith King."

"Wow…. It\'s, it\'s so big."

Virgo was looking dumbfounded next to me with her mouth wide open.

Her pure white wings were frantically moving, making it very easy to see how excited she was.

Aries and Aigokeros must have already known about this as they made no reaction. Strangely, even though Libra had no emotion, she seemed proud of this.

Ahh, I had forgotten but, Mizar was like a parent to her.

"Well, it\'s a golem as it seems, so it\'s extremely strong against any physical attack."

"Looks like it. Even Aries or Libra would struggle and have to put in quite a lot of effort to take that down."

"Apparently, in the case of emergency, it\'s able to transform into a humanoid form, it seems it\'s even possible to trade punches with an enemy."

"At this rate, everything is a go, huh."

"Yeah. Having said that, compatibility with Scorpius is…."

"The worst, isn\'t it?"

Blutgang was a golem. As a consequence, poison did not work against it, thus in a way, it was in an advantageous position in a fight against Scorpius.

Notwithstanding, the people inside were a completely different story.

However firm Blutgang itself was, if everyone on the inside was massacred by the poison, it was a practical defeat.

If anything, due to the closure of being placed within a golem, it was easier for the poison to spread throughout.

It seemed coming to this place in a hurry was not a mistake after all.

"Ruphas-sama, what should we do about disguises?"

"I recall that a Dwarf\'s lifespan was not that long. Then I guess, there shouldn\'t be much of a problem as long as I hide my wings. I\'ll go with the clothing that was provided by Megrez this time."

To Libra\'s question, I replied by selecting the clothing I previously received from Megrez.

There were two options on what I could wear when I went outside. One was to completely cover myself and look like a suspicious person and the other was to use the bandage that I received from Megrez and show myself daringly.

Under the first option, there was very little chance of my wings being seen by others, however, I would look like a suspicious person, thus would be doubted from the initial encounter.

Under the latter option, I would not look like a suspicious person, however, there would be a troublesome consequence if someone that knew my face were to see me.

There were an advantage and disadvantage to both, thus it was important that I used them correctly.

If the others would not have remembered my face, it was better to boldly step out with only my wings hidden than be overly cautious and cover myself entirely.

The more one tried to sneakily do something the more suspicious they became.

I made Aigokeros turn his back towards my side and tried to start changing, at this moment, Aries also turned around in a hurry.

Ah, not good, I forgot Aries was also a male. His appearance was completely that of a girl\'s so I had forgotten.

To a confused Virgo, Libra explained: "That thing is a male."

"Ah, Ruphas-sama. It\'s fine to continue whilst being in Tanaka. Blutgang has a dock that can store golems."

"Hmm, that\'s convenient."

As advised by Dina, we continued to progress without stepping out of Tanaka.

When we reached in front of the castle, with a "gasha gasha" sound, a walking armour came out from the castle.

It was probably Blutgang\'s patrolling golem.

From the look of it, their average level was around level 50. These did not look like they were the product of Mizar.

"PlEaSe SToP riGHt tHEre. PleaSE STAte yoUr reASon fOr EntrY aNd sHoW yOuR PErMIt. THAnk You VERY MuCH."

"I\'m the wandering merchant Dina. I came here to conduct business. Here is the permit."

Dina made an answer and flashed her permit in front of the patrolling golem\'s eyes.

When she did that, the area around the golem\'s eyes flashed in blue light and made a funny looking beep sound.

Maybe it was scanning the permit?

"CheCKiNG the PErmiT coMPLeTed."

"nEXT up, I wILL chECK INSIde ThE GoLEm."

At the same time as the patrolling golem made that statement, Dina got out of Takana and gestured towards everyone else to come out.

It seemed we were to wait outside until the golem finished checking the inside.

As there was no reason for us to retaliate against this, everyone obediently followed Dina\'s instructions.

"They are inspecting inside the golem and making sure no dangerous material is brought inside. The thing that Blutgang needs to be most cautious of are the demons or the likes infiltrating inside. And, if in case there was someone like Jupiter who was disguised as a human, most of them would be caught here."

"I see. But if it was something like that, wouldn\'t something like Libra be flagged here?"

Libra may have had the appearance of a maid, however, inside of her was packed with a surprising amount of armaments.

Let alone all the external weapons like the machine gun, even the built-in weapons on Libra should easily be considered \'out\'.

