A Wild Last Boss Appeared - Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 - Aigokeros\'s Ultrasound

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TL Disclaimer: I have no experience in translating anything, nor am I great at either English or Japanese. This is not machine translated but Japanese to English dictionary is occasionally used for words I am not sure about. I will not be able to fully translate the author\'s jokes, puns or slangs if there are any. I will try to stick with literal translation where possible in the context. If there is anything I don\'t understand I will leave it in a bracket (x).

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All of a sudden, the white side of the city was showered by the bullets made of wind, destroying many houses in the process.

Many were either injured by the process or crushed by the buildings collapsing onto them.

The White Town, which should have been in peace, was instantly enveloped by confusion and fear, plunging the place into a turmoil.

"It\'s an attack!! The ones from the Black Town have started attacking us!"

Jupiter, who had adorned the appearance of a Human, spread false information to that place.

It was a given that the attack itself was conducted by himself; however, no one knew about that fact in that place.

The place was already distrustful to begin with, so it was normal for them to think that even this attack was instigated by the Black Town.

The attack alone was already enough; however, a follow-up voice rang repeatedly inside everyone\'s head.


Just by listening to that voice, it was enough to peel away people\'s sanity. It was a devilish voice which permeated into one\'s sanity.

It gave off a discomfort many tens of times worse than the sound created by scraping glass with one\'s nail, yet this sound rocked the heart of everyone in that place.

"Kill Them If You Detest Them"

That instance, just for a briefest of a moment, they got a glimpse of the embodiment of a devil.

Head of a goat, body of a human, and wings of the bat growing on its back, it was truly as if the drawing of a devil in the myth had come to life and had appeared as a shadow.

That shadow had talked to them, bringing forth the hatred within themselves.

"Kill Them"

In the eyes of the people, sanity disappeared.

Sudden attack, confusion, fear. And incitement.

As if to add something more, a call of enticement from the devil.

This devil\'s call pulled forth the Flugels\' will to discriminate against the other side, which was barely held in check until now, causing people to started picking up weapons into their hands.

"Kill them"

"Kill them!"

"Banish them!"

Taking in by the madness, the descendants of the Angels were screaming as they proceeded in tanks.

Regardless of age or gender, even if they were young children, they spewed hatred and joined the ranks.

There, brakes from reason no longer existed.

"The guys from the White Town are coming to attack us! They\'re intending to massacre us!"

The Black Town was in an uproar.

They had known from the start that the White Town had hated them and tried to get rid of them, but they had remained optimistic.

They said the original inhabitants of the country were them, and that King said he had built the country for them.

That was why they believed it was going to be fine.

On the other hand, there were those that believed something like this happening was a matter of course.

The man with the darkish red wings that met Ruphas was one of them.

Do you see it? Look, that fence-sitting opportunist of a King is undeserving of respect.

To begin with, it was none other than him that struck down Ruphas 200 years ago and turned our lives into a living hell.

In the end, he\'s with the White Wings Supremacists. No different from the others, a man who belittled us.

"Snatch It Away From Them"

At that moment, a voice echoed in.

In a flash, sanity melted away. A devil\'s call brought forth a raging madness to the surface.

The call ran through the Black Town, amplifying their hatred.

"Snatch It From Them Before They Take"

I don\'t want them to take it away from me.

That was what everyone was thinking of. It was an exceedingly natural train of thought.

They were the victims whose things had been snatched away.

For the whole time until now.

They were oppressed.

They were discriminated against for merely having different coloured wings, and had to live by without having a place to call home.

Finally, they saw in Ruphas the appearance of a Ruler they had been dreaming of. Yet, Merak had struck that Ruler down, returning them to the oppressed position they had originally been in.

Would everything they have be taken away again? Would they have to go through it all over again?

"…. I\'ll take it from them."

Someone cursed it out loud.

"As if we\'re going to let them take it away from us, this time we\'ll be the one doing the taking!"

Another person who had become delirious shouted.

"I\'m fed up already, we\'ve had enough! Why is it always us that has to go through this!?"

"That\'s right, it\'s just injustice!"

"Pick up your weapon! I\'ll teach them the fear of getting everything taken away! Who cares about the King! Take this country away from them, make this country ours!"

Governed by murderous impulse, the descendants of the Angels were shouting left and right, and proceeding in a group.

Gender and age were irrelevant. If you would not protect yourself, you would not be protected. If you would not take, it would be taken from you. (TLN: "守らねば守れない。奪わねば奪われる。" )

In this place, there was no longer any dream for peace. There were only a few hundred years\' worth of accumulated resentment and hatred.


……… This ain\'t gud.

I was flying an altitude that only the high-level Flugels could reach. Overlooking the country of Gjallarhorn, I was at a loss.

No, un. Maybe I should say it had finally started.

Someone\'s attack on the White Town served as the impetus for them to start rampaging, and in response to that, the Black Town had also started rampaging.

Well… in all probability, it\'s probably the work of that demon called Jupiter.

I felt as though the timing for it was too strange but it was certain that he had a way to determine Libra\'s absence and acted in that timeslot.

However I thought about it, it did not seem to be his work alone.

From what I had observed, I could see that everyone in the country was affected by the [Madness] status.

[Madness] status signifies debuffed state of a person where they have lost all reason and is governed by anger. In exchange, the affected person\'s attack power multiplies and becomes unable to use anything other than a basic attack.

(TLN: MMO lesson - buff and debuff are status alignment on a character/NPC where the original status gets altered. Buff is positive, debuff is negative. The buff/debuff can be cast on the players, the allies or the enemy. And "basic attack" aka auto attack, normal attack, etc is the attack a player gains usually at the start of the game. It\'s not considered a skill and often does minimal damage. It\'s used as a filler for when all the skills are unable to be used or player is just lazy or overpowered. E.g. normal attack for swordsman/mage is the swinging motion of their sword/staff respectively.)

However, as far as I was aware, there was no skill in existence which might give [Madness] debuff at this large a scale.

Thus, this magic was of the [Moon] attribute rather than [Wind].

However, it should not be possible for Jupiter who seemed to possess the attribute of Wind.

Maybe, it is that. Perhaps the 7 Luminaries\' [Moon] also came.

In any case, I should go down and ask Aries\'s opinion.

I descended towards the ground level and entered through the window into the inn where Aries was.

When I did, I saw Aries making a difficult face and lost in thought.

"Oi, Aries?"


When I called him, he must have been in such a deep thought that he was so surprised and jumped up.

For him to be able to daydream during the time of great disturbance, he really was carefree.

Maybe I should be saying, as one would expect of a sheep.

"Why are you acting so surprised?

I\'ve had a look around from above, but everyone is debuffed with [Madness].

It looks like other than the demon called Jupiter, there\'s someone else that wants to crush this country."

"Is that… so." (EN: use \'?\') (TLN: Not a question to Ruphas in a raw, it was a statement/mutter to himself)

"I\'ve decided to find that demon for now, what about you?"

"….. Before I say anything, Ruphas-sama, may I ask a question?"

While I was thinking about what to do from now on, Aries looked at me with a meek face.

It seemed like a face that was worrying about something.

I thought I should at least hear what he wanted to say so I replied "no problem" to him.

"It\'s fine, speak."

"Thank you very much.

Umm, so….. if, amongst the ones causing this disturbance, there was someone from the 12 Heavenly Stars…. If it was you, Ruphas-sama, what would you do?

Also, keep in mind they acted this way due to their loyalty towards you."

"Of course, I\'ll stop them even if I have to punch them. And then I will reward them afterwards.

I\'m happy that they\'re being loyal, but I don\'t desire for this country to perish."

I did not know what this question meant….. no, could it be the 12 Heavenly Stars were involved in this somehow?

After I answered him for now, it was as if Aries had suddenly made up his mind and he showed a refreshing face.