Putting it in another way, it would not be incorrect to think of her as a walking danger item.

That was what I was thinking, nevertheless, the patrolling golems did not even say anything about Libra to us.

"Please do not worry master. There is too much of a difference in quality between me and them. Inferior golems that can only crudely scan the surface would not be able to see past my disguise."

"Is, is that so?"

Yeah, she\'s definitely a dangerous item.

What was scary? Well, the fact that she would not even be caught at all at the inspection points was scary.

However, something that might have been flagged was not just Libra.

Aigokeros was hiding inside my shadow so they would not say anything about him, however, the problem was Aries.

Notwithstanding, the patrolling golems again did not say anything in regards to Aries, and gave us the permission to pass through.

While I was being curious about this point, I noticed that Dina was making a triumphant look.

"Did you use the concealment of the status?"


It looked like Dina used her cheat and managed to fool them.

When it came to stuff like that, she was really reliable.

After being let through by the golems, Tanaka who was carrying the lot of us passed through the gate and entered into Blutgang.

After passing through the gate which was surrounded by steel 360 degrees, we were stopped by the hand signal of a dwarf in worker\'s clothing who was probably a guide.

"Hey, we\'ll take care of the golem over here. It\'s forbidden to travel in a golem inside the capital."

"Understood. Everyone, let\'s use our feet from here on out."

After putting Tanaka under the dwarf\'s care, we continued to stand in front of the large door which we assumed would continue to the capital.

When we did so, the dwarf operated the switch that was next to the door. Subsequently, the large door made a heavy sound and opened.

The large door opened sideways and the inside of Blutgang was bared for us to see.

What was in front of us was without a doubt, a city.

A painting of the blue sky on the ceiling which was mimicking the real sky was at the top and artificial light was shining down.

Although the area was only 1100m in length times the width of 400m, and buildings were crammed next to each other. There were major roads, parks, and various stores throughout.

The ceiling was also fairly high, which I estimated was probably around 20m, allowing us to avoid feeling oppressed or entrapped.

There were even residential apartments and mansions that one might have forgotten that it was inside a golem if they did not keep it in mind.

As I looked around due to my curiosity getting the better of me, surprisingly, instead of the usual Dina, Libra started with the exposition.

"Out of the 15 floors within Blutgang, the residential areas occupies up to the eighth floor. Each area is called \'The First City\', \'The Second City\' and so on. The ninth and the tenth floors are commercial areas. There are various stores lined up in this area.

Eleventh to thirteenth floors are office areas. All companies that exist within Blutgang are lined up on these floors. Factories and storages make up about half of these. The fourteenth floor is the royal area. Only the royalty and those deemed worthy by the royalty are allowed in access.

And finally, the fifteenth floor has Blutgang\'s main command centre and is only accessible by very limited individuals. The high-level golems created by Mizar-sama is also stored in this floor."

"You\'re quite informed."

"Blutgang is like a little brother to me."

It\'s a pretty big little brother, oi.

I wanted to make that tsukommi but was barely able to hold it back as I looked at the side of Libra\'s face which remained emotionless as usual.

Although the size and the creation was different, both Libra and Blutgang had the common point of being the products of Mizar.

In all likelihood, there were some things that were being considered by her.

"And, Karkinos is somewhere in this capital… There\'s no mistake with that right?"

"Yes. There should not be any mistake this time."

To my question, Dina purposefully replied with an emphasis on "this time".

Previously, even though she said that Parthenos was here, when we actually got to the location, Parthenos had already passed away. Dina was probably keeping that in her mind when she was replying.

Personally, after seeing that even Dina was not a perfect person, I could more intimately relate to her, however, there was no reason for me to tell her that.

"Hmm. Well, for now, let\'s get something to fill out stomach. Fortunately, it seems there are still restaurants in the residential areas."

"During the early days, the restaurants were only placed in the commercial areas, however, due to the complaints received from the citizens that it was bothersome to travel to the stores every time, some of the general goods stores and eateries were moved to the residential areas."

We were walking about the city as Libra was explaining things.

Compared to the cities that we have seen thus far, everything including the buildings looked new.

Of course, compared to the modern world Japan, there were still aspects that looked outdated, however, it did not give off the feeling of \'old\' by any mean.

Hmm…. I would say it was recent?

Describing the city as something you might imagine of 18th or 19th century London… might best fit how it looked it.