Hmm? It really seems like the 12 Heavenly Stars are involved?

"Thank you very much, Ruphas-sama. Now I\'m clear on what I must do."

"Oi, wait, Aries. You can\'t be…"

"It\'s fine, please leave it to me! I\'ll go and stop it!"

After saying it brightly, Aries jumped out without waiting for me to speak.

Ah, looks like the 12 Heavenly Stars was definitely involved.

I quickly chased after him but due to the rampaging Flugels getting in the way, I didn\'t know where he went.

In the end, I ended up completely losing him.

"….tsk, good grief, always giving me problems!"

Although he was like that, amongst the 12 Heavenly Stars, Aries was on the weaker side.

If I was to put things bluntly, if the 12 Heavenly Stars fought each other, he would lose against the majority of them.

If it was Libra, she would be able to win against half of them, so there would not be much to worry about (if anything, we would have to worry about the enemy). However, Aries is different.

If the enemy was someone like Leon of the [Lion], it would be checkmate without a doubt. Even if it was someone else, Aries would still be on the losing side most of the time.

And this time\'s enemy, the 12 Heavenly Stars which could cause a status debuff of Madness would be…. Aigokeros huh.

By comparison, it was not as bad; however, it was still too much for Aries.

"Aries, don\'t be hasty!"

The matter about the country would have to wait.

I felt bad for Merak, but my subordinates\' matter was of higher priority for me.


Chaos and turmoil, Jupiter was laughing with satisfaction in mid-air whilst looking down on the country which was being driven by insanity. (EN: weird wording) (TLN: author wrote it like this)

Mid-way, there was an accident involving Ruphas Mafahl visiting the country; however, it somehow ended up going well.

With this, the country was over.

Following this, Aigokeros would continue to incite, causing the people of this country to kill each other.

It was a shame Merak could not be killed, but I can do that next time when I have the opportunity.

Either way, he would now be a naked King. There was no doubt there would be a lot of chances from now on to kill him.

Not to mention, there\'s still a hope that Aigokeros would just go on and kill Merak himself.

He was one of the pillars of the 12 Heavenly Stars after all…. Against the currently weakened Merak, he possessed more than sufficient ability to kill Merak.

"Either way, my role for this time is over. Well then, I\'ll quickly leave before that junk comes ba -"

"—You were going to run before who returned?"


As he heard a voice from his behind, Jupiter took a battle stance.

He did not mishear it. There was no way that he would have.

That was because, it was the existence, the enemy that he currently feared the most and the opponent he dreaded encountering. (EN: too many comma) (TLN: blame author, he split the sentence into small pieces that don\'t really flow well as an emphasis)

What came into his sight when he turned was no different from what he thought he would see, but hoped would be different, a sight of a young girl dressed as a maid.

One of the pillars of the 12 Stars who served the Supreme Ruler Ruphas, the one with the most destructive ability, Star of the Scales.

—The Supreme 12 Heavenly Stars, Libra of the [Scales].

(TLN: Here, the author used the full "覇道十二星天" as compared to the usual "十二星天". C.f. One Piece\'s Shichibukai (七武海) usually used vs full title Oka Shichibukai (王下七武海))

"Wh, What….!?"

Why was she back here?

He barely managed to push that question back down his throat.

According to the plan, this golem was not supposed to be back for 20 minutes.

It was true that some time was spent on movement and incitement; however, there should still have been some time left.

Nevertheless, she was here right now.

Therefore, there was the only thing he could think of, only one conclusion he could reach.

Venus that bitch f*****g screwed up……!

Either her identity was discovered or there were some unforeseen circumstances.

He did not know about the reason.

But what he did do know was, that this plan was going to fail completely.

Yet again, he had the unfortunate encounter with this psychotic maid.

"Demon Jupiter of the 7 Luminaries. Your fighting habits, data, and attributes have all been understood from the last fight.

Should you continue your hostility, the probability of you winning is a mere 0.02%… I strongly recommend that you surrender.

Should you refuse, I would like to inform you that the probability of you losing your life in the process is 48%."

Additionally, there was this.

Once this golem fought something once, she analyses their habits and weakness, and apply it to the subsequent fights.

In another word, once you have fought with her one time, you would be unable to use the same strategy and skills against her again.

No, in practice you would use it again; however, she would have prepared a way to counter it.

Attribute matchup was the worst possible. The difference in level was also evident. On top of that, she had analysed the previous fight.

The situation was the worst case scenario for Jupiter.

"F********** yooooouououuuouuuuu!!"

Jupiter used his wind magic to accelerate, drawing an unlikely route through the air.

This method of flight, which used wind that he freely controlled, had once even led Libra by the nose.

However, as if Libra understood the movement, she moved her line of sight to the direction where Jupiter was planning to head.

"I have already seen this before."

He then saw a ray of light followed by his shoulder getting pierced.


"Target enemy\'s attack power decreased by 15%. Due to the pain, reaction speed decreased by 20%. Continuing the attack."

Libra followed up with the next attack on Jupiter who was groaning in pain.

Taking out a machine gun from who-knows-where, she fired repeatedly!

Jupiter was dodging on the spur of the moment; however, the bullets which he avoided had started homing in on him.


"These are homing bullets prepared by Master. You will not be getting away from me."

Bullets were chasing him at high speed.

That alone was fine. There was a higher job class of Archer called [Gunner], which had the ability to use homing bullets. In this day and age, although they were rare, they still existed.

However, as the crafter was that Supreme Ruler and the user was the 12 Heavenly Stars, there was just too much difference in the speed, the precision, the power and the range to compare with the run of the mill.

The bullets skimmed the clothing, hit his arms and legs, and stole his ability to continue fighting.

Notwithstanding, he made a split decision to don the wind throughout his whole body to create a tornado and managed to repel all the bullets.

A moment of relief - was shattered right away as he saw Libra jumped in from above the tornado, causing his facial expression to freeze up.

"That move has also been predicted."

Literally Iron Fist.

(TLN: play on the word, raw is "文字通りの鉄拳。" where "鉄拳" means clenched fist but the literal meaning is Iron Fist, and Libra is a golem made out of metal but is literally punch by metal. Pronounced Tekken, yes reference)

Strong arms, made out of steel, swang down on him.

He blew his own body away with the wind at that moment, and the fist only grazed his cheek lightly.

…. It was a light graze, or it should have been.

However, right afterwards, Jupiter was "flying" towards the ground like a falling star.

Tremendous impact and pain ran through his cheek, and he was flying into and smashing past buildings. Yet, he was unable to stop until he was blown many tens of meters across, and after finally stopping, he collapsed onto the ground unsightly.

He should have avoided a direct hit.

It was supposed to have been a light graze.

And yet, this power. This damage.

Jupiter turned green and imagined the worst thing for him.

….. If it had directly hit, his head would have had "burst".

"Advising again. With that one attack, your reaction speed has decreased by 11%, the current probability of you winning has changed to 0.00072%. I strongly recommend that you cease to resist further and surrender."

It was a pronouncement devoid of any leniency, compassion or any form of anger or emotion that may have been directed at an enemy.

Yet currently for Jupiter, it was something more terrifying than anything else in the world.


(Author Note)

Stop! If Jupiter gets captured due to Libra\'s tracking skill, the Civil War that is about to go well will be ruined!

Please don\'t get captured, Jupiter! If you get captured now, what will happen to the plan to crush Gjallarhorn? There’s still HP left. If you endure past this, you can get away from Libra!

Next time, [Jupiter is captured]. Everyone will also ___kemon get!

(Author Note end)

(TLN: reference to Pokemon, there\'s has been a reference to pokemon (repeatedly since chapter 1…) and in Japanese Pokemon, the catchphrase is Pokemon/Name Getto (get) daze! (imagine naruto\'s sentence ender) the last line is a reference to that but "Po" part of "pokemon" is censored)