Of course, not everything looked like that. I just phrased it that way because it best matched what I would recall from the back of my mind. There might have been better ways to describe it, but it was simply just easiest for me to describe it as such.

As such, it was not as if there were bridges here and there like you would expect from the London of that time. To begin with, there were not even large lakes or rivers that would require bridges in the first place. There were small ones here though.

Although I stated that the buildings were big, because there was a physical limitation called the ceiling, everything was still in small scales.

Well, it was whatever. For now, I just wanted to get something to eat.

It was not as if I had not eaten anything, but because we were on a journey, all food products that were stored in Tanaka were things could would last for a long time.

Although there was a thing that somewhat resembled a refrigerator, it was far from being the real one.

To begin with, because I did not know the mechanics behind how the refrigerator worked, I just casually created a box that somewhat sealed things well and used Dina\'s water magic to fill it up with ice.

Which was to say, rather than a refrigerator, it was more like a cooler box.

It was better than not having anything at all, but something was different. It just wasn\'t it.

As a consequence, when we reached a city or a town, we would usually end up eating at those places.

Eating good food allowed us to better avoid being stressed out too. So I was just stating the obvious.

"Ah, Ruphas-sama. Doesn\'t this place look nice?"

"Yeah. Personally, I think the store with the crab sign across the road also looks interesting."

The shop that Virgo was pointing at was a nice looking store that was surprisingly made out of wood.

There were various plants that were lined up in front of the store and gave off a good atmosphere.

But for me, I could not avoid feeling curious about the store that boldly gave off a beach feeling by putting that crab sign even whilst being inside this golem.

Having said that, because we were travelling with others and Virgo who had just recently joined us was being assertive, I thought I would fold here.

As for the crab store, the next time we get an opportunity, we can give it a visit.

"Anyways, this store here also has a nice atmosphere. Let\'s go in this store this time."[3]


Virgo had a childish personality like that of Aries, however, she had a bright personality unlike Aries. She had a happy and vivid personality which made people smile when they looked at her.

I thought that Aries\'s personality was too reserved, thus I would have preferred that he learnt some things from her.

As I was thinking that, we opened the door to the restaurant and entered inside.

Now then, I just hope some weird dish won\'t come out.


(Author note)

[Mobile Capital Blutgang]

The final invention of the Smith King Mizar from back in his prime.

Height 300m, Length 1100m. In its humanoids form, it transforms into a height of 1100m, length 300m.

After finding an abnormality in his spirit, he put all that he could into creating this whilst he retained his sanity. It was for the purpose of "protecting oneself, even in his time of weakness and death."

If you were to forcibly push people in, it was possible to accommodate a few million people, with its agricultural plants. In case it was attacked, the capital itself was able to move and retaliate and/or escape.

Inside, besides the golems created by the dwarves, there were average level 300 super golems on standby that were able to repel the advances from the demons (though the Demon King and his son were not included in this list).

In case it was pushed into the corner, there were mass-produced Libra-type golems on standby that were created using Libra\'s blueprint.

Although the hero himself was absent, its ability to preserve itself was definitely a top class in Midgard.

[Mass Produced Libra Type]

Imitations that looked just like Libra. The colour of the hair was different from the original\'s, it was white.

Its built-in armaments were either the Left Scale OR the Right Scale. It came with the ability to fly and track enemies as well as various firearms.

There are a total of four in existence, all of which are level 700.

In case there appeared an enemy that not even Blutgang could handle, it was reserved as a trump card for final defence line.

Originally there were 5 of them, however, during the fight with the Demon King, Mizar took one along and ended up being destroyed.

Q: Why are there mostly level 300 golems? If it\'s Mizar, shouldn\'t he be able to create golems up to level 700?

A: He had his hands full in creating the Blutgang itself and mass producing golems. After his golem squad were defeated by the Demon King, I think he probably thought "it\'s better than nothing" and created them out of whim.

Q: Create a golem out of nature like Megrez!

A: I will only recognise if the golem is made out of metal! - Mizar

(Author Note end)


[1] Slightly altered from raw, raw stated: "natural disaster would be born amongst the genius". This is because both the natural disaster and genius is "tensai" though written differently in kanji. Pretty much the meaning is the same as written above.

[2] This part was written in English (or in katakana), instead of Japanese.

[3] Raw used "sense" instead of "atmosphere". Though not exactly the same thing, in Japanese they use "sense" like we would use "atmosphere".